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Various responsibilities of a project manager

Review the various responsibilities of a project manager by organizing a project. See Chapter 19, sections 19.9 and Cases. The project will be a continuation of how to improve the process you chose in Competency 1.
Apply project management tools and a project management outline type of your choice to structure and plan the project by defining, planning, and controlling.
Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation (supported by Excel and Word as needed), with detailed speaker notes, that includes the following:
Project description
Project Management Charts (Critical Path, Gantt Chart, etc.)
Improved Process Flowchart from Competency 1 (optional)
Meeting cadence/rhythm and timing
Metrics to measure the project’s success
Financial and budgetary considerations
Description of the project reporting structure
Again the main source should be from: (chapters 16,17,

Discussion Replies

attached below is a word doc with two discussion posts in it. you need to reply to each post with a 275 word minimum and use at least one scholarly citation from the last 5 years in AMA format. please be detailed in your writing and try to introduce new information from your reference into the reply.
the rubric says this for the reply:
“Major points are supported by the following: Learn materials; scientific research; pertinent, conceptual, or proper examples; and thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts). Reply significantly contributes to to the discussion.”
so please make sure your writing does what the rubric asks

a monetary system ? Evaluating the currency power in shaping the economy

Business Assignment Help I wrote 4000 words , the writer needs to write 6000 words more to make it a 10.000 words proposal research .
It has to be one proposal so don’t make a separate proposal of 6000 words . It must match the 1 st part of the proposal . Please read carefully before accepting

Cool places to work and why

1. Go to: or or or
2. Pick a company of interest
3. Describe the criteria used by the “accrediting” body (Crain’s, etc) in selecting the organizations who “make the list”(20% of assignment)
4. Discuss why they are a “cool” company (30% of assignment)
5. Try to make contact with an HR person and/or operational person at the Company (document your attempts) (15% of assignment)
6. Whether you do or not, discuss what you believe to be the culture in this company and whether you would want to work there. Why or why not? (25% of assignment)
7. How do the companies benefit from being on these “lists”?
8. Papers will be graded based on covering the above material, with some analysis, clear writing, and use of proper grammar, formatting, etc (10% of assignment grade).

The Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number

The book is (the Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number) I would like someone who has read the book. For this question, there are 6 parts/questions about the book. Each part has three questions to choose from, they will be about the book. These questions must be at least 1-2 paragraphs or 1/2 a page. So this would be like a 4-page essay, not too bad at all. I will provide the prompt, directions, and a pdf of the book. BUT, you must only use the book as a source of information, no articles or outside sources! You give essay-style answers to the questions.

In your paper, -Discuss how a job descriiption is a function of management. -Consider the following areas of a

In your paper, -Discuss how a job descriiption is a function of management. -Consider the following areas of a job descriiption below and explain how these components contribute to an effective performance management system: -Tasks -Tools and technology -Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) -Education requirements -Explain the legal components in a job descriiption as it relates to the EEOC. -Describe at least two assessment methods that can be used when recruiting qualified candidates and how those two methods are appropriate for meeting organizational objectives. -The Job Descriiption paper -Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.) resource. -Must include a separate title page with the following: -Title of paper -Student’s name -Course name and number -Instructor’s name -Date submitted -Must use at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources in addition to the course text.The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources. References: Youssef, C. (2015). Human resource management (2nd ed.). Bridgepoint Education

Research Paper – You are required to research and familiarize yourself with a specific topic on post-1640 Chinese history

Research Paper –

You are required to research and familiarize yourself with a specific topic on post-1640 Chinese history – including but not limited to China’s foreign policy, political parties, gender issues, military conflicts, urban history, agriculture, or economic change/development. You are required to formulate a project, and conduct advanced research. For ideas and leads to sources, one pathway is to check out the ‘Internet East Asian History Sourcebook’:

Your research paper is due Tuesday 3 May, submitted via Blackboard only. It will be a double-spaced formal academic paper of no less than 12 pages not including the bibliography utilizing the materials you have identified and studied, with footnotes/endnotes and full citations to the materials you have consulted. Citation style may be any standard usage (Chicago, MLA, Turabian). Your final paper should cite no fewer than 10 sources, must give dates of the accession of online materials, and must have a complete separate bibliography (which does not count toward your page total.

