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The Topic Is: Identify One Major Problem Faced By European States In The Fourtee Essay Help Site:edu

The topic is: Identify one major problem faced by European states in the fourteenth century, then explain how that problem was evident in the history of England, France, and the Holy Roman Empire
My thesis: The late middle ages were followed by a crisis at the onset of the “fourteenth and the fifteenth centuries”, which marked the end of centuries of wellness and stability of entire Europe. Three fundamental crises led to significant transformations in all spheres of the people: population collapse, political instability, and religious conflicts. During such times, 25 million people were killed in Europe by the Black Death when France and England waged war on the French monarchy following the demise of Charles IV in France, which resulted in a claim by “Edward III, King of England,” to the French throne.
Select at least three scholarly, secondary sources.
You may not use the following sources for information in this assignment:
your textbook
Wikipedia, or Wikipedia-like websites.
non-scholarly-minded websites. In other words “Johnny’s Totally Awesome World War II Website” won’t work.
juvenile literature.
Anything written by Sarah McGill or published in Cobblestone is considered juvenile literature.
encyclopedias of any kind.
Your primary sources may come from anywhere so long as they are legitimate sources from the period.
Your Research Article Project submission must be based upon the use of primary and secondary sources.
Cite your three scholarly, secondary sources as well as your two primary sources using the Chicago Manual of Style format – especially noting the location in which you found your information.
Write annotations for each source you have cited. Annotations need not be longer than a brief paragraph. These paragraphs must describe what information you intend to draw from the source and how that information supports your thesis.
Format your worksheet with 12-point, Times-New Roman font, single-spaced, 1″ margins.
Citation: Davidson, Hilda Ellis. Roles of the Northern Goddess. London: Routledge, 1998.
Annotation: Davidson’s book provides a thorough examination of the major roles filled by the numerous pagan goddesses of Northern Europe in everyday life, including their roles in hunting, agriculture, domestic arts like weaving, the household, and death. The author discusses relevant archaeological evidence, patterns of symbol and ritual, and previous research. The book includes a number of black and white photographs of relevant artifacts.

I have a psychology research paper due tomorrow at midnighy but would prefer to essay help onlineI have a psychology research paper due tomorrow at midnighy but would prefer to have it tomorrow by 1:00 so that I can run it over. There is an assigned aritcle that i can show you how to access, and a rubric and checklist that you must follow.
What do you do with restorationist prophecies( the temple will be restored, the college essay help near meWhat do you do with restorationist prophecies( the temple will be restored, the monarchy will be restored…) what do we do with promises that did not seem to come pass? How do you treat Scripture when some people long for its fulfillment, and that same fulfillment would be a catastrophe( mamba) to others? More generally, how do we deal with good news that involves raising up and brining down?
1. Read the following article: essay helpInstructions:
1. Read the following article:
2. Discuss the main idea of the article in no less than 200 words and
answer the following question: Does artificial intelligence serve
mankind? Why? Why not? Explain.
resech paper on nigeria
Please just do the context part of the essay. I will co college essay help onlineresech paper on nigeria
Please just do the context part of the essay. I will complete the title page, Introduction, and the conclusion
The purpose of this assignment is to create a research profile to use as a discu college essay help onlineThe purpose of this assignment is to create a research profile to use as a discussion tool for
interaction with the research mentor and reader in order to create understanding and summarize your
research study design.
The Research Profile will include the following information in approximately 4-8 single-spaced
pages and will follow APA style requirements with the exception that it will be single-spaced rather
than double-spaced.
 Proposed Title: A short but descriptive title of the research of no more than fifteen (15)
 Research Problem and Gap: A brief one to two paragraph description of the research topic
that identifies the subject and the concern needing to be studied (this description forms the
research problem).
 Research Purpose Statement: This is a single sentence statement of the objective or intent
of the research. It is the larger question that study will seek to answer.
 Research Questions: Designed to divide the research topic into several sub-problems,
research questions provide researchable questions that will be answered through the research
design and reported on in the Dissertation.
 Delimitations of the Research: Delimitations are the boundaries of the study and define
what will and will not be studied.
 Research Population: All individuals, groups, or subjects of interest to the researcher and
that share something in common and will be the focus of the study.
 Research Sample(s) and Sampling Technique: Describes the research participants from the
population of interest that will be included in the study and how they will be selected for the
 Proposed Methodological Design: Briefly, describes how the study will be conducted and
what approach will be used in the study design.
