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two discussion posts about two readings in comparative literature

You are strongly encouraged to choose relevant passages from the readings and provide an analysis through a critical reading of concepts and ideas that will constitute a key activity in approaching the readings. Your participation is vital as you are expected to prepare texts in advance and to be able to provide initial impressions and insights and discuss and substantiate them in the discussions. Reflect critically on the main ideas and concepts of one or more of the weekly readings. Reflect on your engagement with the readings and explore the main ideas of the text, but also reflect on problems, difficulties, ruptures, or contradictions. This assignment tests your ability to engage critically with the readings and frame precise and relevant questions. With less reliance on the professor and more emphasis on group participation and collaboration, you are expected to contribute to class discussion, and to work collaboratively and cooperatively. Thus, there is a substantial amount of self-directed learning through discussions and group research project work. Each Discussion Post should be between 250-300 words

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