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Use Porter’s Five-Forces Model Of Industry Competition To Analyze The Fitness/gy A Level English Language Essay Help

Use Porter’s Five-Forces Model of Industry Competition
to analyze the fitness/gym industry
An analysis of the factors driving overall profitability within the industry, with your
conclusions about the overall attractiveness of the industry to incumbent firms (use a
five forces analysis for this)

Cultural Competency Assignment
Length: 5-6 pages of content, not co custom essay helpCultural Competency Assignment
Length: 5-6 pages of content, not counting
title and reference pages.
Assignment: Cultural Competency
Action Plan
Assignment Description: Using research and
readings from the course, as well as additionally scholarly research describe
several national and global trends that have increased the need for cultural
competence in schools today. Create an action plan as an educational leader to
help prepare your school for the growing trends.
Assignment Guidelines:
Identify/describe two or three
national and/or global trends that have increased the need for cultural
competence in education.
As a school and/or instructional
leader address how these trends have impacted schools today. (If possible,
please focus on a school that you have direct knowledge of).
Use documents from the school or
school district to support the need for improvement.
As a school and/or instructional
leader create a plan for addressing these issues. Consider the following questions when
creating your plan: What policies or procedures need to be added and/or
changed? What training for faculty and staff
is needed? What is a realistic timeframe
for implementing the plan?
While you are creating the Action
Plan, incorporate a Christian Worldview throughout the assignment.
5-6 references are required.
The assignment must adhere to all
APA guidelines.
Your research paper must be in APA format and must be 4-5 pages in length double college application essay helpYour research paper must be in APA format and must be 4-5 pages in length double spaced, size 12
font, 1000-1250 words,
plus a title page and reference list. You are required to use a minimum of
five sources for your paper.
**This subject is about First Nations in Canada.**
The Netherlands is ranked the sixth in the world in terms of the quality of rail cheap essay helpThe Netherlands is ranked the sixth in the world in terms of the quality of railroad infrastructure. However, in order to prepare for the future, the currently existing infrastructure needs a 30% increase in capacity and tremendous changes in the current workforce.
ProRail Traffic Control has put together a team to assist in drafting a strategic workforce plan that will help it achieve its objectives. The team is required to discuss the role of HR in terms of
1. recruitment and selection for operation and technical staff,
2. Communication to staff on pending changes and other relevant information re ProRail Traffic Control Digital Vision Project.
3. Training and development and compensation and benefits administration 4. Preserving the brand of Dutch Railway Infrastructure- ProRail Traffic Control Digital Vision to maintain its local and global standing.
Please pay close attention to the attached files.
Philosophy 3007- Comparative Essay:
Paper Length: 5-7 pages[1]
Format: typed, do best essay helpPhilosophy 3007- Comparative Essay:
Paper Length: 5-7 pages[1]
Format: typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font. Note that there is no need for a strict style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), but it is presumed that your paper will follow basic rules of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting (i.e., paragraph breaks)
Due Date: April 9th @ 11:59 pm
Your essays will compare and contrast the characters, plotlines, and themes contained within The Oracle Code and The Parable of the Sower. There are three parts of the essay, as detailed below.
Part 1: Character Analysis:
Compare and Contrast the following characters, based on the criteria below:
From The Oracle Code:
Barbara (Babs) Gordon
From Unwind:
Choose one of the following three characters:
What similarities and differences do the characters share in their life journeys? In what ways are the characters similar and dissimilar in their reactions? What philosophical issues do the characters encounter and how are their reactions similar and dissimilar? What new perspectives or insights do these characters offer to you, as a reader?
Which of these characters do you have a positive or negative reaction to? Why? What character traits and insights evoke positive or negative reactions and why?
Part 2: Thematic Analysis:
From the following list, discuss the thematic elements/philosophical themes, as handled by both novels. Discuss how the novels analyze/interrogate/criticize these elements. What do you think the author is trying to say about those themes and do you agree or disagree with what you perceive as the author’s message? Why?:
Power structures[2]
The treatment of people considered “unwanted” “disabled” or “undesirable” by institutions as well as social attitudes towards them
The power of institutions over individuals
The value of friendship, family and community
In addition, choose one thematic or philosophical element that is not in the above list. Discuss how the novels analyze/interrogate/criticize these elements. What do you think the author is trying to say about those themes and do you agree or disagree with what you perceive as the author’s message? Why?:
Part 3: Summation:
What is your overall evaluation of the readings? What do you like or dislike? Why?
Finally, as this is a relatively new class, do you think these novels are appropriate for this class? Keep in mind that this is a class designed specifically for Young Adult Literature. Why or why or why not? Do you have different suggestions for literature that might be included in future classes? Again, remember that this is a Young Adult Literature course.
(sidenote: do not worry about offending me with your answer, your grade for this portion is based on you answering, not the content of your answer.)
