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Unit Planning Template

. Refer back to your responses to Discussions 1 and 2 of this week. Use that information to complete the KUD Unit Plan Template. In the following weeks, you will be using this KUD Unit Plan Template to help inform your process as you outline three lesson plans, which you will develop in Google Classroom for your Final Project.Please keep in mind that your KUD Unit Plan Template is not meant for you to plan the details of the lessons you will design.  The KUD Unit Plan template is merely an outline that helps you organize the overall sequence of the lessons with which your unit is comprised. Also search the Library or other repository for at least three credible sources that inform or support the planning of units of educational material.In the Unit Planning Template,Provide a summary of the unit.Explain the KUD lesson objectives.Describe the assessment plan.List the procedures and activities utilized in the lesson.Explain how technology tools will be integrated into the unit.Identify the materials and resources required for the unit.The Unit Planning Template Assignment,Must be two to four double-spaced pages in length

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