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Type your answers for A and B (B in your own words) by clicking below on the item for submission:

The following vocabulary and concepts are very important to understand the readings and assignments for this class. Type your answers for A and B (B in your own words) by clicking below on the item for submission:
A. Define the following Terms:
1). Mainstreaming
2). Full Inclusion
3). Partial Inclusion
4). Regular education initiative
5). Cooperative learning
6). Early intervention
7). Intensive Care Specialist
8). Individualized Family Service Plan
9). IEP (Individualized Education Program)
10). Differentiated Instruction
11). Adaptive Instruction
B. Why is it important for students with disabilities to receive instruction in self-determination, academics, adaptive, functional life skills, and employment preparation during the secondary school years? (a minimum of two paragraphs)

Case study

Identify two people or a caregiver (as in the case of an infant), who represent two different stages of the life span—ideally, two who do not identify with your own current stage of life span development—and set up an brief 15–20 minute interview with them for this assignment. For example, select an adolescent and a senior in late adulthood, or the parent of a newborn and a child in late childhood.
Conversationally interview these two people in order to compare what you have learned here in class, through the textbook, lectures, and videos, with their perception of what it is actually like to be in their stage of life.
Interviews may be done via phone, Skype, email, etc. Take notes or record (with permission) your interview. Below are some suggestions for your conversation. You do not need to cover all of these topics in your paper, but they will help you shape your discussion. Be sure to note which topics you discuss.
PSYC 290 Interview Questions
In your write up, tell us the gender, age, identified life stage of development, and cultural identification(s) of the individuals you interviewed. Be sure to maintain each individual’s privacy and confidentiality when asked to do so. Summarize the topics you discussed and share your interviewees’ responses (you may paraphrase and quote).
In your paper, after you have shared what the interviewees discussed, share your thoughts on the process of talking with someone about their place in the life span. Did you learn anything from your conversations that you did not learn in the academic materials? How accurate do you think psychologists have been in identifying and classifying the different life stages? Explain.
Your paper should be 2–4 pages long not including the title and reference pages.
Be sure to include a brief introduction and a conclusion to your paper.
Use current APA Style throughout, include a title page, cite your interviews parenthetically within the paper, and include a reference page for any other resources you use, such as your text or course materials.

Discussion 1

Psychology Assignment Help 1. Evolution of I/O Psychology
I/O psychology has been evolving for many years in the United States and elsewhere. Multiple prominent theorists have been contributing to the evolution of this field; knowing the history of I/O psychology helps you to understand its current as well as its future direction. For your initial discussion post, complete the following:
Read Module 1.2, “The Past, Present, and Future of I-O Psychology,” in your Work in the 21st Century text.
Review the Industrial Versus Organizational Aspects of I/O Psychology chart (linked in Resources).
Select a scholarly article from the Capella University Library on a seminal historical theorist and their impact on an I/O psychology topic that interests you.Describe the contribution of the historical theorist to the topic you chose.

Analyze the growth of the I/O psychology specialization in recent years. What changes in the workplace have increased the importance of the I/O specialization? How might you expect it to change in the future, based on the current trends?
Cite the source in current APA format.
A minimum of 400 words for (1)

2. Scientific Foundations of I/O Psychology
I/O psychology is an evidence-based discipline. This means that on most projects, I/O psychologists will begin with data collection. Quantitative methods have been instrumental in selection, but selection is only one aspect of I/O psychology. In addition, the qualitative interview is used for both selection and placement. An I/O psychologist today must be familiar with quantitative and qualitative methods. For this discussion post, address the following:Compare and contrast the methods of qualitative and quantitative research design.
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Provide one example each of how an I/O psychologist might use a qualitative and a quantitative design within an organization.
Explain how scientific research is significant to various I/O practices and competencies.A minimum of 400 words is required for this (2)

What is a subject matter expert (SME)? Describe when it is appropriate to use the SME in job analysis.

Question: What is a subject matter expert (SME)? Describe when it is appropriate to use the SME in job analysis.
I attached my textbook pages, those pages should be the primary reference source.
Please use proper APA citation.
The word count should be 500 words or more.
This is the textbook title:
(S) Industrial/Organizational Psychology Understanding the WorkplacePaul E. Levy, 2020MacmillanISBN.13: 978-1-319-10739-0

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