[1] While paper lengths are suggested they are based on the minimum effort I believe a student will need to answer the question fully. If your paper is shorter than the guidelines, I would suggest going over your writing and elaborating on your ideas
[2] For instance, you may (but you are not required to) discuss social institutions, patriarchy, religion
Students will write a 900-word, thesis driven essay on Claudia Rankin’s The Whit college essay help onlineStudents will write a 900-word, thesis driven essay on Claudia Rankin’s The White Card. The paper must engage with ONE credible source on the play. This could include a peer-reviewed journal article by a credible scholar, a book or chapter from a book published by a university press, a podcast or scholarly webpage done by a credible scholar employed by a college or a university, or an interview by an artist involved in the play. Students should make a significant engagement with the credible source. Explain the source, the context of the idea you are using, and what you think the source is saying in your own words. Students will also provide a footnote after citing the source that will say who the author of the source is, where they are employed, and why you think they are credible. Students, moreover, will need to include a Works Cited page in MLA style. This must include at least a citation for the credible source that was used and the primary text under discussion.
The Reflective Portfolio (Length: 1500 words maximum)
Part 1: (approx. 300 – 50 college essay helpThe Reflective Portfolio (Length: 1500 words maximum)
Part 1: (approx. 300 – 500 words): Briefly summarise your chosen article or chapter.
Chosen paper:
This should
include the key conclusions of the article or chapter, and the reasons offered for those conclusions.
Tips for Part 1:
1. Be sure to accurately communicate the author’s ideas – this will involve being attentive to their
choice of words.
2. Do not read into the author’s words what you think they want to or ought to say.
3. Do not attempt to psychologise the author by getting ‘behind’ the text to their hidden motives.
4. The goal here is accurately and fairly to communicate the arguments (premises and conclusions) of
the other person.
5. This section should avoid the use of evaluative language.
Part 2: (approx. 1000 – 1200 words):
How has this content confirmed, challenged or deepened your previous ideas and beliefs about the topic?
Give reasons to support your response. Refer to at least two other academic sources to help understand
concepts in the chosen article or chapter, explain other relevant concepts which are introduced or
demonstrate wider reading.
An academic source is a peer-reviewed piece of writing, written by an expert in the field, and made
available by a recognised publishing house.
Some Sources I have previously used if you want to use them
Katharina Westerhorstmann. ‘Pre-existence and self-realization: Edith Stein’s Essays on Womanhood’. See especially 1.2 ‘Education as the formation of man’.
Catechism of the Catholic Church. Article 7. The Human Virtues. Also available online.
Begin by briefly giving the reasons for and conclusions of your previous/current beliefs about the
topic. These may not be very systematic or clear, but in that case, an important part of reflecting is
to acknowledge that.
————– previous beliefs: Education is very important, I am a Christian although not very religious, in times of need and disaster I connect with God more. My beliefs are not very clear. Please elaborate on this. ———————-
1. Be sure to regularly refer back to the author’s reasons and conclusions when evaluating and
2. When reflecting on whether or how the article has deepened your understanding, consider
questions like, ‘Has the author raised points I had not considered?’, ‘Do I have hidden
presuppositions which need more thought?’, ‘Even though this is a conclusion I agree with, are
these reasons valid?’, ‘Even though I disagree with the conclusion, does it actually follow from these
reasons?’, etc.
3. Remember the goal is to arrive at the truth, therefore avoid politicising the issue (e.g., reducing it to
party lines or jumping to political consequences), ad hominem attacks (e.g., ‘She is only saying that
because she is a…’) and flights into relativism or scepticism (e.g., ‘It is different for everyone,’ or,
‘No-one knows’).
4. Do not give some piece of autobiographical information as a substitute for presenting your ideas.
For example, telling the reader something about your family or school background, and then
proceeding as if your conclusions, and your reasons for them, are self-evident. A good reflection
involves taking responsibility for one’s own ideas and communicating them clearly along with one’s
own supporting reasons.
5. Remember this is about engaging your ideas with those in the chosen reading. To the degree you
get involved in analysing ideas that are neither your own nor the authors, it is missing the point of
the task.
The criteria for assessing the Reflective Portfolio will be:
(i) Summary:
– Inclusion of all key concepts from the article.
– Identification of reasons for conclusions from the article.
(ii) Analysis:
– Concise inclusion of one’s own previous/current reasons and conclusions.
– Identification of the article’s arguments that confirm, challenge or deepen one’s own
– Attempt to resolve conflicting claims or come to a new synthesis.
(iii) References
– At least two academic sources (in addition to the chosen article).
– Inclusion of relevant academic sources to define key terms, add clarity, acknowledge sources of
ideas, etc.
– Consistency of referencing style.
(iv) Language and Grammar:
– Clarity of sentences.
– Paragraph structure and flow of argument.
– Avoidance of repetition.
– American Psychological Association 7th edition (APA)
One million people coming online for the first time each day since January 2018. writing essay helpOne million people coming online for the first time each day since January 2018.” Using Figma , make a web page that introduces new users to the internet and describes the basics of internet usage. Consider common websites and use cases for new users. Use for inspiration.
Listen to this podcast: The Next Billion Users
The purpose of this assignment
is to explore the many ways in which musical perf college essay help onlineThe purpose of this assignment
is to explore the many ways in which musical performance may be used as a tool
to raise funds and/or awareness for a specific cause, organization, or other
social issue.
In this module, you read Chapters 6-9 of
Playing for Change as well as Reebee Garofalo’s article about megaevents.
You will consider what you read
and identify a cause, organization, or social issue that is important to you.
You will then provide a summary of your own megaevent that will either raise
money or awareness for your chosen cause, organization, or social issue. You
will create an initial playlist of at least ten songs for your event. This
assignment may be submitted in the format of your choice. The options are: 1. A
written essay of 400-500 words describing your megaevent plus your typed
playlist (MS Word or Pages).