 Proposed Instrumentation: Describes any intended research tools such as surveys, tests,
interviews, inventories or other means of collecting data.
 Limitations of Generalization: This is the range of appropriate applications of the findings
based on the sample and populations and the outcomes of the research.
 Research Competencies to Conduct Study: To conduct the research, this section describes
the competencies the researcher must attain personally or for which the research must seek
out in supporting consultants.
 Precedent Literature: A list of 10 or more critically essential sources relevant to the
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
An analytical research essay of 1,500 words addressing the s college essay help onlineTHE RESEARCH ESSAY:
An analytical research essay of 1,500 words addressing the specific area of research you have selected as the basis of
your semester’s work.
The report on a topic of your choice (that relates to one of the course topics) must include a minimum of
three references/sources. References must be from published government, university, or “think tank,”
studies, journals, and/or reports. The college library’s electronic databases should be used to identify the
information you require. No “online only” reference material such as blogs or Wikipedia is permitted.
Note that Internet sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Ask, etc. are not acceptable references.
The Essay must be properly formatted following APA guidelines and must include an Introduction, a
Body, and a Summary. All quoted material must be credited to the author. All references must be
properly credited in APA format on the reference page. Plagiarized material is unacceptable. Spelling,
grammar, and punctuation must be correct.
Introduction (30 percent)
The introduction identifies the issue you have chosen to research. This will include:
a. The issue to be analyzed;
b. The historical significance of the issue;
c. Relevant law associated with the issue; and
d. The impact of the issue on government operations, affected citizens, and society.
Body (40 percent)
The body of the paper develops a critical analysis of the issue. This will:
a. Identify contrasting/opposing opinions on the issue as stated by government/agency
managers, jurists (judges, lawyers, legal scholars), and representatives of the public
(politicians, editorials, etc.);
b. Analysis of each opinion. Explain the legal, moral, ethical standards supporting each side of
the argument. Use statistical data from published sources as appropriate. All conclusions
must be based on research; personal opinion is not appropriate.
Summary (30 percent)
The summary should be a brief reference of all that you have written about the topic as well as
restating your argument from the introduction. Your conclusions must be based on the
evaluation of the research you have undertaken. It is not a place to introduce new information.
This conclusion is what the reader is left with following a review of your essay.
Paper on the importance of a receptionist and why they should receive proper tra best college essay helpPaper on the importance of a receptionist and why they should receive proper training for the job.
Please include in-text citations and a reference page.
Write in the third person point of view, and avoid personal opinion statements unless you can back your personal opinions with objective, unbiased facts.
I have attached what ive done on the presentation so far, change it however you essay help onlineI have attached what ive done on the presentation so far, change it however you like.
The policing problem i explored was Burglary & Property crime, so the powerpoint will have to be based on that, I have also attached that if its needed at all.
For this assessment you will have to create and present a 10 minute power point which critically discusses the research evidence relating the response and assessment of responses to the same policing problem explored in your essay in line with the last two stages of the SARA model.
• For the Response section, making reference to the academic literature, you should:
o Identify and describe the strategies/tactics that have been found in the literature to be effective and/or ineffective in addressing this problem.
o Describe how well previously used responses have aligned with the problem analysis triangle.
o Explore whether responses have utilised a situational crime prevention approach.
o Identify what the desired outcomes for these responses were.
• For the Assessment section, making reference to the academic literature, you should:
o What specific impact did the implemented responses have on the problem?
o Did the response(s) have any unanticipated outcomes (i.e. displacement or diffusion of benefits)?
o Describe the methods of assessment that have been used to evaluate whether these responses have worked to address the problem. For how long was the effectiveness of the problem-solving effort evaluated? Who conducted the assessment?
o Did the process of the response(s) go as planned?
o Are the responses cost-effective?
o Were there any other explanations for why these responses ‘worked’ (i.e. COVID-19 restrictions)?
• Everyone must submit their slides via Canvas by [To be confirmed].
• This assignment will assess whether you have achieved LO’s 2, 3 and 5:
o 2. Evaluate the application of the National Decision Model to a given policing problem.
o 3. Discuss the concept of risk and the associated issues.
o 5. Evaluate crime prevention theories and strategies and different policing strategies.
• The presentation should be 10 minutes long and include a reference list on the last slide.
