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the social construct of race

Final Paper Instructions
“The Social Construction of race”
Paper FormattingWrite a five to seven-page essay, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and 12pt font, in Arial or Times New Roman. Include page numbers.
Include a references page; not counted towards the five-page minimum.
Title your paper, filling in the blank “The Social Construction of ________.”
Include sub-headings to break your paper into the sections outlined below.
All subheadings, in-text citations, and references must conform to ASA style.
No cover page, abstract, running head, or keywords are necessary.
Scholarly LiteratureYou must have 8 scholarly sources.
At least four of your sources need to be from peer-reviewed sociological journals.
The remainder (4 ) can be from scholarly books or reports or journals outside sociology.
News stories, magazine articles, and cultural references are welcome, but do not count towards your 8 scholarly sources.
Essay SectionsPart 1- OverviewIntroduce your topic. What does the literature say on the topic you are writing about as a social construction? What are ways this has been framed in the past? Are there dominant and subordinate ways of understanding the nature of your topic? If so, outline them. This is also where a bulk of your citations will go. You are mainly covering others’ positions, not laying out your perspective in this section, so remember to remain objective in tone throughout.
Part 2- Tensions and ImplicationsHow might a constructivist perspective of your topic be potentially controversial to some groups? If your topic were not a social construction, what would be the alternative sources for its reality? How does it threaten the meaning or legitimacy of other institutions or identities? What do some have to gain or lose? If there is a better way of understanding the issue, in your perspective, you may lay it out. But do not make unsubstantiated claims without appropriate support and/or citations. Remember to keep a scholarly tone of voice, especially when writing about matters personal to you.
VisualInclude at least one table or figure, labeled and marked according to ASA Style. It can be a chart of relevant statistics or a cultural artifact illustrating your point. Make sure it is not just a loosely related meme or image, but something that largely reinforces your argument.
Grading RubricMinimum page count (5 pgs)
Minimum quantity (8 scholarly sources) and quality of literature (4 peer-reviewed sociology journals)
Clarity of argument and scholarly tone
ASA Style (headings, citations, references)
Grammar and spelling
Quality of visual
Title and subsections clearly labeled

Advantages and Disadvantages for Amazon ccusa autobiographical essay help Website Design essay help

A “make or buy” decision must be made when a company reaches a certain crossroad, wondering whether it will be more cost effective and or efficient to make a given product or service themselves, or whether they should continue to buy that service from a third party (Schwarting & Weissbarth, 2011). Such a decision goes beyond simply addressing manufacturing or logistics, looking at the maintenance necessary, the human resources that must be allocated, the information technology that must be devoted to the project, and other associated concerns regarding infrastructure (Schwarting & Weissbarth, 2011).

In 2015, Amazon had to make the decision regarding whether it would, in essence, work to gain further control over its own supply chain by providing its own transportation and logistics, or whether it would continue to use UPS and FedEx in the delivery of its goods (SCDigest Editorial Staff, 2015). Advantages include more control over the delivery of goods by the promised delivery date, thus working to increase customer satisfaction and increase profits through continued and repeat sales, and being able to provide additional services to customers that were not previously available in their area. Disadvantages, on the other hand, include low returns on profit for the logistics side of the business, and even increased liability or delays if the company opts to use third party contract drivers.

While time will tell whether or not it is a good idea, personally, I have seen improvements across the board. Amazon has started limiting the amount of time that a package is in the hands of UPS, choosing to, instead of handing the packages off to UPS right at the distribution centers, drive the packages directly to the local center for the last leg of delivery, from the local post office to the individual. Last year there were three week delays in getting packages due to issues with UPS; since Amazon has taken over the first leg of transportation from the distribution center to the warehouse, packages are now getting to me before their estimated delivery date, and they are not banged up like they were before. Personally, I’m all for Amazon’s new venture.


  • SCDigest Editorial Staff. (2015). Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Will We Soon See Amazon Logistics?. Retrieved 4 September 2016, from
  • Schwarting, D. & Weissbarth, R. (2011). Make or Buy: Three pillars of sound decision making (pp. 1-16). PWC. Retrieved from

Sociology Assignment Help

250 Words Debate

Performance Management

Scenario: You have just started work as the new Human Resources Manager for Acme Manufacturing, a Fortune 1,000 company. The job has been vacant for six months now. You have been wondering about this, especially since reading about employee harassment incidents and fights recently in the news. The General Manager (GM) calls you into his office the minute you arrive. He shuts the door after saying a quick word of welcome, and begins to tell you about an incident that happened last week that needs your immediate attention. The company’s manufacturing operations runs three shifts of production workers so the plant is operating 24/7. Over the past six months hostilities have arisen between employees on the third and first shifts. What started out as jeering and criticisms by the first shift, claiming they have to clean up the mess and complete all of the work left undone by the third shift, has escalated to physical confrontations and altercations. Although the GM said that aggressive bantering back-and-forth is common for shift workers in manufacturing, he admitted he was worried after seeing a gun on one of the employees last week that was concealed, or so the employee thought, in a shoulder holster under this jacket. The GM said he needs your help. Specifically, he asked that you: Determine and explain the appropriate disciplinary action for the employees involved in this situation and identify motivational alternatives that can help turn the situation around; Draft policies and procedures that could be used in the guidance and performance management of the shift workers; and Develop performance standards for the shift workers, identify appropriate methods of performance appraisal, and develop appropriate training to help get them back on track. Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation, you go back to your office and begin devising a plan to help get employee relations back on track, realizing that human resource policies and practices may help avert potentially dangerous situations in the future if implemented correctly. Write a 5-7 page memo to the GM responding to the three concerns listed above. Be sure to cite any references used in proper APA format.