*The estimated time to give a
400-500-word oral presentation is roughly 4 minutes. Add more time if you plan
to play examples from your playlist during your response. **If you choose to
complete an audio or video response, you must also submit a typed list of the
resources you used in MLA citation format as well as the typed playlist.
. Examples include: • a live concert that may be
simultaneously broadcast or live-streamed • a largescale pre-recorded concert
or album that will be released on a specific date • any other format that you
think would reach a large number of people Step 2 – Identify songs, musicians,
and bands who you would like to participate in your megaevent. For the purpose
of this assignment, you can choose songs from any era. The musicians do not
have to be living and you can assume you will have access to recordings of the
songs for your megaevent if the musicians cannot perform live. Try to find at
least a few songs that directly relate to your cause, organization, or social
issue. You may find musicians who are known to support specific issues and
include them as part of your lineup even if the content of their songs does not
directly relate to the cause. For example, the alternative country/Southern
rock group Drive-By Truckers supports Nuçi’s Space (an organization that aims
to prevent suicide and end the stigma surrounding mental illness).
if I were planning a megaevent with a focus on suicide prevention and mental
health, I may include songs by that group. Step 3 – In roughly 400-500 words
for a written assignment or in 4-5 minutes for an audio or video assignment,
provide background information about the cause, social issue, 2 or organization
you chose for your megaevent. Discuss the songs and musicians/bands you chose
and explain why/how they relate to the event. Consider the potential audience
for the event and discuss the ways in which they may be persuaded to support
the cause or organization because of your megaevent. If you chose to raise
awareness about a social issue, consider whether your megaevent could
potentially mobilize participants to take action in some way. Remember to
reference information from Reebee Garofalo’s article and/or Chapters 6-9 from
Playing for Change in your essay or audio/video recording. Step 4 – Create a
playlist with a minimum of 10 songs. You must provide the song title,
artist/performer, and a link to an audio or video version of the song if it is
available online. If a recording of the song is not available online, please at
least include a link to the lyrics. Submit your playlist with your essay or
audio/video recording. Please remember the following: • Please proofread your
work (or listen back to your recording) and be sure you have included all
relevant MLA citations in your assignment. • Remember to submit your playlist
with a minimum of 10 songs and a list of resources in MLA format even if you
completed the audio or video option for this assignment.
Rosenthal and
Flacks discuss Garofalo’s work as well as excerpts from the book by Crosby and
Bender (the optional PDF linked below).
You are only required to read Garofalo’s article for this assignment.
Please list this PDF
in MLA format in your assignment: Garofalo, Reebee. “Understanding
Mega-Events: If We Are the World, Then How Do We Change It?” Rockin’ the Boat: Mass Music
and Mass Movements. South End Press, 1992, pp. 15-35.
Objective: Assess proficiency in synthesizing peer-reviewed literature pertainin cheap essay helpObjective: Assess proficiency in synthesizing peer-reviewed literature pertaining to experimental and functional food research for the purpose of critically addressing nutrition questions
Follow the instructions below write your Research Report. Review the reading materials found in Module 2. See the Course Schedule for the due date.
Research the topic you selected.
Read a review article on the topic. This will assist in familiarizing yourself with the topic.
Locate and read 2 primary research studies published in a peer-reviewed journal within the last three years (Articles between January 2018 – 2021 will be accepted.)
Articles may cover the following:
Experimental food chemistry
Nutrition intervention research
Note: Articles highlighting in vitro research will not be graded.
Write a Research Report for all study elements in the Article Deconstruction Workshee Article Deconstruction Workshee – Alternative Formats t for each article, instead of re-summarizing the abstracts. Provide specific details and support each assertion with evidence. Your Research Report should be in 2 sections. Do not combine the articles into one deconstruction:
Highlighting Primary Research Article 1
Highlighting Primary Research Article 2
Note: The section headings for the two sections are the only two sections of the Research Report. The Research Report should not have an introduction or conclusion. You should not be summarizing the authors introductions either – jump right into the studies by starting with the study objective and go from there. Review the grading rubric here grading rubric here – Alternative Formats .
Create a Microsoft Word document using the following formatting guidelines:
Cover sheet with the topic of the Research Report, your name, and the course name (NHM 454)
3 full pages minimum, 4 pages maximum, not including references or cover sheet. I will not grade any work that exceeds the fourth page.
Apply AMA style including in text citations, references, and page numbers.
Double-space, 12-point, Arial font with 1 inch margins
Comparison/Contrast Paper Directions
Writing the Comparison/Contrast Paper:
You essay help freeComparison/Contrast Paper Directions
Writing the Comparison/Contrast Paper:
You will be writing a four-to-six page (text portion; the works cited and/or title page do not count; the paper must be at least four complete pages (no 3/4 or 1/2 page; four full pages of text) comparison contrast paper as a requirement for completing this course. This may be a comparison of two authors, two works by the same author, or two works by different authors.
You will need a minimum of three sources for this paper; your text counts as one source. The two remaining sources must adhere to the guidelines for using sources.
The paper should have a clear thesis statement (i.e., Poe and Hawthorne are masters at revealing the dark side of the human psyche.)
As with any comparison/contrast paper, you should develop your paper either using the point-by-point or subject-by-subject method.
If you want me to look at your thesis or rough draft, I will be happy to do so. (I will not edit the paper, but I will give you general comments.)
