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This week included an overview of interest rates and the role it has in valuing assets. Interest rates quoted

This week included an overview of interest rates and the role it has in valuing assets. Interest rates quoted are typically based on numerous factors including the economic environment, monetary and fiscal policy, and risk. Many financial products will use Treasury rates to help determine the interest rate. The 3-month T-bill or 10-year Treasury can influence rates on auto, student, and home loans (mortgages).

Read the following information about yield curves and interest rates: What Is a Yield Curve? link:

For this discussion board, provide insight into your thoughts about interest rates and the yield curve. Specifically, include your thoughts regarding the following questions:

What does it mean that interest is considered the “opportunity cost” of capital?

What does the current yield curve look like? Is it upward sloping, downward sloping, or flat? You may want to consider Yahoo!Finance, Bloomberg, or CNBC

Why are payments for a 15-year mortgage less than two times a 30-year mortgage (36 month auto loan less than two times a 72 month note)?

This week covers present value, a foundational concept in Finance. In order to understand and make sound investment decisions,

This week covers present value, a foundational concept in Finance. In order to understand and make sound investment decisions, a financial manager must be able to compare and contrast projects offering different cash flow streams. Applying time value of money theory provides this standard.

For this discussion board, research a bank, local credit union, or regional financial institution you may use or are aware of. Find two safe savings products they offer. The most likely products include money market, certificate of deposit (CD’s), or a savings account. Consider an investment period for each of these products greater than 2 years. For example, you could select a 3-year CD and a money market fund you hold for 5-years. Feel free to use Bank Rate for some of the best rates on these different products.

For this discussion board, answer the following questions:

Identify the financial institution and how you heard of this company.

Describe the two products that you would save with. You may want to identify the trade-off between the rate, access to funds, and time horizon.

Assuming $10,000 in each investment, what would the account be worth given the time horizon? provide the following variables:

Present Value (PV)

Interest (I)

Time Horizon (N)

Future Value (FV)

HLTH 4520: Healthcare Finance

Finance Assignment Help Discussion: To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question
Your Women’s Health Services Center has determined that there is an opportunity to generate revenue by purchasing a digital mammogram machine. The cost of the machine is $250,000, with annual maintenance fees of $2,500 and is estimated to last 5 years. The radiology center will be open 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, and 50 weeks a year. The current volume of mammograms is 18 per day, and the reimbursement is $215 per mammogram. The radiologist is paid $50 to read each mammogram, and the salary for the full-time mammogram tech is $95,000 annually, including benefits. The cost of disposable supplies is $3.00 for each test. The potential volume for the new digital mammogram machine is 28 per day.
To Prepare:
Review the Resources for this week and review the two case studies in Pink and Song (2018) to provide a framework for the Women’s Health Services Center digital mammogram machine purchase.
Reflect on the scenario presented and consider whether you, as a healthcare leader, would recommend that the Women’s Health Services Center purchase the digital mammogram machine.
Post a comprehensive response that addresses the following:
Explain how the operating budget, capital budget, and cash flow related to the scenario presented may help you as a healthcare leader in the decision-making process for a large purchase.
Explain whether you would recommend to complete the large purchase for the healthcare organization and explain why. Be specific and provide examples.
Penner, S. J. (2017). Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing.
Chapter 5, “Reporting and Managing Budgets” (pp. 111–135)
Chapter 6, “Budget Planning” (pp. 141–160)
Chapter 7, “Special Purpose, Capital, and Other Budgets” (pp. 163–185)
Pink, G. H.,

time value for money

Why is the concept of time value of money important in the corporate context? Justify your answer. A complete post includes an explanation supported by examples and a minimum of 2 research sources. Your post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. A substantial post accomplishes one or more of the following:
discusses the application of time value of money in the corporate setting
offers additional research or examples, in support of the original answer
describes implications of the time value of money concept for capital project financing
compares and contrasts management practices in relation to corporate funds

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