It had to be a UK small based business ( not a big company)
Have an introduction best essay helpIt had to be a UK small based business ( not a big company)
Have an introduction ( overview of business, structure, location, profit and main competitors)
Main body ( Swot analysis, corporate social responsibility by the business, innovation)
Conclusion and recomendations ( how the business can improve and exand
– I’ve included the writing prompt
– Professor said rely on lecture notes to a argumentative essay help– I’ve included the writing prompt
– Professor said rely on lecture notes to a greater degree than book sources so I’ve included the lecture relevant to the writingpromo
– include the essay tips because it better explains
– also it can be between 600 – 800 words
Should standardized tests be abolished?
What is this essay about college admission essay helpMLA 8TH EDITION
Should standardized tests be abolished?
What is this essay about?
This proposal should:
Initiate action or change
Define a problem (see attached)
Make specific/realistic recommendations (see attached)
Consider alternatives (see attached)
You should have a clear opinion or stance on your argument that is concisely communicated through your thesis sentence. The argument should be supported by your sources and address any arguments that might refute your own stance.
The prompt is written at the beginning of the description. This paper requires three credible outside sources and three scholarly sources with properly structured in-text and entry citations. This paper must have an annotated Works Cited page (which does not count toward the paper length). This paper must have a proper MLA 8th edition header, a working title, use third person, and employ proper writing mechanics.
This paper is to be typed in 12pt Times New Roman font, with one inch margins, and double spaced. The paper must be 6-8 pages in length, points will be deducted for papers that are over or under this page restriction.
Should standardized tests be abolished?
*This question is just a jumping off point. Research the topic and create a specific focus for your proposal.
**Remember: this is a proposal NOT an evaluation. You must suggest action or change.
Final Project Instructions
Your Final Project is to develop a comprehensive, per scholarship essay helpFinal Project Instructions
Your Final Project is to develop a comprehensive, personal fitness program. The fitness program must include all the health-related components of physical fitness and incorporate F.I.T. principles. In addition, the program must also reflect other dimensions of wellness including the mental, social, and psychological benefits of fitness.
This project is designed to demonstrate your growth throughout the course and your mastery of fitness and wellness strategies and skills through the selection of materials as related to the course and your personal fitness goals. The Final Project represents your work over the course, allowing you to “revise, rework, and rethink” in order to obtain “a mastery level” personal fitness program that you can use for years to come. Whether you completed the weekly Fitness Activities yourself or acted as a coach for a group of fictional students, you should incorporate the ideas and concepts you gained throughout this course into your personal fitness program. With that in mind, it is expected that you will expand upon the work you did during the weekly Fitness Activities and incorporate that work into your Final Project.
Your Final Project should contain three sections:
Section 1 – Personal Fitness Program
Develop a personal fitness program with supporting evidence from the Learning Resources to demonstrate your knowledge of the components of physical fitness and wellness. Make sure to include the following:
Identify and explain your personal fitness goals.
Evaluate your current fitness level as it compares with your fitness goals.
If you participated in the Track 1 Fitness Activities, summarize and expand upon the baseline assessments you performed during Week 1.
Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Both Track 1 and Track 2 participants should expand upon the cardiorespiratory endurance fitness program you developed during the Week 2 Fitness Activity.
Muscular Strength/Endurance
Both Track 1 and Track 2 participants should expand upon the musculoskeletal fitness program you developed during the Week 3 Fitness Activity.
Both Track 1 and Track 2 participants should expand upon the flexibility fitness activities you practiced during the Week 3 Fitness Activity.
Body Composition/ Nutrition/ Weight Control
Injury Reduction and Exercise Risks
Section 2 – Mental-Social-Psychological Benefits
Consider the ways exercise and fitness activities benefit you mentally, socially, and psychologically. Discuss one mental, one social, and one psychological benefit you will receive or have received from your fitness program.
Section 3 – Personal Reflection/Conclusion
Reflect on your experiences throughout this course and how those experiences have shaped both your current and future approach to fitness and wellness.
Write annotated bibliographies for at least 8-10 chosen peer reviewed articles. I HAVE ATTACHED A REFERENCE LIST FOR USE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE USE THE ARTICLES PROVIDED IN THE LIST
Include the following elements within EACH annotation:
Current APA format, 12 point-Times New Roman or Arial font; correct spelling
Summary – 1-2 sentences summarizing the author’s point of view
Evaluation – Level of Evidence (LOE) and talk about the author’s level of expertise on the subject or topic
own insight on why this article is relevant for the context of the chosen topic or learning (any strength and/or weakness on methodology?)