The recent coronavirus pandemic has sent shock waves to many economies. We are now faced with a looming global inflation. However, inflation, when controlled, is often a healthy consequence of a growing economy. A. Discuss the concept of inflation and identify its relationship if any to unemployment/employment. B. Assess the ability of a Central Bank to control inflation.

Discussion Board: Nursing Leaders As Ethical-Legal Change Agents In Health Care

CLASS: MN506 Health Policy, Ethical, and Legal Perspectives of Health Care Systems Topic 1: Nursing Leaders as Ethical-Legal Change Agents in Health Care In the course, you will research ethical decision-making and legal issues that influence your role as a nursing leader. Please explain how you see your role as a nursing leader making ethical-legal and moral decisions. Include what actions you plan to take to solve moral distress caused by ethical dilemmas and the values that support your actions. Minimum of 200 words APA Style, font 12, times new roman 3 references not older than 2012-2017 in text citations

Webtext Homework

hello i’am currently taking PHI 210 (CRITICAL THINKING) I HAVE SOME HOMEWORK TO CATCH UP ON under webtext from week 4, 5, 6, 7 and week 8. you would have to log into my blackboard account to get access of it. need someone with good credentials to help me catch up.

American And European Standard On Information Techonology

American And European Standard On Information Techonology. Critically analyze current European and United States industry standards or recommendations for any Information Technology (IT) area or subarea (e.g., intrusion detection, data recovery, data retention, intrusion prevention, network infrastructure, identity validation, project management, telecommunications, etc.). Compare and contrast the standards or recommendations identifying any similarities and differences between them. Be sure to identify which standard is better. Remember to support your opinion with factual information. The content is 3 to 4 pages. 5 Scholarly articles is required along with the intext citations. Any area can be chosen which deals with the information technology. The paper should have the frameworks which are being used by the american and the same way european country. Both the frameworks should be compared and constrast and the opinion should be written.
American And European Standard On Information Techonology

IT RStudio Help WK1

Looking for someone to complete tasks that involve learning or knowing RStudio and creating R Scripts. I have 10 weeks of this as well as a project. I can provide tutorials each week with the task that needs to be completed. Please let me know if that would be of interest. Attached is the task I need this week with readings and tutorial links. I have completed some of the commands, just need the output screenshots done and the remaining tasks completed.

Book Review

 No matter how Loud I shout

Book Review

For this assignment, students will complete a book review with their book club group that will include the sections listed below. Each group will turn in one book review on their selected novel. The book review should be approximately 6 – 9 pages, double-spaced, and written in APA format. Each group member is expected to contribute equally to the review.

Summary of the Novel (1 page)

Provide a brief summary of the novel.

Conclusion (1 page)

Would you recommend the book to others? Why or why not? In your opinion, what was 

the main takeaway point of the novel? What do you think the author is trying to 

communicate through the novel?


Summary of the Novel

Does not clearly and/or accurately summarize the novel.

Summarizes the novel, but description of the novel may be   difficult to follow for someone who has not read the novel. 

Clearly and accurately summarizes the novel.


1- Does not clearly and thoughtfully discuss recommendations   of the book to others AND lacks discussion of the main takeaway point(s) of   the novel AND description of what the author is trying to communicate through   the novel..

2-Does not clearly and thoughtfully discuss recommendations   of the book to others AND/OR lacks discussion of the main takeaway point(s)   of the novel and description of what the author is trying to communicate   through the novel.

3-Clearly and thoughtfully discusses recommendations of the   book to others, identifies and discusses the main takeaway point(s) of the   novel and describes what the author is trying to communicate through the   novel. 

Class 504 Unit 5 Dq

Topic 1: Quantitative Research Design Using the knowledge and insights gained from the textbook and other reliable sources answer the following. In your own words, define quantitative research and provide two examples of quantitative designs with a brief explanation of each design. Identify a potential quantitative research study that is important to nursing and describe which design you would use for this study, why you would use that design, and how the information generated from the study could be applied in nursing practice. Reflect as to the value of quantitative research adding to the science, knowledge, and practice of nursing.

250 Words Debate

Please read the scenario below, and the debate from my peer. I need 250 words replying the debate of my peer’s work. The analysis provided must be back-up by the USA Law. ***When you are responding to the “Debate this” prompt, I want you to explain the WHY. I want you to have material to back up your position. I want to see the support. What is your source? I want you to constructively comment and add value to someone else’s post.*** You will see the scenario, the debate phrase and my peer’s debate. The last one is the one you have to work on. Scenario: Vanessa Denai owned forty acres of land in rural Louisiana. On the property were a 1,600-square-foot house and a metal barn. Denai met Lance Finney, who had been seeking a small plot of rural property to rent. After several meetings, Denai invited Finney to live on a corner of her land in exchange for Finney’s assistance in cutting wood and tending her property. Denai agreed to store Finney’s sailboat in her barn. With Denai’s consent, Finney constructed a concrete and oak foundation on Denai’s property and purchased a 190-square-foot dome from Dome Baja for $3,395. The dome was shipped by Doty Express, a transportation company licensed to serve the public. When it arrived, Finney installed the dome frame and fabric exterior so that the dome was detachable from the foundation. A year after Finney installed the dome, Denai wrote Finney a note stating, ?I’ve decided to give you four acres of land surrounding your dome as drawn on this map. This gift violated no local land-use restrictions. Using the information presented in the chapter, answer the following questions. Debate: Common carriers should not be able to limit their liability Peer’s debate: The common carriers have the responsibility of ensuring that the goods on transit are delivered. If anything happens to the products during transit, the delivery company should be liable for any damages caused by neglect or natural attributions. Therefore, the common carriers should not limit their liability

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