I expect a minimum of four quotes from your primary sources (i.e. if you are comparing “The Wild Honey Suckle” to “Each and All,” I would expect two quotes from each poem) as well as two quotes from each outside source used.
Your paper should be written following MLA guidelines (internal citations for each source; line numbers for poems; page numbers for other works).
Methods of Organization for a Comparison/Contrast Paper:
Introduction: Thesis provides information regarding the works you are comparing/contrasting
Point One: First Subject
Point Two: Second Subject
Point Three: Comparison/Contrast of Subjects
Conclusion: Restatement of points
Introduction: Thesis provides information regarding the works you are comparing/contrasting
Point One: First Point, both subjects
Point Two: Second Point, both subjects
Point Three: Third Point, both subjects
Conclusion: Restatement of points
I would plan on about three-quarters of a page for the introduction, half a page for the conclusion, and about a page for each “point” in the outlines above.
Citing the work:
For the works you are using from the text, you need only give the page number for any quote from a story and the line numbers from any quote form a poem. For your outside sources, you will need a Works Cited page. Give the author and page number (Brown 42) for any quote in the test; the full bibliographic information will appear on the Works Cited page. Follow MLA standards. If you have any questions about MLA format, access the PSC Learning resource center help at
(Links to an external site.)
Analysis Outline for Complex Cases
You are doing a worksheet that we developed f argumentative essay helpAnalysis Outline for Complex Cases
You are doing a worksheet that we developed from this outline. For those of you who might want to use this outline for future practice, here it is in a different format.
A. What are the Critical Facts?
• Who are the key players in this case?
• From the perspective of each of the key players, what are the critical facts of this case?
• From the information presented, what do you consider the critical facts of the case?
Develop a concise and coherent statement that identifies the key players and their roles and summarizes the critical facts of the case. (Some of you will recognize this as a case conceptualization.)
• Please describe your rationale for the selection of critical facts (in other words, give and describe reasons for why you selected the critical facts that you did)
B. What do You See as the Underlying Themes and Issues?
• What are the major themes and issues that pertain to:
o the organizational context of the case
o individual, families and groups in the case
o the community context of the case
o other systemic levels that are relevant for understanding and critically analyzing the case
• Please describe your rationale for the selection of underlying themes and issues (in other words, give and describe reasons for why you selected the underlying themes and issues that you did)
C. What do You Believe are the Critical Problems/Challenges that Need to be Addressed?
• What are the critical problems/challenges in this case? Focus your thinking on what you would identify as the two or three top challenges/problems at each level: macro, mezzo and micro areas.
• Please describe your rationale for the selection of the problems/challenges (in other words, give and describe reasons for your selection/prioritization)
D.What are Potential Interventions/ Solutions for the Challenges Discussed Above?
• What are the potential interventions for one of the critical problems/challenges that have been identified at each level? Identify at least two interventions for each critical issue, and assess your possible interventions/solutions. (Be sure to think about scholarly literature, expert opinions, best practices, etc. and cite any sources you use) What are the pros? Cons? Potential risks? Barriers? Concerns or challenges in this approach that would have to be addressed for this intervention to be effective?
• Develop a plan of action based on your assessment of the problems at hand and the best, most justified interventions/solutions. Articulate your reasons for your choices and priorities.
• You would need to do this at the micro, mezzo, AND macro levels. Obviously, some of these would be more short term than others.
E. What Knowledge and Skills are Needed for Implementation of the Action Plan?
• Identify the specific skill and knowledge sets needed by a social worker workerto fulfill the plan of action. Be specific. You might it helpful to think about what skills would you need to look for in a social worker if you were hiring someone to implement your action plan? What knowledge?
• Please describe your rationale for knowledge & skills (in other words, give and describe reasons for why you selected the knowledge & skills that you did)
F. Summary and Connection to Diversity and Social Justice:
1. In this section clearly discuss the connection in this project to the following CSWE Competencies:
• Advanced generalist practitioners engage diversity and difference in practice
• Advanced generalist practitioners advance human rights and social, economic and environmental justice.
Kent school is committed to inclusion, diversity and anti-racist practice.
How does this assignment relate to these?
2. Discuss your learning in this assignment that will serve you as you move into your role as a professional social worker.
Amount being requested for the grant:
Title of Propos essay help site:eduGRANT WORKSHEET:
Amount being requested for the grant:
Title of Proposal:
Opening paragraph for appeal for the agency: Brief Summary (abstract) of the Proposal: Briefly provide a summary of the proposal that includes a description of the specific client population that will be served by the proposal and a short summary of the proposal request (300 words or less). Include the amount of money being requested in the grant. Response should be single spaced, double spacing between paragraphs, 12-point type (Times New Roman).
Describe the problem/issue that this grant will address. Discuss why this is the issue is important to address. List appropriate demographics around the problem/issue.
Why should the grant funders give to this agency? What is the experience of the agency with grants, and this type of intervention? (Specificity helps.)
Description of your proposal: Who will be involved? What? Where? When? How? (Be sure to include the process once the grant is funded – the implementation plan). There should have enough detail here that a reader gets a clear picture of your grant idea.
Overarching goals for this grant idea:
Measurable Outputs: What the agency will provide and how much? This needs to be measurable. (Ex. 30 individuals will participate. OR 5 hours of …. Offered monthly)
Measurable Outcomes: How this will change lives and what would success look like? This should be measurable. (ex. 85% of clients will …..)
