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Using Your Sextant (Inclinometer)

It’s time to do something with your sextants. We are calling the inclinometer a sextant, now. The building of the sextant was worth ten points. Using it to determine the elevation of the Sun at around noon will also be worth ten points. The elevation of the Sun is the angle between the horizon and the Sun.
You will make observations of the Sun over a period of about four hours, from 10 a.m. to 2 pm., on a sunny day.
Sight along the straight edge of your sextant. Aim the straight edge at the Sun, just as you would aim the barrel of a gun. The weighted string will hang against one of the degree markings on the protractor. If you have an assistant, instruct him/her/it to take note of the degree mark the string hangs against. For best accuracy, use the outside arc of degree marks (as opposed to the inside arc). If no partner, try to press the string against the protractor as soon as you have sighted in the Sun, keeping the string in place, before you lower the sextant. Do this as fast as you can. Do not stare at the Sun for more than a few seconds. Wear sunglasses if possible.
Record the number under the string (the value of the degree mark), but do not report it as the elevation of the Sun. To find the elevation of the Sun, subtract the value of the degree mark from 90 if the value of the degree mark is less than 90. For example, if the string lies against 55, the elevation of the Sun would be 90 – 55 = 35 degrees. If the value of the degree mark is greater than 90, subtract 90 from the value of the degree mark. For example, if the string lies against 130, the elevation of the Sun would be 130 – 90 = 40 degrees.
The Sun’s elevation reaches a maximum at local noon (which is not necessarily noon on the clock, but close). So, take an elevation measurement at 10 a.m., one at 10:30, 11:00, etc., every half hour until 2 pm. You will see the elevation numbers rise to a max, then decrease again. That max occurs at around noon. Eight elevations should be reported. I’ll knock a point off for every missing elevation.
Your measured elevations should fall within the range of 25 degrees to 50 degrees. I’m going to measure it too, so don’t just make stuff up. Submit a table of times and elevations. You must show your elevation calculations.
You must have credit for your inclinometer/sextant (previous project) to be eligible for points on this project.

I am to write a three page research report on the planet Mars, using MLA format. I am to

I am to write a three page research report on the planet Mars, using MLA format. I am to include at least four small pictures throughout the essay and site them under the picture, along with a reference page. I am to include at least three quotes from different sources about the planet as well and site them on the reference page. The paper must also include:
Descriiption of how it was formed
Descriiption of the planet
Major discoveries made
Location in the universe
Date discovered
Any significant details about the planet

ASTR- Discussion

Astronomy Assignment Help PromptShare a movie, or book, or game, which depicts travel any light speed or greater than light speed.
What does it look like?
How does it work? Ever wonder why many use the same view- you know, the stream of stars effect…same effect in Star Trek, any truth to that?
What’s it like to go faster than light?
General discussion to get you thinking, very open topic
What to Do
You know the drill, have an initial post of 150-200 words, with a embedded picture if appropriate, and make at least one response comment of 50-100 words to another student.

Astronomy Question

You have some background information to apply while reading through the Calendars from the Sky (????????). Go through the Our Year (????????), Various Calendars (????????), Our Week (????????), and Timeline (????????) and then go to the left side of each section and go through those parts also.
Earlier in the module, you responded to the following: Early astronomers thought the Earth was stationary and that the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars all moved around the Earth. Today, most of us believe that the Earth and planets orbit the Sun rather than the other way around. What is the evidence that developed your view of how the solar system works? How have your ideas changed since reading the text and completing this much of the module? Explain your reasoning.
Write an essay explaining the progression in astronomy from the Geocentric model to and including Isaac Newton’s laws. Be specific and detailed with each phase of the progression or astronomer’s viewpoint. You will need to include each astronomer’s contributions to the progression of astronomy. Please include the following: Copernicus, Brahe, Galilei, Newton, and Kepler. NOTE: I do not require any specific length on this essay. You must, however, be organized, focused, and complete with your thoughts.
the textbook:… Please read chapters 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and chapter 3.

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