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This is Secondary research that involves using already existing data, meaning you can not use spss “no questioner nor Physics coursework help

This is Secondary research that involves using already existing data, meaning you can not use spss “no questioner nor interviews”. Open the file named “Data analytics page 9”, read this page carefully, and then check the paper samples…

I will attach a paper sample that was done by my classmate, could you follow it EXACTLY, of course using a different topic. I need a copy of the excel sheet.

Why Are We So Bored? essay help online

In the consideration of something I initially found fresh and entertaining, and perhaps felt I could entirely welcome, but later turned to have feelings of dismay toward would have to do with my living situation. In 2012, I came to the United States as an international exchange student. In the beginning, I was very open and excited about what possibilities could come to comprise my living situation while here in the US. I wanted to have a roommate for several reasons. One, obviously it would lessen the amount of money I would have to afford each month for rental obligations. Two, it would be nice to have the company of someone else in the same age range that I could share experiences with, and simply just to have a friend around.

As it turned out, my younger cousin ended up moving in with me – becoming my roommate. In the beginning, I figured it would be great, since she is family and I already knew her, there wouldn’t be any initial awkwardness getting to know someone new. Also, given that we are related, I felt comfortable knowing that I could trust and confide in her. I knew there wouldn’t be financial issues or other scenarios that could arise in taking on a roommate who I knew nothing of. Thus, the situation seemed overall as if it would be perfect. In the beginning, everything appeared as though it was all going to work out splendidly. I would have my routine and schedule, and she would have hers. Leaving little room for any negativity between us. Or so I thought.

After some time had passed with my younger cousin as my roommate, there were several things that continually came up and began to pester at my nerves. I’m sure the same happens in most roommate-to-roommate situations, but being that we were family members, it seemed to only exacerbate the problem. At first, small things would bother me, but those small things would turn to bigger things, and as time went on, I found myself more and more unhappy with my living situation. Things like dirty dishes left in the sink for more than two days, or piles of laundry never attended to were some of the smaller things that would put a twitch in my neck. Other times, there would be nights when the TV or radio would be blaring the very night I might be trying for some much needed sleep. On some occasions, we both would disagree about petty dinner or grocery issues, cleaning duties and use of the bathroom.

Eventually, my having my cousin as my roommate came to leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth for even living with anyone at all. In fact, my true desire began to be strongly focused on renting an apartment or room of my own without any roommates. I truly wanted to be by myself! The more time that passed with my cousin as my roommate, the stronger my desire to live on my own became.

I do not believe that my desire to live on my own, in my own apartment or home was specifically induced by my cousin’s shortcomings or was solely due to our relationship. In fact, I think my desire for independence would have arisen regardless of who my roommate had been. In the end, I suppose having lived with a roommate (cousin or not) eventually enlightened me about my true independence – that I am happier with the privacy I find by myself. In such a situation, any kitchen or laundry messes would be my own. Lights out would be on my watch, and not up to anyone else. There are a multitude of reasons that I believe I am happier living on my own, under my own set circumstances, but I believe they all boil down to my desire to live independently.

Given the initial interest and beliefs I held regarding living with a roommate, which ultimately transformed into an utter distaste for sharing living space with not only my cousin, but any roommate for that matter, I believe this reflects the concept of something that I was initially interested and happy with, but later became something entirely opposite. Sure, the circumstances surrounding my cousin and me living together could have had some influence on my change of heart, but as I mentioned before, it may have come regardless of who I lived with.

In consideration of where I turn for entertainment, I would have to refer to television. There are a number of programs on TV that interest me. There are some that I watch routinely, and prove to be great entertainment escapes. However, I can attest to the fact that after a certain amount of time, even my favorite shows grow old at some point, especially if I’ve already seen them. Comparatively, this is also a situation that I can attribute as similar to the concept of something being fresh and interesting in the beginning, but can ultimately lead to disinterest and even boredom. As in the instance of my cousin/roommate, both subjects have an initial interest that allures my attention and seemingly fits what I might be looking for, but eventually become dull or overly disappointing, which causes me to look elsewhere. In my living situation, I began to look elsewhere for another living situation. In the case of television, I often look to other entertainment outlets such as the internet or gaming when my interest in it begins to dwindle.

Concluding these considerations, I would say that it would be fair to assume that anything can have some initial appeal that may appear to be something we may permanently desire. However, on the same token, anything can also eventually become tiresome or boring to some degree depending on the subject. Harnessing that initial interest or appeal may help to revive those feelings or perception, but ultimately, we all seem to lose interest at one point or another. Perhaps it is because of the constant change around us. One day the newest edition of a high-tech phone will be unveiled, the next day a newer and better one is now on the market. Celebrities are constantly reinventing themselves. Artists are always changing their music to be one better than the last. New conveniences come out in electronics. New movies always being promoted. It’s almost as if we’re always wanting or waiting for the next big thing to come our way. One might say that our constant need for entertainment and stimulation is not only due to our own greedy lust for more, but also because we’ve become products of our environment through media and advertising. Either way, it is interesting how quickly interests may be here today and gone tomorrow.