How will you gather information for outputs and outcomes?
What is the amount of money the grant will provide for this? What will the grant pay for?
How much will the agency provide for this? Be sure to have a specific amount. What will the agency cover?
How will volunteers be involved in this? What will be the worth of their time? (Use $22.00 an hour)
What is the worth of any in-kind donations that will be used?
Budget for the grant: Break down the money from the grant in these categories.
Benefits (Fringes) – use 20% for full time folks. (No need to include if part time)
Office Supplies/Printing/Copying:
Overhead Expenses (rent, utilities)
Other (please list what):
This assignment will allow students the opportunity to enhance their professiona essay help online freeThis assignment will allow students the opportunity to enhance their professional communication skills. Students will present the findings from their special populations paper (Assignment 2) to their colleagues during the last week of class. The goal of your presentation is to provide your colleagues with a deeper understanding of the population you have researched. Professional presentations are most effective when they provide both a written format as well as accompanying audio and/or video. May be posted on Discussion Board Beginning on 4/15/20 at noon EST and ending on 4/18/20, 11:59 pm EST. You may comment on colleagues’ presentations until 4/20/20, 5:00 pm EST.
Use of PowerPoint with audio on each slide meets this requirement; alternate strategies may be approved in advance by the instructors. Presentations may last up to 15 minutes.
Reflecting professional conference presentations, each presentation should identify 3 to 5 learning goals. Ask yourself, “what knowledge will the viewer/your colleagues develop as a result of watching this presentation?”
Your presentation will be graded in the following areas:
• Demonstration of professional oral and written communication skills.
• Identification of learning goals and overall effectiveness in meeting these goals.
• Summarization of research from your Special Populations assignment in the following areas:
o Introduction
o Risk and Protective Factors
o Social Justice
o Screening, Assessment, and Intervention
o Conclusion
In the Early Modern era, this
the issue of religious tolerance and political aut essay help freeIn the Early Modern era, this
the issue of religious tolerance and political authority emerged in the
wake of the religious violence
of the Reformation era. The issue
of tolerance (religious and
political) is not new, yet was given new weight in
this period by various thinkers and philosophes
and whether this contributed to political order and
harmony. Absolutist rulers and their
argued that social order and harmony was maintained
when all the ruler’s subjects were of one
faith, while philosophes
argued that social and political harmony was best maintained
through a
policy of tolerance.
In your paper address the following points and
provide quotes and details in support:
Ø What
was the position and arguments made by Absolutist rulers and the defenders of Absolutism? Discuss two of the arguments made. How did Absolutist rulers try to achieve
religious uniformity? Were they
successful? Discuss two examples.
Ø Baruch
Spinoza advocated for a free state that allowed for tolerance of religious
opinion. Discuss Spinoza’s views and how
they contrasted with those of the Absolutists.
Provide quotes and details.
Ø What
is the impetus for Voltaire to take on the cause of Toleration? Discuss the
background and context of the Calas case.
According to Voltaire, how did the Religious Wars of the Reformation play
a role in creating intolerance?
Ø Voltaire
uses historical examples to support his case that religious tolerance makes for
harmonious societies. What historical
examples and arguments does Voltaire use in relation to the Greeks and the Romans? Discuss two.
What arguments does Voltaire make that shows that the Hebrews and early
Christians were tolerant? Discuss two.
Ø What
does Voltaire argue are the conditions that allow for intolerance? What are the consequences when Toleration breaks
down? Do you find yourself agreeing or
disagreeing with Voltaire on his idea of Universal Toleration? Why?
Why not?
Need Reference slide for March 19
Include the following elements in your project college admissions essay helpNeed Reference slide for March 19
Include the following elements in your project:
 Historical/cultural situations that led to the genocide
 Parties involved – to include victims and oppressors
 Stereotypes associated with victims
 How were the victims captured, housed, treated, and murdered
 How did this genocide change the region
 How did the genocide end
 Discuss the global response to this genocide
 Your opinions/response to/of this genocide in history, along with ways to prevent
genocide based on your investigation
For the presentation, ensure you answer all the following questions. Requirements are as
 Minimum of 20-25 slides
 Five (5) scholarly sources.
 Headings (see below)
 Internal Citations
 Title slide
 Reference slide
 Proper 7th edition APA format
 Remember that sites, such as WIKIPEDIA, ENCYCLOPEDIA, MURDERPEDIA, – any
PEDIA sites are NOT academic in nature and should not be used in any writing
Headings on the slides should be as follows:
Overview – brief history of genocide
Cause(s) of genocide
Victims of genocide (descriptions; stereotypes; treatment)
Oppressors of genocide (descriptions; actions)
Changes/Impacts of genocide
End of genocide
Global response to genocide
Prevention of future types of genocide
Lessons Learned
This is an argumentative essay about transgender mental health. The main criteri argumentative essay helpThis is an argumentative essay about transgender mental health. The main criteria for this essay is narrowing down an issue with trans mental health and then finding a solution to the problem, whether that solution is local, regional, or global. Ive attached the assignment sheet, PLEASE LOOK AT NOTES AND CRITERA VERY CLOSELY.