Below are the text books am using in the class:

The Search for Modern China – 3rd edition – Jonathan D. Spence

-Mao (Routledge Historical Biographies) – 2nd edition — Michael Lynch

-Twentieth Century China: A History in Documents (2nd edition) — R. Keith Schoppa

Below are the session topic we worked on in class:

Nationalism and Revolution

WWI and May 4th Movement

Nationalists and Communists

Mao’s Rise and the Long March

The Yan’an Way

Mao’s Role at Party Center

Nanjing Gov’t and Japan’s War

China’s Civil War

New China: The PRC

100 Flowers Movement

Great Leap/Great Famine

Cult of Mao/Socialist Education

Cultural Revolution I

Cultural Revolution II

So you can come up with a topic to write about, our instructor has to approve, this is what the draft is all about, and write out what you will be writing about concerning this topic, any correction or criticism i will send to you and will then order for the 12pages research paper write up. Thank you so much. Please let me know if you need additional information. My school is very big with plagiarism so please no phrases or sentences from any sources. I will also pay for plagiarism check and turnitin check. Thanks again

ppt 10 slides and explanation

Discussion: Lecture Videos on Chapters 11 and 12 Concepts.
Based on the materials presented in Chapters 11 and 12, complete the following:
1. Pick one concept from Chapter 11 and another concept from Chapter 12. Based on the two concepts you picked, You PPT should contain at least 10 slides. Provide numerical example(s) to support your explanations.
2.Explnation for each slide for the PPT created in MS-WORD format

Clash! How to Thrive in a Multicultural World

According to chapter 3 of CLASH!, what are some of the negative consequences of women entering male-dominated institutions? What are some of the benefits? What are some of the characteristics of organizations that have yet to reach the 40 percent tipping point? What phenomenon described by Claude Steele explains these characteristics?

sex ed PowerPoint

Sociocultural Project Description: You will be finding and describing sociocultural influences or social constructs and the expectations they create on the concepts of: sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, race, and ethnicity and how we should behave or look b/c of our gender (masculine/feminine), sexuality, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity.
Sociocultural Project, Part A
Assignment Description
40 points of final grade (see Rubric for breakdown of points)

The definition of sexuality (i.e., sexual orientation, gender, behavior), race, and ethnicity are social constructs and not inherently who or what a person is. That is, these concepts are socio-culturally defined and determined. (Hence, “socio-cultural project”!)
Think “outside the box”, be creative, be unconventional.
This is not a traditional research/term paper where you review and report literature on the subject. This is your own “original” work – your observations, interpretations, applications, etc.
A Powerpoint presentation addressing social constructs of:
sexuality – sexual orientation
gender – masculine/feminine
ethnicity –
behavior – expectations based on race, gender, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation
and the images used in mass media and advertising.
You are going to:
Show your personal observations and analysis of social phenomena, societal expectations, pop cultural expectations, behavior, symbols, messages, etc.
Identify and describe sociocultural images and messages that reflect and/or reinforce these social constructs.
Show/demonstrate/describe how these images/messages/social constructs affect people’s self-image, identity, and sexuality.
Minimum of 8 powerpoint slides with examples coming from of:
media advertisements
print media (magazines, newspapers, etc)
broadcast media (preferably television/Youtube)
pictures of Ads
links to music videos etc are welcome
For each of the 8 powerpoint slides you will need to follow it with a slide explaining the example of the concept you chose.
In detail explain:
the concept you chose
how the image shows or depicts the concept – describe the image and how it sends the message about the concept
if the image is explicit/directly expressed, overt, suggestive, implied, subtle
It is not sufficient to say there are sexual/gender/ethnic messages or themes present; you must describe what they are.
You must use at least FOUR course concepts.
You can use one concept to explain two images.
Use one slide for the picture and one slide for the explanation (16 slides total)
Concepts – gender, sexuality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender role, gender expectation, etc
Explicit/directly expressed – stated clearly and in detail, no room for confusion or doubt
Overt – done or shown openly, plainly, readily apparent, obvious
Suggestive – makes someone think of an idea or something (sex), indecent, dirty, vulgar, prurient
Implied – suggested but not directly expressed
Subtle – delicately described, understated, muted, subdued

