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In the review include How the book is structured? meaning how is organized?A brief summary of the book Frameworks/concepts used (include a figure as applicable). Provide at least 2 to 5 good examples. Most interesting quotes and insights in the book. Write a critique of the book. What did you find most interesting/of value about the book? Why? Be specific.What do you disagree with Author on? Why? If you don’t disagree, what would you add/what did the Author miss perhaps? Or what isn’t applicable? Be specific. We need around 1 page here. Use your consumer behavior knowledge to critique as well.Provide at least one critique of the book that was published in a known media outlet. Provide a summary of this critique, do you agree or disagree with it? why? Include the actual media critique in the Appendix. If you really cannot find something published (or the review doesn’t seem like a critique) you can refer to Amazon reviews, but you need to compile several good in depth long reviews from confirmed reviewers that have an interesting perspective on the book. Use your judgement.Provide a proper reference section with citations (this would include, the book, the critique and any other reference applicable). Use APA.Add an Appendix section in your report and include the following:The table of contents of the book. (you can add a scanned copy) Book Media Critique

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