This project is to write a full report of 10000 words 50 pages maximum, plagiari college essay help onlineThis project is to write a full report of 10000 words 50 pages maximum, plagiarism 15% maximum, and 3D design an automatic machine. The function of this machine is to install components of a pneumatic valve shown below. I will also send inventor files of this as well
paper about a disorder of your choice as seen in a fictional character. You mus college application essay helppaper about a disorder of your choice as seen in a fictional character. You must choose a fictional character from movies, TV, books, cartoons etc. who you believe meets criteria for the disorder you present. Please give detailed support for why you think your character meets that diagnosis.
Examples: Monica from “Friends” = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Bart Simpson = Conduct Disorder
Buddhism as a Spiritual Way
Stephen Batchelor’s book, Buddhism without Beliefs: best college essay helpBuddhism as a Spiritual Way
Stephen Batchelor’s book, Buddhism without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening is an attempt to correct some fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of Buddhism. Using your copy of this book, write a 4 to 6 page paper in which you explore one of the most central claims of the work: Buddhism is not a religion, but a way of practice designed to heal one’s life of anguish.
Your paper should be organized into the following sections:
Introduction (write this after you work on the other sections so that you can describe what you are going to do and what your main arguments will be)
In the first content section, take up Batchelor’s comments about the Buddha (e.g., p. 5-6) and Buddhism as a religion (e.g., p. 7, 12, 14-20)
In the second content section, choose one of the book’s expositions of fundamental Buddhist practice by describing and interpreting the content of either the chapter on “Awareness,” “Emptiness,” or “Compassion.”
In the third content section, discuss the author’s views on Freedom and Awakening in the chapter entitled “Freedom.”
Conclusion (reflect on the various sections of the paper and describe in what ways the book and the paper you have written informed you about Buddhism and/or changed your understandings and interpretations of it).
Format: Make the margins on your paper 1 inch on all sides, type in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double space the entire paper. Put page numbers in the upper right corner header, including the first page as page 1. Use this assignment block on the first page on the left margin.
[Your name]
“Buddhism as a Spiritual Way”
HUM 1500. The World of Asian Humanities
Spring 2021
Dr. Ronnie Littlejohn, prof
The purpose of the research paper is for you to become an expert on a particular essay helpThe purpose of the research paper is for you to become an expert on a particular topic in computer security. The research paper should be written so that it conveys information to the reader. When grading the paper we will ask ourselves whether other students in the class might learn about the topic you choose by reading your paper. The paper should contain original analysis of the the papers you choose to cover, and ideally suggest directions for future research on the topic.
Select a topic related to the topics in the course syllabus, or ask Dr. Neuman if you would like to write on another topic that you feel is related to computer security. Some examples of paper topics include comparisons of approaches taken by different systems to solve security problems, surveys of the literature on a computer security topic, and discussions of particular problem areas in computer security.
Prepare a reading list of the papers that you plan to look at. Your must incdlude full citations for the papers. Don’t provide just a list of URL’s, or paper titles without providing informationon the authors, the title, and where the papers appear (conference, journal, etc). The purpose of this list is to make sure you have some place to start. Most of the papers in your reading list should be beyond those that are included in the course materials. You may use the library as a resource when looking for material on your topic. You should not constrain your search to only information easily found on the web. In fact, most of the papers in your reading list should be from journals and conferences (though you are likely to find copies of many of these online). Do not use marketing literature (sometimes called white papers) or high level issues articles from trade publications as primary sources. You will be free to use additional papers if you come across them during your research.
Be sure to follow reference from relevant papers to other sources, and look up the original papers covering a topic, don’t rely on summaries provided by someone else. You may also want to use the site citeseer ( or Google Scholar to find citations TO some of the papers you start from. This will likely turn up more recent papers on the same topic.
Prepare a couple of paragraphs describing the topic, the particular issues you plan to cover, and the questions you plan to answer. Turn in this description and your reading list with full citations for the papers you plan to use. This description and reading list should be uploaded through the D2L Dropbox for the Research Paper Proposal Assignment. The instructors will respond with feedback in D2L in the order that proposals are received.
Final Assignment Topic:
Please reply to each of the items below wit best college essay helpInstructions
Final Assignment Topic:
Please reply to each of the items below with one or two paragraphs. While many ask for your personal opinion, please frame your responses using the information we reviewed over the course of the class.
As always, your writing is expected to be college level in terms of content and execution. Use a 12 pt. common font (Ariel, Times Roman, or Century Schoolbook) and double-spacing.
Begin your paper with a cover sheet, containing:
Title (Final Assignment)
MAN2345 (add the Reference Number)
Submitted to (your Professor’s name)
Submitted by (your name)
Date of Submission
We looked at several styles of leadership, ranging from Autocratic to Transformational. If you were (or are) a supervisor, how do you think your employees would describe your leadership style? Do you think you always display one style, or go between two or more? Do you consider your style appropriate to all situations?
Which of the theories of motivation was “your favorite”? What is it about that particular theory that appeals to you?
List five (5) questions that would be in violation of employment law. Follow each question with the employment law ( it would violate. Be sure to provide a citation for your source(s) on your reference sheet.
We looked at bases of power. Pick one or two you believe you would have as a supervisor, and explain why you think you have them. Do you think a supervisor can develop power over time, or is it something you either have or you don’t?
