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unit 6 assignment: shape poetry

Shape Poems combine content with form and allow for great creativity! Pick any theme for inspiration and write an original poem in a shape that represents your theme. Think of the appearance of the words and the overall look of the finished poem. For inspiration, you might want to look up types of shape poems such as acrostics, haiku, and diamantes. There are many ways to write shape poems so you can take any approach that you want! Instructions:1. Read the attached assignment sheet for details and study the rubric so you will know how your work will be graded. 2.Watch the below UTube Videos about Shape Poems for inspiration. Don’t limit your imagination though by what you see there.  3. Create a Shape Poem that shows effort and originality.  4.After completing your Shape Poem, write a two-paragraph essay that addresses the following criteria in detail:a) the steps you took to create your Shape Poem.b) how you felt when you were doing this activity.c) how you feel about your finished creation. For instance, did you show it to anyone, did you display it, did you ask someone else to make one too?d) how this activity would be helpful for young children?

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