Limit to 150-200 words
In Chapter 7 of your textbook, Cultural Intelligence for Leaders, read Case Stud college essay helpIn Chapter 7 of your textbook, Cultural Intelligence for Leaders, read Case Study 4: A New Leadership Culture. Please be sure to particularly address the following questions related to the case:
How does Kolab’s self-identify influence her ability to lead?
What cultural value dimensions does the organization operate under? What about Kolab? How can Kolab integrate the organization’s cultural value dimensions with her own to ensure overall success?
What cultural intelligence strategies do you recommend for Kolab and her employees? How do these strategies benefit the organization?
Submit a 2-3 page paper, (independent of the title page and reference page) double-spaced in Times New Roman (or its equivalent) font which is no greater than 12 points in size. The paper should cite at least 1 additional source, independent of the textbook. Be sure to use APA format.
Before beginning this assignment, read the General Guidelines for Case Studies and review the Case Analysis Rubric available in the Learning Guide.
HE 415/515 Article Inquiry and Analysis
Find a peer reviewed journal article tha essay helpHE 415/515 Article Inquiry and Analysis
Find a peer reviewed journal article that corresponds to a health topic that has something to do with children and/or adolescents. Answer the questions below and attach a copy of the title page of the article (includes title of article, author(s), name of journal, and abstract). Websites will not be accepted. If you are not familiar with peer reviewed journal articles, please let me know via email and I will walk you through the process.
1. What specific issue related to the topic does this article address?
2. What effect does this issue have on the health of children and adolescents? (Include specifics)
3. Who or what are the contributing factors that are a part of this child and adolescent health issue?
4. What is currently being done to help with this problem?
5. What are strategies that can help with child and adolescent health in regards to this issue? (Include items that might seem unrealistic)
6. How can you make those strategies into policies that can help with child and adolescent health in regards to this issue? (A policy is a mandated course of action. For example a law or rule)
The Frist bullet point I answered in two paragraphs that needs editing
The secon essay help freeThe Frist bullet point I answered in two paragraphs that needs editing
The second bullet point is in 1,2,3 numbers that are answered just need editing.
Imagine you own your own business and have to make daily decisions about
how to allocate available resources such as the input of production, time,
purchasing decisions, and so forth. What role do you think microeconomics has
in running a business?
of the principles of economics outlined in your reading would you be more
likely to apply when making business decisions? Provide at least two to
three examples.
For this assignment, you will craft in internal memo that addresses the need for best college essay helpFor this assignment, you will craft in internal memo that addresses the need for better on-site
health management programs at your company. Examples of health management programs might
include things such as free yoga/exercise classes, onsite workout facilities, reduced memberships
to health clubs, healthier choices in workplace cafeterias, etc. Do some research to find out
what sorts of programs actually exist in companies across the globe. You should include a little
of that research in your message. You should choose 1-2 options from those listed above to
explore in your persuasive message.
This memo should be addressed to the members of the board at your organization in anticipation
of an upcoming monthly meeting. This memo should employ the message structure detailed in
your textbook regarding persuasive messages.
Persuasive messages should have a bit more of a personal touch to them. That being said, you
should still avoid using “I” in your memo. Using “we” is fine, as part of the goal of this memo is
cultivate a healthier corporate culture, which includes everyone at your place of employment.
Your job is to figure out the appropriate amount of logic and emotion to evoke in order to sell a
particular service or product to your audience. For this assignment, your audience is a board of
directors whose primary goal is to cut costs and increase profits for the organization. Keep this in
mind when crafting your message.
This message should be between 300-400 words.
Grading Criteria:
Content/Use of Persuasion 20 pts.
Form 10 pts.
Tone 10 pts.
Grammar 10 pts.
Total: 50 pts.
Summative Assessment Outline:
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Competency best college essay helpSummative Assessment Outline:
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Competency Name: Fundamentals of Information Technology
Competency Statement: This competency is designed to promote a working knowledge and understanding of computer information technology concepts, skills, and capabilities that support academic and professionally related goals and requirements. Students learn about the application and science of information technology.
Summative Assessment Submission Title: Information Technology Plan Competency Objectives:
1. Develop an understanding of the Internet and its impact on organizations.
2. Develop an understanding of how 1) Hardware, 2) Operating Systems, and 3) Databases work together to provide an effective
computing environment.
3. Develop an understanding of how Application System software supports decision-making in organizations by utilizing application
software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and Access).