The World Series is on television in the break room, and you walk by to find three employees watching it, although they are not on a break. One is your best worker, the second is a steady performer, but not a standout, and the third is one you feel is a “problem child”. You’ve given the entire department a warning about this. How would you go about disciplining the workers? Provide specific concepts that would influence your decision.
Following up on the concept of discipline, under what circumstances (if any) could you envision terminating an employee for a first infraction?
What do you consider your strengths in terms of communication skills? What do you consider your weaknesses (if any)? If you do have a weakness, what might you do to improve your skills in that area?
One of the hottest topics nationwide recently is the appropriateness of “right to work laws”. Using the internet, research the topic and provide your opinion of them; do they create a level playing field, or an unfair advantage? Be sure to provide a citation for your source(s).
We looked at the major labor laws that deal with equal employment opportunity. Do you feel there is sufficient protection for workers, too much or that the current status is about right? If you identify an area where you think an adjustment should be made, provide your thoughts on why a change is warranted.
Every field has managers and supervisors. Do you aspire to a managerial position? If yes, list some reasons, other than more money, why you want to go in that direction. If no, why not?
Re-read the instructions, then double-check your writing, formatting, etc. Reading aloud your work is one good method of review. If it sounds confusing when you hear it, that’s how it will sound to a readers, too. Your ideas are the point, but you have to express them appropriately.
Composition 1 – Personal Narrative
English 101 – FA 2021—Food Stories in the U.S college essay help near meComposition 1 – Personal Narrative
English 101 – FA 2021—Food Stories in the U.S.
Due Week 8: Sunday, March 25
Checklist for Success!
Read the entire prompt and make sure you understand what the assignment asks you to do. Then return to this check-list several times through your writing process to make sure you remember everything.
 Assignment: 850- to 1000-word (3 ½ – 4 pages) narrative whose thesis answers a theme-based question (below)
 Upload @ Canvas by 11:59 PM on due date
 Process work: Multiple steps, drafts, and revisions due before the polished paper
 Structure: Chronological; follows narrative arc; inductively reasoned, i.e., thesis appears at the end
 Audience: English-reading youth and adults interested in course theme, higher education, community, and social justice
 Development: Effective modes of development for narrative include description and narration, with context and cause & effect
 Source integration: Integrate at least one meaningful quote from a course text to support the story
 Style: MLA format (1” margins, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font; header, pagination); Works Cited; reader-oriented language choices; well-edited standard English
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not submit a “5-paragraph essay.”
In a first-person essay of at least 850 to 1000 words, write
· a fact-based personal narrative
· showing how you changed (perspective, belief, attitude) as a result of an experience
o thus, your reader will “see” the before and an after,
· related to a theme-based question (see Question below);
· integrating meaningfully a course text (with attribution, quote, synthesis, and citation); that
· discovers the thesis at the end (inductive reasoning); and is all presented
· in MLA style with Works Cited.
Write a story–shape your narrative–to discover the answer to this question through the writing process itself: What is your “American” food story? As you work, ask yourself:
o Does your story have conflict and resolution, a before and an after?
o Does your story help your reader understand how you changed?
o Does your story show with descriptive detail, not merely tell what happened?
o Does your story consider the significance of your experience beyond yourself and outward to community?
Broadly, the purpose of this writing is to entertain and to persuade. More specifically, you are writing to discover your story about food in America or the U.S., and to bring your reader with you. Each of our readings exemplify this purpose. Your narrative will be successful when you entertain through narrative and persuade with meaningful reflection and significance beyond yourself.
To entertain your readers, offer a clearly written, engaging narrative that describes relevant background, unfolds events chronologically, involves conflict, then climax or drama, and concludes with reflection.
Drama does not have to have some giant, heart-wrenching crisis! The conflict can be small, a beat, a crack or break, a moment when something goes “click”—or falls flat. That we humans enjoy stories is the point: we connect with the narrative form! And while stories make us feel something, descriptive details bring them to life. That, my friends, is how you entertain.
To persuade your readers, shape a thoughtful message about your feelings in response to what happened. Often, this is where the writer turns to an outside text—for us, one of the course readings—to help them think about their message, or the understory, as I like to say.
Contemplate the significance of the experience—really think about it on the page. Consider and reflect on what it means to your way of life, homeplace, or community identity. Craft your message so your reader can “see” and understand. You want the well-thought-out message to make sense and, in balance with emotional appeal, work persuasively.
Contemplating Significance
Write individual paragraphs that are unified, coherent, and well-developed.
Read the Modes of Development handout at Modules, Course Materials, to get the larger idea and purpose of development strategies for writing. Specific to this assignment, I suggest:
· Description and narrative to describe your experience with sensory details and telling the events in order, and with effective pacing.
· Context paragraphs to set the scene for your reader
· Cause and effect to show (not just tell) your reader what changed as a result of the main action, and how things are different, how your view is different now.
· Authority: Connect and synthesize meaningfully a short quote from a course text to help your reader understand that connection between the story to the world beyond.
Narrative structure for our assignment happens chronologically. Here’s what that looks like:
1. Begin with the first scene of the story, relevant context, and characterization. (Do not begin with a 5-paragraph-essay-style “introduction.”)
2. Write sequentially. Follow the narrative arc, including only those moments necessary to understanding what happened and why it’s significant.
3. Write inductively. Discover the meaning of the story’s central event with your readers, through the story itself.
4. Show change. Toward the end, show how your views are different, how you are different, now, after your experience and upon reflection.