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Reading Reflection Chapters 29 & 30

Week4 Discussion VealS Poor Persuasive Letter

Week4 Discussion VealS Poor Persuasive Letter. Poor Persuasion or Sales Letter Please respond to ONE of the following: Question A Describe a time when someone tried to persuade you to change a belief, buy a product or take a specific action, in which he/she clearly did not take the time to understand your personal values, attitudes and beliefs. What might the persuader have said or done that might have reached you? Question B Perform an Internet search to locate an example of a sales letter. You may also locate one you received in the mail or at work. Attach a copy (a link document, or scan), and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the letter in regards to the quality of the argument it presents.
Week4 Discussion VealS Poor Persuasive Letter

The Positive Of The Negative

ASSIGNMENT IS DUE SAT. MAY 31ST ALSO ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AS IT GOES THROUGH A TURNITIN PROGRAM The Positive of the Negative Is there a positive side to the feeling of negative emotions? Like physical pain, negative emotions or experiences tell us that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. When we focus on the negative, we have more negative experiences. According to this model, using negative experiences to help promote positive experiences is more effective when considering change. In a perfect world, no one would have negative experiences. In this assignment, you will consider the role of negative feelings such as anger, sadness, and fear in our lives. Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research negative emotions and the concept of rumination. Then, view the following video: Gazit, C., & Robertson, M. (January 2010). Facing our fears. [This Emotional Life] Boston, MA: PBS/NOVA/WGBN. Create a hypothetical situation where someone would feel fear and would ruminate over the event. Based on your research and analysis of the video, respond to the following: Describe the hypothetical situation and the rumination. Discuss this situation in terms of how it impacts the emotional state and how it may influence future emotional states. Discuss whether the person should recall it or experience it again. Explain a possible reappraisal process that can be used in this situation. Discuss the implications of what makes change difficult from a psychological perspective. Discuss why it is important to reappraise and how self-regulation plays a part in this process. Write your initial response in 300500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. By Saturday, May 31, 2014

Computer Systems

Objective: Describe the way in which technology impacts a business organization. Introduction: Technology has provided tools to organizations that make business operations easier, more efficient and allow businesses to provide more value to customers. Businesses that optimize their use of technology have significant competitive advantages over firms in their industry or market place that do not. The effective use of technology also enhances the capital investments made by shareholders and other investors that are vital to a firm’s success. Deliverables: The essay for this lesson is required to be a minimum of 750 words that clearly demonstrate your understanding of the activity. Essays should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format ( A minimum of three sources must be cited in-text and in the Reference list. Activity Details: Step 1: Read the following questions and directives, and use what you have learned about this lesson’s objective to summarize your responses. ¢How does business technology enhance collaboration and lead to more effective problem solving and decision making in a business? ¢In what ways can information systems technology enable a firm to move into e-commerce? ¢How does information systems technology allow businesses to predict future revenue? ¢Explain how information security best practices and policies meet legal requirements imposed on businesses, as well as secure firms’ data. Step 2: Write a paper. ¢Review the rubric. ¢Address the questions/prompts in Step 1. ¢Write a 750-word paper. ¢Include a clear introduction, discussion and conclusion.

Complete The Ethical Self-Assessment Located At Http://Www.Ache.Org/Newclub/Career/Ethself.Cfm. Write A 700- To 1,050-Word Paper In Which You Examine The Influence Of Individual Ethics On Decision Making Within The Health Care Industry. Include The Follow

Complete the Ethical Self-Assessment located at Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the influence of individual ethics on decision making within the health care industry. Include the following in your paper: Identify the four major ethical principles. Discuss what you learned about your own ethical decision- making process from the self-assessments. Examine the effect of professional ACHE standards on your ethical decision- making process. Explain how your individual ethics influence your decision- making process. Examine the influence of individual ethics on professional decisions. Analyze the relationship of these principles to current health care issues. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Please answer the below in 500 word limit in APA format and need to reply the one classmate with 250 word limit(classmate reply is in attached document) Explain why there are two types of legal systems in the United States: State and Federal systems. How are they similar and how are they different?

Week 5 Discussion 2

“Project Reviews” Please respond to the following: Review the types of project reviews in Chapter 19 of the Lane text on page 189. Compare and contrast the different types of project reviews. Speculate as to which project review would have a more sustainable impact in regard to the evaluation of a project. In your opinion, determine which project review would best serve an enterprise software development project. Explain your answer.

