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Tonya’s Case: Ethics and Professional Codes

Write a 2-3 page paper that examines end-of-life issues in
relationship to hospitals, professional ethics, and accrediting bodies.
How Institutional Conceptual Frameworks Influence Ethical Decision Making
We wrap things up by exploring institutions and groups designed to
help ensure that hospital staff at all levels think and act ethically in
caring for patients. Accrediting bodies are oversight agencies charged
with performing accreditation of hospitals and helping to establish
standards for health care delivery. Their aim is to keep the quality of
care as high as possible and to make sure the care is delivered
ethically. Ethics committees are groups of individuals within hospitals
that meet regularly to advise staff on ethically difficult cases and to
promote an ethical institutional culture.
Demonstration of Proficiency
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your
proficiency in the following course competencies and scoring guide
Competency 2: Apply sound ethical thinking related to a health care issue.
Demonstrate sound ethical thinking in applying ethical principles and moral theories to a specific case.Competency 3: Analyze ethical issues associated with patient care from the perspectives of various health care professionals.
Explain professional codes of ethics and apply them in to a specific case.Competency 4: Explain the conceptual framework that health care leaders use to make ethical decisions.
Explain organizational documents like mission and value statements and use them to analyze a case study.
Explain the role of accrediting bodies and applies this understanding in analyzing a case study.Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional,
and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others and is
consistent with health care professionals.
Provides validation and support within written communications by
including relevant examples and supporting evidence using APA citations.
Complete the Case Study: Tonya Archer media activity, which is linked later in this assessment.Before you begin creating your submission for this assessment, make
sure you have worked through the Tonya Archer case study. This will
provide the foundational context for the assessment, for which you will
be carrying out independent research by using the Interne

Identify the professional code of ethics for your professional specialty or a specialty that you are interested in.
With a local hospital in mind (perhaps one you work for), locate the mission, vision, and values statement of that hospital.
After you identify the professional ethics code and the hospital
mission, vision, and values statements relevant to your work and
interests, it may be useful to complete the following:
Identify which item in the ethical code you believe is the most important and explain why.
Name something in the code you would like to see addressed in more depth. Why?
Which item in the code do you think would be the most challenging to follow and why?

For this assessment you will apply some concepts we have learned in
the course, particularly those relating to the basic principles of
health care ethics, professional codes of ethics, and values of health
care institutions.
Write a paper that answers the following questions as it relates to the Tonya Archer Case Study:
What are the most relevant end-of-life issues in health care ethics as they relate to this case?
What should the hospital do? Should doctors simply keep Tonya on
life support, as the parents want? Or, since all medical evidence
indicates that Tonya’s brain damage is permanent, should life support be
Explain which principles of health care ethics and which moral theory are the best philosophical foundations for your view.
Is your view supported by your professional code of ethics? If so,
explain how. If not, explain what your code gets wrong about a case
like this.
Is your view consistent with the mission statement and values of
the hospital you identified in your independent research you conducted
to prepare to complete this assessment?
Would an accrediting body, like the Joint Commission, support your choice? Why or why not?
Chassin, M. R. (2013). Improving the quality of health care: Where law, accreditation, and professionalism collide. Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine, 23(2), 395–407.
Aulisio, M. P., Moore, J., Blanchard, M., Bailey, M.,

Newsletter Article

You are the HR manager of a financial firm. There has been a lot of news media discussing recent public opinion surrounding unethical financial behavior. Recently, a former employee of your firm posted questionable items to social media, causing shareholder and stakeholder concerns. This questionable social media post has been identified as having a potentially negative impact on the company’s public image, the potential to reduce employee morale, and to reduce new business. You have been tasked by the leadership team to investigate the former employee allegations and create a companywide newsletter article as a response.
While searching for the full story, you have located a case study that discusses leader’s unethical behaviors in the finance industry. You and the finance manager talk about the current issue and the case study you have found. As the HR manager, you want to ensure that your company is aware of these issues and that employee’s follow best practices. During your discussion with the financial manager, the suggestion was made that you to write a response article detailing the case study for an internal organizational newsletter. This newsletter will make employees aware as well as address their concerns.
Write an article for the company newsletter, which will cover the importance of financial ethics in business and how leaders can create an ethical environment.
In Microsoft Word, create the newsletter article that addresses the following:
Provide a summary of the case study
Clearly state the unethical financial behaviors.
Provide the steps the company must take to ensure the likelihood of ethical financial practices.
Conclude your newsletter with your company’s policy to address the financial impact on the company pertaining to unethical posting on social media by employees.
NOTE – Be sure the article displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Management Question

Management Assignment Help QUESTION 1
Describe the process of presidential disaster declarations (PDDs) and how the process of the PDD has changed over time in regard to the recovery efforts after a disaster has taken place. Discuss the dynamic that causes these changes, and describe what actions can be taken to reduce the impact of disaster recovery efforts based on these sudden changes.Examine the communication problems that inhibit effective response and recovery and cause confusion, and address how expanding logistics would be beneficial in terms of communications and disaster recovery efforts. Analyze the benefits of robust communications support for the emergency operations center (EOC).Your response must be at least 500 words in length.

Management Question

Scholarly Activity
Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Review Using the internet, locate the EOP regarding COVID-19 for your state. Review the table of contents for the components of the plan, and write a report on your findings.
In your report, briefly describe the elements listed below:
components of the basic plan (e.g., purpose, concept of operations, organization and assignment of responsibilities),
appendices to the basic plan,
emergency support function annexes for the pandemic,
support annexes (e.g., volunteer organizations), and
incident annexes (e.g., rioting, civil unrest, extreme circumstances, lack of provisions regarding food or water).
Does the plan describe an Incident Command System (ICS) or emergency operations center (EOC) interface for managing operations within the EOC? If it does, is the EOC interface robust enough to be effective? Why, or why not? If this is not included in the plan, what are the benefits of including it? Support your analysis and position with evidence.
Your report should be at least three pages in length. Include a title page and references page. You must use at least two academic or reliable sources to support your report. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.
Reflection Paper
InstructionsFor this activity, you will prepare a reflection paper. Reflect on the concepts you have learned during your readings pertaining to the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS). There are many times that the hospital will be involved in an emergency situation, either internally or externally, requiring the establishment of a HICS (e.g., during a pandemic or an active shooter/threat situation). In preparation for your reflection paper, consider the questions below.
What are some of the necessary steps that would need to be taken regarding the establishment of HICS and triaging any incoming patients to your hospital?
How would you communicate with local agencies that are willing to assist you during times of extreme circumstances during an active shooter/threat situation with multiple victims being transported to your location?
What do you understand completely?
What did not quite make sense?
You are not required to answer these questions in your paper, but think about them while formulating your responses to the prompts below.
The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the material you have read and to expand on it. If you are unclear about a concept, either review it in the eTextbook, or ask your professor. This is not a summary but, rather, a reflection paper is an opportunity for you to express your thoughts about the material you are studying by writing about it. Reflection writing is a great way to study because it gives you a chance to process what you have learned and increases your ability to remember it.
Use the guidelines below as you reflect on the course material and respond to the following questions in your paper.
What are your thoughts about the main topics pertaining to HICS?
Why are these topics or concepts important in the emergency services management field?
Can you apply them to a personal life situation that you may have been involved in when responding to an emergency, working with hospitals, or working with other agencies? How?
Your reflection paper should be at least two pages in length. Use your own words, and include citations and references for other articles as needed to avoid plagiarism. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.
For more information on how to create a reflection paper, review the tutorial Reflection Essays . The transcript for this resource can be found within the “Notes” tab to the right of the presentation.

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