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Use this discussion to summarize what you learned in each of them.

I need a summary
This does not mean copying and pasting something that answers the discussions questions or topics. It means reading several articles, papers, opinions and providing your own thoughts after doing that, providing the sources to your information is important, but not enough to get the points from this criterion.

Problem and Needs Analysis

Write a 525- to 700-word paper in which you do the following:
Describe a problem within your community that affects your criminal justice system.
Identify the population that is affected by the problem.
Explain how the problem creates needs within your community.
Research and include at least 1 outside research resource supporting the existence of the identified problem (e.g., statistical data, newspaper article, local government board minutes).
Select a funding source from the options that you’ve identified in your research or in this week’s discussion with your peers, and explain how the funding source aligns with your problem.
Identify 1 potential collaborator that would benefit from addressing this problem and may help you compile and present a grant proposal.
Proofread thoroughly! When you are writing grant applications, it is critical that you write properly and professionally. Confusing or error-filled applications will not be funded.
Cite your references in proper APA format.
Make sure your full name is on your assignment.


We each have many overlapping identities, including nationality, race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, and regional affiliation, to name a few. Respond to the following in the online discussion this week:
Comment on at least one major aspect of your identity and what this identity means to you. Feel free to comment on as many aspects of your identity as you feel comfortable.
How has this aspect or aspects of your identity changed over time?
In what ways is this identity a source of power in your society? In international society?
Finally, comment on what conflicts exist as a result of this identity, and whether co-existence or cultural understanding with other groups is possible.

Writing Question

Writing Assignment Help Think of 3 different “suggestions” you would give your child (or niece/nephew/neighbor’s child) some day on how to raise a “feminist.” We will conceptualize a “feminist” as somebody who believes in gender equality in both the public and private spheres in terms of political, social, and professional life.Along with your suggestions, be able to explain why you chose these three. Posts must be at least 300 words. Proper grammar and spelling is required. Please cite the page number in Adiche. If you use a different source than Adiche (like the likability article or something else, then a works cited is required).

Research Project

In this 3-part Comparative National Security Project, you must Choose a Country to Research and eventually Compare with the United States. You are to select the country you will work on for the rest of the term and begin your analysis of it. As you consider what country you will select, OPEN this attached country research guide Download OPEN this attached country research guideand begin to review the relevant documents on your country of choice (e.g., the CIA World Factbook report, the State Department’s Background Notes, or Bilateral Relations Facts sheet, etc.).
As you approach your initial research on your country, think about what interests you about this country. What are the key security characteristics that attract you to studying it more, and contrasting it with the US in the final paper? For example, is the country a great power (Links to an external site.), or is it a lesser, regional power? Does the country have both land and sea capabilities, interests, and threats (Links to an external site.) arrayed against it, or is it more isolated and potentially more secure? How might national security be different for land powers compared to sea powers (Links to an external site.)? Similarly, how vast are the interests the country must defend and promote in the world? Are these more economic than military, and how might these be separated, if at all? Finally, does the country make national security decisions more as a unitary state than as an unwieldy representative democracy? For example, how difficult is the choice to go to war or to join an alliance with another country, how many layers or avenues of policymaking must a state’s leaders go through to achieve some desired outcome of its “leadership”?
These and other basic questions will help you consider your country in greater detail and begin to frame and transform your interests into analyses with a comparative sensibility.
For M2.4 Comparative National Security Project – Country Selection Assignment, you will write an essay of 2-3 pages (approximately 750 words). Please address yourself to any considerations such as those noted above as well as these specific questions:
How and Why did you choose this country?
What are the top two or three security challenges that you can see your country facing?
Finally, drawing on your initial views and research, what do you find to be unique and/or interesting about this country’s national security? For example, does it have unique geography with many rivals nearby (e.g., is it a land-locked power, or a naval and sea-oriented one?)? In short, why is its national security setting and policy-making intriguing to you (e.g., is it especially different than that in the US or other countries, such as it’s an authoritarian structure with more opaque policymaking than in the US?)?

Read and write

Section 1: Interest
16 pts
Full Marks
Response clearly articulates strongest interest area/scores, interest alignment with personal career goals and surprising interest areas/scores.
Section 2: Motivators
16 pts
Full Marks
Response clearly articulates strongest motivators, agreement with strongest motivators, and which motivators are priorities in relation to work.
Section 3: Skills
16 pts
Full Marks
Response clearly articulates reflection on personal top skills and confidence, address how personal top skills support top interest areas, how top skills align with career goals, and identifies which skills still need to be developed.
Section 4: Career Match
16 pts
Full Marks
Response clearly articulates 4 career match areas. Response offers clear reflection on the following for all 4 career match areas: words/phrases that spark interest and why, information that didn’t resonate, and personal next steps for each career area.
Section 5: Culture Match
16 pts
Full Marks
Response clearly articulates ratings for 4 culture factors and offers personal reflection on the correlation between each culture score and one’s ideal work environment.
Section 6: Overall Reflection and Next Steps
20 pts
Full Marks
Response clearly articulates and offers personal reflection on the suggested career caution areas, overall CareerLeader assessment, and which results were most accurate and meaningful.
you should take information from the file and fill it in Reflection Worksheet.

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