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United States v. Rutherford

The study will be based upon the readings for that week. The case study analysis should be approximately 2 to 4 pages that are typed and double-spaced and following APA formatting guidelines.  All assignments shall be submitted by the due date via the assignment link in the Brightspace site. All case study analyses should be organized according to the following criteria by which they will also be evaluated: Components of Case Study AnalysisSummarize case and identify major parts, issues, challenges, and/or conceptsDescribe key relationships among major parts of case; identify which aspects of case influence or impact other aspects of case and discuss the implications of these relationshipsRecognize and apply key concepts and principles from course readings and lectures at work in caseEstablish a viable conclusion to case in the form of a ruling; solution; or answerArgue or defend your conclusion and point of view

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