4. Develop an understanding of computer networks and the service they provide to organizations.
5. Develop an understanding of Information Security and its implications for organizations.
Program Learning Outcomes: PLO #4 – Technology: Apply technology to support decision making in businesses; leadership Institutional Learning Outcomes: N/A
Purpose of this Assessment
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of how information technology can be implemented and used to support the needs of business organizations.
Items Required for Submission
The item required for submission is an 11-16 page Information Technology Plan for Biggie Logistics.
Step ONE: Preparation
• To prepare for this assignment, read the case study here and consider the needs and circumstances of the organization in the study.
• After understanding the details presented, research credible academic resources to support the recommendations you will make in your Information Technology Plan. Include at least five of these in the reference section of your Information Technology Plan, and cite them appropriately throughout your paper.
Case Study
You have been hired as the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a large logistics company called Biggie Logistics. Biggie Logistics is moving its operations to Ontario, Calif., so they can take advantage of access to the ports, rail, and freeway networks; and because the president, Mr. Big, likes the weather. The new facility is a 20-acre campus of six large warehouses and a single two-story office building in the center of the campus, which will serve as the corporate office and that will house Mr. Big and key company executives. Total staffing in the office building is expected to be between 50 to 100 people. The warehouse buildings are 100,000 to 200,000 square feet each, with only interior roof supports and four walls, all of which have loading doors.
Mr. Big is an important, successful businessman with a lot of street smarts. Unfortunately, he does not know much about technology and is counting on you to explain in clear, common language what this technology stuff is all about. Since he never got around to going to college, he especially values academic research to support recommendations made by his staff. During your initial meeting with Mr. Big, you learn of his particular areas of concern for the new operations center. As CIO, Mr. Big is counting on you to set up the IT infrastructure at the new location.
Networks and Networking
Biggie Logistics needs staff to be able to communicate internally. In particular, Mr. Big would like answers to the following questions. Be sure to point out the best solution, and show why other possibilities would not work as well.
❏ What type of network infrastructure would allow the internal staff to receive email from each other?
❏ What type of topology would you recommend for the network?
The Biggie Logistics new office building has Category 6 cabling for basic phone and network connectivity. Mr. Big explained that he is seeking your advice on how to establish connectivity between the warehouses and the office building. Since disturbing the trucks coming and going is not an option, you have ruled out fiber and twisted pair cabling connections.
❏ What wireless solution will you recommend, and why? In this section of the Information Technology Plan, define the problem, limitations and constraints, describe the recommendations and go through the alternatives and why you chose your solution. Make sure to cover the Wireless Network Topology selection and provide a detailed discussion of Wireless Network Security.
Since Biggies Logistics is a U.S. government contractor, there are a couple of specific network security requirements for their campus, including: (1) it will be required to provide confidential data security throughout the campus and (2) it will be necessary to implement a security program that will evaluate the privacy and security risks and countermeasures associated with the various networking technologies used by Biggie Logistics.
❏ Mr. Big wants to know how he can meet the government contractor “confidentiality” contractual obligation. What will you recommend?
Mr. Big would also like you to outline a security program for Biggie Logistics. He would like details about the implementation plan regarding the key elements for
your security program.
❏ What is important to consider as you make recommendations? Be sure to include Risk Assessment (risk matrix, ongoing process, continuously/regularly), Conduct Penetration Testing, and End User Education.
Computer Hardware, Software, and Databases
Currently, Biggie Logistics has no hardware, software, or databases. Mr. Big has asked for your recommendation regarding what the company should use. He wants the selections to be scaled to the organization’s projected size, and also be cost-effective to purchase, operate, and maintain.
❏ What will you recommend, and why?
1. Please explain hardware form factors variations and make appropriate selections.
2. Discuss the types of software that you would recommend for Biggie Logistics.
3. Describe database differences and the selection methodology you used to select the appropriate database for the company.
Biggie Logistics will receive goods from all over the world, and will need to communicate with numerous vendors and suppliers over the Internet. Mr. Biggie would like an explanation of the Internet and the technologies related to its effective use and communication. Naturally, Biggie Logistics plans to communicate externally via email. Mr. Big would like to know what type of network device would allow his internal staff to connect to an Internet Service Provider and a web based email hosting solution provider, so that they can receive email from customers.
❏ What exactly is the Internet? Explain to Mr. Big what the Internet is, compare it to an internetwork, and explain the role of an ISP. Describe and provide the function of a domain name, URL and browser. Finally, describe the domain name system (DNS) and the role the DNS hierarchy plays in the function of the Internet.
