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theory of sociology

“A” papers will show interpretive insight but also remain true to the author’s claims.  Avoid a slew of contemporary examples, this is not applied theory. I want you to discuss these theorists utilizing the authors’ terminology,  to show that you understand the big ideas as well as the tone and style of each theorist.  DO refer to the text, but DO NOT rely on quotations to make your arguments.  And again, Proofread.  Part I: 1.    What is the matrix of domination?  How does Patricia Hill Collins argue that knowledge of the particular and the universal can assist is dismantling systems of domination?2.    According to Foucault, what role did the plague play in the emergence of discipline as a type of power?Part II: 1.    Compare and contrast Marx and Foucault’s different conceptions of power; what types of political actions stem from these conceptions?2.    We have seen how some theorists who are “outsiders” in their own societies have been able to articulate and critique social systems meant to oppress them.  Discuss the role of outsider knowledge as a mechanism for dismantling ideologies that support systemic inequality.

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