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use of psychedelics and their effects

Whether you prefer to start with an outline, free-writing, or a concept map is up to you, but keep in mind that a rough outline and a guide for writing section II of the essay (Elements of Thought) have been provided for you. Your completed PER 201 Essay Draft must be written in essay format and follow MLA formatting.  It will include a separate Works Cited page with at least six credible sources, have at least 750 words of text, and fully develop your approved topic from previous weeks.  You are NOT selecting a new topic for this paper!  You are not submitting an outline for this paper. Step Three: Use the GMC Online Campus tutoring through Smarthinking (link is located on main page) if you need assistance writing your essay!Step Four: Submit your draft version.Note: The PER 201 Essay Draft should have a Turnitin Similarity Index of less than 20%. If your Turnitin Similarity Index is greater than 20%, you will be required to review and update your essay by paraphrasing the passages and/or properly quoting the source(s). Be sure to avoid lengthy quotations. You may re-submit your paper to Turnitin until your Similarity Index is less than 20%. Failure to have a Similarity Index of 20% or less will have a negative impact on your grade.  Note, submitting a paper (or parts of a paper) you used in another course is not allowed and is considered plagiarism.I have attached the pre assignments for this paper. I would really like to look at this through a critical lense as to if micro dosing or using these resources could help in our everyday live with a emphasis on mental health. current resources are included in attachment more are welcome.

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