Continuum Project Darwin

From the image that I am sending answer the following questions
1. For the items you decided were normal or mild, why do you feel they belong there? Can you relate to any of these?
2. For the items you marked as moderate on the continuum, how would you expect that these affect Darwin’s daily functioning? Can you relate to any of these?.
3. Considering the items you placed as severe on the continuum, what treatment would you recommend for Darwin?
In case you want to watch the video related to this discussion the link is:…

Political Science Question

As a behavioral health clinician, it is easy to get caught up in the review of symptoms and making a diagnosis; however, it is important for you to be able to integrate theoretical perspectives and research when addressing psychopathology issues with justice-involved individuals.
For this Summative Assessment, choose one of the two cases below as your focus.
Case Studies:
Crystal is a 48-year-old female from a large city. She resides in a resource-constrained area with marked levels of continuous gang violence and inadequate social services, such as insufficient policing. At the time of treatment, Crystal is married with two school-going children and is informally employed. Crystal was referred for treatment after witnessing a gang-related killing of a 23-year-old male in front of her house. Crystal reported to have known the young man who was shot, as he lived in the same neighborhood as Crystal. Since the event, Crystal reported feelings of fear and did not want to leave her house. She reported feelings of anger and shame for not having the courage to prevent the shooting. She avoided talking about the event and could not walk past or look at the location of the killing, which was near her front gate. She reported to have poor concentration and sleep, which resulted in her using medication to fall asleep at night. In addition, Crystal described that she struggled to understand why people could be so cruel to each other. In addition, Crystal reported distress related to her marriage. On assessment, Crystal reported only verbal and emotional abuse, but it later became apparent that she had also experienced physical abuse in her marriage. Crystal is going through an intake after being arrested for drug possession.
Max is a 54-year-old man who recently had a blood test that revealed elevated blood markers for impaired liver function when investigating the source of his gingivitis. During the initial interview, Max maintained good eye contact, but his affect was of reduced range and reactivity. There was no evidence of psychotic phenomena. Max reported a history of two suicide attempts. He reported lethargy and loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities since the breakup of his relationship. He said that he had difficulty getting out of bed, and his activities prior to his arrest consisted of eating, sleeping, and working. He finds life without alcohol colorless and his work boring. He alluded to having difficulty in distracting himself from dark thoughts but did not elaborate on the content of these thoughts. Max is living alone and had been drinking daily until his arrest. He was arrested for domestic violence. He attributes the breakdown in his relationship to his significant other changing when she became a grandmother and she stopped drinking. He found her insistence that he not only abstain from alcohol but also apologize to her children for his behavior when drinking quite intolerable. He blames Alcoholics Anonymous for her change in behavior.
Assume you are an intern with the psychological treatment center for a local correctional facility.
Your supervisor has asked that you prepare a summary of the client in the selected case, as well as theoretical perspectives and research regarding the disorder with which the client presents.
Include the following in your 1,050-word summary:
Complete explanation of symptoms presented by the client
Description of possible diagnosis of the individual, including criteria used to determine same
Review of a minimum of 2 theoretical perspectives that explain the disorder
Review of 2 research studies addressing the theoretical perspectives, assessment methods, and treatment options for the disorder
Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles to support your summary.

This is a part of course work for PHD program. I want literature review on social life cycle assessment.

This is a part of course work for PHD program. I want literature review on social life cycle assessment. The structure of the literature should be as follows:
– Linear vs. Circular Economies
– Systems Thinking and the Circular Economy
– Sustainable Practice in Construction Industry and Infrastructure Projects
– Social life cycle assessment in infrastructure projects

I am expecting the following
1- Connecting the sections (so if the order above does not make sense please rearrange)
2- I am following the attached paper ( I am doing similar study)
3- Dr. Murat Kucukvar is pioneer researcher in this field use his articles (only relevant ones including the attached article)
4- All references shall be articles only
5- No plagiarism

perform the ANOVA multivariable linear regression analysis using BMI as a continuous variable.

Describe how each characteristic is related to BMI. Are crude and multivariable effects similar? What might explain or account for any differences?
H0 The BMI is not related to the patient characteristics of Glucose, Angina, Stroke, CVD, and Hypertension in the Framingham Heart Study. (Null Hypothesis)
H1 The BMI is related to the patient characteristics of Glucose, Angina, Stroke, CVD, and Hypertension in the Framingham Heart Study. (Alternative Hypothesis). Two files are uploaded one for the Excel sheet and the other file is for the assignment requirements.

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