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Understanding Arnold’s Dover Beach easy essay help

A discussion of the main themes and the style of writing.

An analysis of Matthew Arnold’s poem ` Dover Beach`. The author discusses the writer’s use of symbolism and the effectiveness of the writer’s style of alluding to other works.
From the paper:

`Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach (Arnold 397) is a thirty-seven line, five-stanza poem first published in 1867. In Dover Beach the speaker looks out over the cliffs of Dover and laments about the sadness of humanity and humanity’s loss of faith. I believe `Dover Beach` is a poem that uses allusion extensively and heavily draws on other works to fully explain the loss of faith that the speaker sees in the world.`

Health Care in the St. Louis Area persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help

A discussion of the future of health care in the St. Louis area of the U.S.

This paper uses the St. Louis area as an example of an area typical to the U.S. that calls for an improved health care system. It presents a detailed examination of the future of health care in the St. Louis area and discusses the effect of economic and population issues.

“The cost of obtaining health care in the United States has been the topic of tremendous controversy for many years. While some argue that the nation needs to go to socialized medicine similar to the Canadian delivery mode others believe America has the best health care system in the world if only the costs would become more reasonable. The St. Louis MO area is no stranger to rising health care costs. St. Louis is an extremely diverse city which boasts high rise condos, as well as low rent projects.”

AIDS Prevention Measures “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

This paper discusses methods by which to educate society about the threat of AIDS.

This essay analyzes possible solutions to the AIDS malady. The author stresses the importance of massive education programs, spreading information about the fatal virus and means of prevention.
From the paper:

“Imagine a disease that shreds apart the human immune system leaving the body susceptible to a multitude of deadly infections and certain types of cancer. What would normally be harmless viruses, fungi, and bacteria can cause severe illness. This malady, unfortunately, does exist, and it has affects nearly one million Americans each year. AIDS is a cruel and harsh sentence of a slow, gruesome, and inevitable death over the course of many years. The disease, scientifically known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, originated in Africa and spread to the United States in 1981. Today, scientists have discovered that the AIDS disease originates from the HIV virus, which can be passed through sexual contact or blood exchange.”

Culture and Health Assessment essay help free: essay help free

A study of the importance of health assessments and the cultural issues involved.

This paper outlines a theoretical background of the importance of health assessments. The writer claims that health assessment is a basic criterion for recording patient information, of which cultural assessment is also an important part. The paper discusses six cultural phenomena that nurses must understand and practice to ensure effective patient care. To substantiate this study, the paper provides a model for health (and cultural) assessment – an indigenous female in a maternity ward.

“The commercial nature of medical care in institutions today forces medical practitioners to adopt a highly professional and impersonal attitude towards patients. This clinical attitude towards patients has been the result of standardization of medical processes. Studies indicate [Leininger, 1991] that personal care provides critical information regarding the patient, enabling doctors and nurses to diagnose patient’s illness effectively. In a multicultural environment like Australia, treatment of ethnic patients requires such personal care. However, nurses who interact with patients, operate without having knowledge of the cultural background of their patients, are in danger of violating professional code of conduct. There is a need for cultural assessment along with health assessment for effective inter ethnic relationship building between patients and nurses. To achieve that, data pertaining to the patient’s culture within the context of the disease is required. This could only be achieved through a health assessment.”

Rhetoric: An End and a Means essay help cheap: essay help cheap

This paper compares Plato’s theories about rhetoric and dialectic means of communication.

This paper discusses Plato’s ideas on how we discover truth with continual dialogue. The author looks at Plato’s theories about the objective of dialectic and rhetoric and compares the two arguing that while rhetoric is used as a tool for persuasion, dialectic is used as a tool to achieve truth.
From the paper:

An editorial in The Daily Princetonian of February 21, 2000 extols alcohol as the world’s most extraordinary beverage,” noting specifically that alcohol’s effects are akin to a truth serum. Through a Platonic lens, this statement comes to acute focus. Alcohol is widely noted as a conversational stimulus where participants are less inhibited in expressing opinions. Platonic congruity arises because Plato espouses dialectic, a candid give and take discourse, as a means to discovering immutable Truth. Thus, even Plato could consent to The Daily Princetonian’s judgment (Brummett 25).”

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