MLA format; standard grammatical English; writing is clear; sentences have varied structure; diction is casually formal with genre-appropriate colloquialisms; punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are generally correct and do not hinder reader understanding.
4. Film as Social Commentary: A Girl Walks
Alone at Night (2014). Sometimes fil best essay help4. Film as Social Commentary: A Girl Walks
Alone at Night (2014). Sometimes film makers can use their craft to critique
society in ways that would otherwise be prohibited.
This Iranian film, A Girl Walks Alone at
Night (2014), showcases small towns, crime, and the lack of opportunities.
As a sociology student watch this film through the eyes of Durkheim who
has a lot to say about the individual in society in the context of social
solidarity, crime, and deviance.
Bring his ideas to light through your sociological
review of this film.
What do we learn about the socioeconomic
conditions of Iran?
What is the significance of the title?
This film is available on Kanopy at
Capulibrary under media resources, streaming services, kanopy
Question for second response essay: Which of the two books by Paine and Mitter d college admission essay helpQuestion for second response essay: Which of the two books by Paine and Mitter do you find more convincing and why? Please provide a nuanced answer and reasons for your answer. You must refer to both the Paine and Mitter books in your essay and cite accordingly. Additional research is neither compulsory nor forbidden.
See attached for writing guidelines.
1. DOING Sociology: The Experience of Being
‘Not from Here’.
In this paper you college admissions essay help1. DOING Sociology: The Experience of Being
‘Not from Here’.
In this paper you will use WEB Dubois’ Double
Consciousness, or Dorothy Smith’s Bifurcated Consciousness, and
Stuart Hall’s insights as the basis for your essay in which you will
conduct an interview between you and a relative or someone you know well, about
their experience “living in two cultures”.
· What is their
immigrant story?
· What is their
“lived experience” (Stuart Hall has a lot to say on this): regarding the
attitudes and discrimination experienced in their adopted home?
finally, how do they manage to negotiate race and racism, gender and sexism,
and identity in Canada while maintaining their sense of self hood.
See attachment for rewrite of capstone action research paper to include ABSTRACT online essay helpSee attachment for rewrite of capstone action research paper to include ABSTRACT (one
paragraph of between 150-250 words, not indented; and add keywords; Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION -introducing the problem, research questions addressed by the study and the overall method to be used in the study; Chapter 2 LITERATURE REVIEW- structured analysis of scholarly sources on subject; Chapter 3 METHODOLOGY (description of researcher’s approach : action research approach*; Chapter 4 RESULTS – thorough description and analysis of all data collected; Chapter 5 CONCLUSION – explain results; include limitations of study and recommendations for further research. APAP 6 or 7 format; PLEASE SUPPLY PLAGERISM REPORT**. MINIMUM 36 PAGES – PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES IN THE 36 PAGES.
I need the exact same essay paraphrased without plagiarism.
Since this is a law college admissions essay helpI need the exact same essay paraphrased without plagiarism.
Since this is a law essay on equity and Trust module the use of words must be appropriate and a coherent transition of the paragraph should be maintained.
No citation, no reference is required.
30 page Nursing Research paper APA7, five references (already compiled)…Master essay help online free30 page Nursing Research paper APA7, five references (already compiled)…Masters/Graduate level work…the topic is a graduate research paper titled “Effect of Smoking Cessation on Post Operative Complications and Wound Healing in Elective Surgical Patients: Is Mandatory Smoking Cessation Before Elective Surgery a Viable Practice”
Look at files for more instructions.
1.A broad social topic ex. Property, environment, crime education, health 2. A d essay help1.A broad social topic ex. Property, environment, crime education, health 2. A description of the specific sub-top 3. Additional social science sources ( minimum 3 this may include textbook from social sciences courses, more be added.4 descriptions of what chapters and reading from class invoked in your research paper. 5 .Your current thesis at the time of the proposal and your rationale for this thesis.
The purpose of this assignment is to:
Describe the physical, cognitive, social, college application essay helpThe purpose of this assignment is to:
Describe the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional
development that occurs in early childhood (ages 3 through 6). (CO3)
Examine the role of play in the learning process of young
children. (CO4)
Imagine you are a teacher in a preschool or childcare
setting working with children 3 to 5 years old. You want to promote growth in
each of the developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional.
Using the Assignment 3: Promoting Development and Developmentally
Appropriate Practice Template, choose five (5) activities for each domain,
identify the materials that you will need for each activity, and describe how
it promotes development (give your rational for choosing the activity). Include
at least one (1) reference that supports your rationale. Please be sure that
each of your activities is developmentally appropriate for your target age. You
will have 20 activities total for this assignment. PLEASE WRITE IN
Article Analysis
Students chose an article relating any current legal issue in t argumentative essay helpArticle Analysis
Students chose an article relating any current legal issue in the tourism and/or hospitality industry.
Please include a link to the article in your post
Purpose of this activity is to understand and debate about current trends pertaining to legal issues that are prevalent in the industry. I expect students to be prepared to discuss the content of the article with their fellow classmates both within the discussion board and during online class time.
The following things must be incorporated into your online initial discussion board post.
Background of the legal issue
Involved parties
What was the resolution
Do you agree with the resolution (Avoid opinions the law is based in fact.)? Why?
As a leader how would you handle things differently?
The file attached is an example. You can follow the first two pages and ignore the last 2 pages

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