Detecting Plagiarism

Assignment: Detecting Plagiarism The following questions present a passage from a book chapter for APA and a student’s attempt to paraphrase or summarize the passage. A) Read both passages carefully B) Decide whether the student has plagiarized the scholar’s writing. Justify your response. Original text Primarily girls are told by advertisers that what is most important about them is their perfume, their clothing, their bodies, their beauty. Their “essence” is their underwear. “He says the first thing he noticed about you is your great personality,” says an ad featuring a very young woman in tight jeans. The copy continues, “He lies.” “If this is your idea of a great catch,” says an ad for a cosmetic kit from a teen magazine featuring a cute boy, “this is your tackle box.” Even very little girls are offered makeup and toys like Special Night Barbie, which shows them how to dress up for a night out. Girls of all ages get the message that they must be flawlessly beautiful and, above all these days, they must be thin. Even more destructively, they get the message that this is possible, that, with enough effort and self-sacrifice, they can achieve this ideal. Thus many girls spend enormous amounts of time and energy attempting to achieve something that is not only trivial but also completely unattainable. The glossy images of flawlessly beautiful and extremely thin women that surround us would not have the impact they do if we did not live in a culture that encourages us to believe we can and should remake our bodies into perfect commodities. These images play into the American belief of transformation and ever-new possibilities, no longer via hard work but via purchase of the right products. Taken from: Kilbourne, Jean. (1999). ‘The more you subtract, the more you add’: Cutting girls down to size. In Can’t buy my love: How advertising changes the way we think and feel (pp. 128-154). New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Student Summary #1: In our current society women are constantly told that only their appearance matters, that what is most important about them is their perfume, their clothing, their bodies, their beauty. Advertisements constantly bombard women with images of perfect supermodels, and then these women hold themselves up to the ideal that they must be flawlessly beautiful and, above all these days, they must be thin. These images play into the American belief of transformation and ever-new possibilities, no longer via hard work but via purchase of the right products. 1) Is this summary plagiarized? Yes or no? Explain your answer. Student Summary 2: According to Kilbourne (1999), advertisements manipulate women in two ways. First, they present an image of perfect, flawless beauty–with an emphasis on thinness– as the ideal that each woman must achieve in order to feel good about herself. Second, that ideal is indeed possible to achieve, if the woman-consumer buys just one more product. Women themselves become the commodity as they purchase more and more products to achieve the impossible ideal (p. 132). 2) Is this summary plagiarized? Yes or no? Explain your answer. Student Summary 3: These ads featuring flawless, beautiful and extremely thin women that surround us are important because we live in a culture that encourages us to believe we can and should remake our bodies into perfect commodities. We ourselves become the products. (Kilbourne, 1999). 3) Is this summary plagiarized? Yes or no? Explain your answer. Student Summary 4: The problem is not simply that these ads featuring flawlessly beautiful women constantly bombard us. The second part of advertising’s manipulation is that we live within a culture that tells us we can remake ourselves into whatever we want to become–if we only work hard enough to do so. When paired with the unattainable ideal of flawless beauty, this hard work is really nothing more than the message to buy, buy, buy. The woman herself becomes the commodity (Kilbourne, 1999, p. 132). 4) Is this summary plagiarized? Yes or no? Explain your answer. Student Summary 5: As Kilbourne (1999) asserts, these flashy pictures and images of beautiful, thin, sexy women are everywhere around us. However, they would not affect us as much as they do if our culture didn’t encourage us to believe we can and should recreate our bodies into perfect products as well. 5) Is this summary plagiarized? Yes or no? Explain your answer.

“A Sea-Change For Health Care?” ¢ Sea Change Program Is Dedicated To Transforming The Culture Of Stigma Around Abortion And Other Stigmatized Reproductive Experiences. We Conduct Social Science Research And Partner With Organizations To Identify, Test, A

“A Sea-Change for Health Care?” · Sea Change Program is dedicated to transforming the culture of stigma around abortion and other stigmatized reproductive experiences. We conduct social science research and partner with organizations to identify, test, and share practices for reducing reproductive stigmas. We seek a world that upholds the dignity and humanity of people as they move through their reproductive lives. We work to increase the visibility of marginalized reproductive experiences, strengthen connections between people, reproductive health care providers, and their communities, and support the integration of abortion and other reproductive health services into mainstream health care. 1 We engage in projects that highlight innovation by trying new ideas, taking risks, and measuring success. 2 We bring a spirit of collaboration, recognizing that working with individuals, communities, and organizations helps us to communicate a shared vision, learn from each other, and garner the resources and influence we need to change the world. 3 We believe in transparency, seeking to make our work understandable, accessible and useful. 4 We emphasize learning through our research, continuing education, and communication with our colleagues and partners. 5 Finally, we value intersectionality as an approach to viewing the complex matrix of oppression and privilege in people’s lives, and use this analysis to inform our research questions, interventions, and organizational partnerships (“Sea Change Program”, 2016). Do you have sea change? Sea Change Program. (2016). Retrieved from

Reading Reflection Chapters 29 & 30

Nursing Theory Read chapters 29 & 30 (Smith M. & Parker M. (2014). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. (4th, Ed.) Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company . After completing the readings, post a reflection discussing your thoughts and opinions about one or several of the specific theories covered in the readings.

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