❏ What type of network device would allow his internal staff to connect to an Internet Service Provider and a web-based email hosting solution provider, so they can receive email from customers? Identify the device and its two common names and describe its functions at the packet level.
Biggie Logistics has communications needs that span the globe, therefore it must ensure that it has the ability to communicate via the Internet and by phone, regardless of damage caused by a natural disaster, such as a California earthquake.
❏ Mr. Big wants your advice on how to set up an infrastructure for this potential communications challenge. What technology will you recommend?
Step TWO: Completing the Written Report
The written report must follow APA formatting and include the following sections. Each section should include the relevant heading:
A. Title Page
B. Introduction of the Information Technology Plan (1/2 to 1 page)
C. Networks and Networking (4 to 5 pages)
D. Computer Hardware, Software, and Databases (2 to 3 pages)
E. Internet (3 to 5 pages)
F. Summary (1/2 to 1 page)
G. References (1 page)
Step THREE: Complete Checklist for Submission
Before you submit, check to see if you believe you have met the criteria noted below.
Did you…
ü Provide an insightful and thorough analysis and presentation of all products and issues as they relate to the company? Did you make sure your comparisons are clear and advantages are clearly defined and described?
ü Demonstrate sophisticated understanding of all Information Technology issues?
ü Develop a plan that demonstrates a sophisticated ability to integrate and synthesize materials from learning materials?
ü Consistently and accurately recommend solutions to technology problems posed?
ü Accurately and precisely integrate at least five references into the Information Technology Plan and provide well-documented in-text citations and a
reference page?
ü Make sure your writing is logical and organized? Is your writing free of errors in grammar, spelling and writing mechanics? Is your report of the specified
length. Did you follow APA formatting throughout?
Step FOUR: Submit Your Work
• Your completed final assessment documents should be submitted through the Final Assessment page of your competency.
Scoring Rubric for Summative Assessment
PLO: Analysis
Analysis of Company Needs
Information Technology Issues
PLO: Sources
PLO: Writing and Organization
Incomplete analysis of all products and issues as they relate to the company.
Demonstrates only surface understanding of Information Technology issues.
Develops a plan that demonstrates a lack of ability to integrate and synthesize materials from learning materials.
Rarely accurately recommends solutions to technology problems posed.
Integrates few or no academic references into the analysis.
Writing is not logical or organized. Sentences do not form a cohesive whole and structure of sentences is distracting
Superficial analysis of some of the issues as they relate to the company, and many products are ignored and not fully explained; strengths and weaknesses barely identified.
Demonstrates partial understanding of Information Technology issues.
Develops a plan that demonstrates a partial ability to integrate and synthesize materials from learning materials.
Occasionally accurately recommends solutions to technology problems posed.
Limited integration of references into the Information Technology Plan and fails to cite all of them appropriately.
Take one (gender, age, race, sexuality, disability, or weight) of the
Implicit best essay helpTake one (gender, age, race, sexuality, disability, or weight) of the
Implicit Association Tests (IAT) at the Harvard University website:
In 750-1,000 words, address the following:
1. Examine how attitude is formed.
2. Discuss how personal implicit biases can form understandings at a local, national or global level.
3. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the IAT as a
research tool.
4. Reflect on your personal results from the IAT.
Use three to five scholarly sources to support your thinking. Use
your textbook as one of the resources. PLEASE PROVIDE A
Branscombe, N., & Baron, R. (2016). Social psychology. Boston, MA: Pearson Publishing. ISBN-13: 9780134410968.
Benchmark Information
This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic
-Evaluating Interpersonal skills
-Propose values that build community at local, national, or global
Please reply to this essay that one my classmates post. The thing that I need is custom essay helpPlease reply to this essay that one my classmates post. The thing that I need is a reply OK
In my post I will address the learning outcome: Examine the influence that nursing models and theories have upon research and practice. I will discuss the potential of social support theory in managing the parents of kids with chronic mental illness of professionals or nurses relative to social networks and personal relationships.
