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This is a research paper which makes up the entire grade of my class. I have already been assigned

This is a research paper which makes up the entire grade of my class. I have already been assigned the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Accounting (Specifically Auditing)”

Here is a bunch of questions provided by my professor I am supposed to use when researching AI

What are the types of AI? Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence? RPA? Intelligence Automation?

Software companies currently selling AI software

What software is the big 4 using?

Can it be used in Compliance and substantive testing?

Can it be used in Internal Audit?

What percentage of clients in the big 4 are they using AI software with

Where are you going to get info about cost savings?

Are there other companies with similar software- who are the companies – what firms are using what software? Do they have inhouse software as well

How reliable is the software

How much additional work is required once the software flags items for investigation

Cost vs benefit of using AI

Is AI software being used on all audits or only large fortune 500 or 1000 companies

Accounting Assignment Essay

Answer the THREE following questions in a meaningful and detailed manner with examples:
1) What would be your process for invoices received for an existing vendor vs a new vendor?

2) During year end, you find a $200,000 invoice that was entered into Accounts Payable and expensed in full the last period of the year. You discover that it should be expensed over the next 12 months starting the last period; it has not been paid. What entries were booked and what adjustments need to be made?

3) Pretend you work in the accounting department of a luxury jewelry store chain. You receive an invoice that must be allocated among all stores. Please explain how you would accomplish this task?

Note: Please write the question and answer to each correspondent question so I can know which answer is to what question.

Ace Company Data Essay

Accounting Assignment Help You will need to complete a thorough review of an organization’s financial performance as well as their level of risk for lending. Your recommendation will help leadership create a loan portfolio, and your executive summary will clearly and concisely communicate your review to others in the organization.

You work for an organization that provides loans to businesses. You are working with a client who is requesting a loan that will require a review of financial and related performance documents. You have been asked to review the documents and summarize your findings in a loan recommendation for your management team.

Your Role
You are a loan manager for a lending organization, and your responsibilities include reviewing loan requests and providing recommendations in regard to whether the loan requests should be funded.

Your client works for Ace Company. Assume Ace Company requested a $3 million 10-year loan to purchase production equipment and develop accompanying software.

The company fits the assignment requirements.
You have access to the financial statements and related performance documents needed to assess risk and make a loan recommendation. You will need information for this year and last year.

Loan Recommendation
To arrive at your recommendation, analyze the financial performance of the requesting company and present it to your organization’s upper-management team. The management team will take your recommendation into consideration as they finalize loan requests.

Analyze the company’s performance and performance trends. Include the following in your analysis:

Analyze the trend for accounts receivable collections.
Identify the trend.
Explain the relevance of the trend.
Determine if the trend is improving or getting worse.
Compare the company’s average inventory turnover to the industry average inventory turnover rate. Note that the average industry turnover rate for Ace Company is 10 times per year.
Consider whether the company’s average inventory turnover is higher or lower than the industry average.
Explain whether a higher or lower average is better.
Determine whether the trend is improving or getting worse.
Evaluate the company’s short-term and long-term credit worthiness based on financial performance and trend (comparing this year to last year). Include in your evaluation:
Information about performance and trends.
Information about other relevant financial information you consider important to the decision.
Your recommendation regarding whether the bank should grant the loan based on the financial data.

Related company report standards:
The executive summary is a professional document and should therefore follow the corresponding guidelines including . . .
Single-spaced paragraphs.
A title page.
A references page.
Appendix with supporting materials. If you are using a firm or scenario of your choosing, ensure your instructor has sufficient information to understand how you reached your recommendation.
At least two APA-formatted references.

topic 1 Review the IRS webinar on S Corporation Shareholder Stock Basis at (you may have to copy

topic 1

Review the IRS webinar on S Corporation Shareholder Stock Basis at (you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser). A new client is starting a business, and would like to form an S corporation so that any losses can pass through to his personal tax return. After viewing the video, explain to your client how a shareholder’s stock basis enters into loss limitation rules for S corporations. Be sure to support your comments with information you find in the library or in the IRS code.

top 2

You are working on wealth planning techniques with an elderly client whose health is beginning to deteriorate. The client will soon be entering a nursing home and knows they will eventually run out of money and qualify for Medicaid coverage. To qualify for Medicaid sooner, the individual would like to artificially impoverish themselves by giving away their money and other assets to their children, which must be done at least five years before applying for benefits. Do you believe this practice is ethical? Be sure to support your comments with information you find in the KU library and/or in the IRS code.

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