Nurses or professionals are better at providing informational support relative to the social networks and personal relationships unless the latter two groups consist of nurses or professionals in social support provision. In particular, nursing hinges on the practice of the provision of professional care and hence their recommendations are effective in dealing with care-related support. According to Hrybanova et al. (2019), fathers rated nurses highly based on FaPPS on nurses who provided informational support on how to handle their kids during their first time in a study to determine the experience of fathers on professional social support. The appreciation of the nurses’ information means that the nurses understand what is required of fathers during childcare; their recommendations are effective in helping these fathers ease into parenthood as first-time male parents. To this end, parents of chronically mentally ill children could benefit from nurses’ insight and precise recommendations to help them manage their kids and themselves. In contrast, Whitlatch & Orsulic-Jeras (2018) share that family support did not provide target education and information to primary caregivers. To this end, the social connections and personal relations with social support cannot be a credible source of informational support for parents of kids with chronic mental illness unless they are professionals as the nurses in the care of first-time fathers above.
In addition, the nurses are also effective providers of instrumental support relative to the social support because nurses are demanded by the practice to provide the support. In contrast, people from social connections and personal relationships have no obligation to provide such critical support. In particular, nurses or professionals are paid to deliver these services. Their adherence to nursing principles such as the Belmont code of Ethics and the Nightingale Nursing Creed binds them to the profession, hence the service provision. Therefore nurses or professionals who act professionally provide better care. In conclusion, nurses would provide better care than the personal psychosocial support system to parents of chronically mentally ill kids.
Hrybanova, Y., Ekström, A., & Thorstensson, S. (2019). First‐time fathers’ experiences of professional support from child health nurses. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 33(4), 921–930.
Whitlatch, C. J., & Orsulic-Jeras, S. (2018). Meeting the Informational, Educational, and Psychosocial Support Needs of Persons Living With Dementia and Their Family Caregivers. The Gerontologist, 1–16.
SWOT Analysis
This week’s assignment will allow you to generate content that you cheap essay helpSWOT Analysis
This week’s assignment will allow you to generate content that you will incorporate into the Market Analysis section of your Final Project. To prepare for this assignment, read Chapter 4 of the course text and the article by Simoneaux and Stroud (2011). You may also want to review the recommended article by Valentin (2001).
During the analysis stage, you consider external factors that pose possible threats to or provide opportunities for your organization and compare these factors against your HCO’s internal operation to diagnose its strengths and weaknesses. Many HCOs have found it useful to conduct a SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses refer to elements that are internal to the organization; opportunities and threats are external to the organization. An effective SWOT analysis helps the marketing team determine the healthcare organization’s position in a particular market place as well as the positions of its competitors. By analyzing the current market and the deficiencies of the HCO’s competitors, and by assessing the HCO’s internal strengths and weaknesses, the marketing team can reposition the organization to meet and exceed the needs of its customers.
For this assignment, you will conduct a detailed SWOT analysis of your chosen healthcare organization for your Final Project. Discuss your selected organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and possible threats.
The SWOT analysis should include the following five components:
Strengths – An organization’s resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage.
Weaknesses – Limitations of an organization to meet the needs of its determined customer base.
Opportunities – External conditions that may reveal certain new opportunities regarding profit and growth.
Threats – Factors or changes in the external environment that may present threats to the organization.
Summary/Recommendations – After conducting your SWOT analysis, write a paragraph in which you provide your recommendations to the CEO of your chosen healthcare organization. Also state how you will use this information to create a marketing plan that will ensure the following:
The organization’s resources are not wasted
Time is well spent
Marketing efficiently is improved
The assignment
With 1200-1600 words of analysis, compare the realist aesthetics of The Rachel D essay help site:eduWith 1200-1600 words of analysis, compare the realist aesthetics of The Rachel Divide to the formalist aesthetics of The Giver. Using at least 4 elements from the provided lists from each module (2 for each, formalism and realism), explore precisely how the films use these aesthetics. Why does each film use these specific aesthetics to address a subject? What meaning is offered?
Write a two-page autobiography focused on a significant event in your life. (Not essay helpWrite a two-page autobiography focused on a significant event in your life. (Nothing too personal, though nobody but me will see your assignment.) Include information about the social and historical context—what was happening in the society around you that might have had something to do with the event in your life. Write this in a way that would be easy for the reader to follow and understand; paint a picture of yourself that is distinctive and clearly you.
some information about myself
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if you need more information let me know but you can make stuff up if you like
The questions to respond to are:
how do you feel about language change? Is lang cheap essay helpThe questions to respond to are:
how do you feel about language change? Is language change good or bad? Do you think we should actively be preserving our language, or is change something that is important and inevitable?
I am attaching the article to use for your response.

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