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Video: Mosuo

Identify one way that Mosuo society seems to empower women. (Use a specific example from the film.)
Identify one way that Mosuo society does not empower women. (Use a specific example from the film.)
In your opinion, does Mosuo society demonstrate gender equality? Why/why not?

SY 220 Marriage and the Family

(This is a copy of the discussion question my instructor assigned me this week. We were told to also require the cite we borrowed the information from .)
In at least 150 words, describe the strengths and weaknesses of American family life in the 21stcentury. For example, a strength of today’s family might be that parents are more open and understanding of the differences in their children. Traditional families may have disowned a daughter that got pregnant while unmarried, while today’s families would help her and understand.
A major weakness of today family might be that we are less involved in each other’s lives.
The initial post must be at least 150 words and is due by Thursday at 11:59 pm. Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure count. I expect it to be in paragraph form. DO NOT plagiarize. Plagiarism will result in 0 for this assignment. Cite all sources and back up all opinion with facts. Cite the textbook as well.

Sociology homework / write up

Sociology Assignment Help Sociology homework / write up
Part one – Ted talk
Watch the TED talk, Unity in Diversity, by Reza Aslan. As you watch this talk, think and reflect on the following questions:

How were Iranians perceived in the 1980s?
What was Aslan’s coping method (for being accepted and concealing his ethnic identity)?
Which were some of the groups that have served as scapegoats throughout American history?
What changes people’s minds?
After reflecting on this week’s course materials and this TED talk, what are some examples of agents of socialization that shaped people’s perceptions of Iranians in the U.S.? And, in general, what are some examples of agents of socialization and their impact on group perceptions?
Part two – Statuses and roles
. This assignment provides you the opportunity to apply your understanding of your own social position in society and how that may shape social interactions at the micro-level.
List at least 3 of your ascribed and 3 achieved statuses.
Have you experienced status inconsistency? If so, how? If not, explain why not.
What master status do you identify with the most and why? Do you think others impose a master status on you similar or different than your own master status? If so, what is it and why do you think they do so?
What role conflicts or role strains do you experience?
Type your answers in paragraph and complete sentence form (check your spelling, grammar and sentence structure).
Type answer to each question in a separate paragraph.
Minimum of 3-6 sentences per paragraph
… chapter 4 for part two book link…

Sociology Question

Need help with two of my sociology test of the week
Full Study guide and lecture notes provided
Study Guide
Introduction to Sociology and Theories:
What is:
macro-level vs. micro-level
Social institution
Social structure
Social solidarity
Sociological Imagination
Personal troubles vs. public issues
Petti Bourgeoisie
Chicago School of Thought
How do Sociologists view society?
What is the historical background of the creation of sociology as a discipline?
What were some of the societal changes that influenced sociology?Influence of Enlightenment?

Theoretical Frameworks in Sociology:
Functionalism/Structural Functionalism Theory
Conflict Theory
Symbolic Interaction Theory
Feminist Theory
What are the criticisms of these theories?
What theories have a macro-level of analysis? micro-level of analysis?
Sociology in the United States: Who are some of the early U.S. sociologists and what is one of they major differences between early European sociologists?
What were some of the experiences of early women thinkers and sociologists compared to men?
You must be able to apply the sociological theories to understand/explain social events.
What did Durkheim find in this study of suicide?
Jane Addams
Auguste Comte
W. E. B. DuBois
Emile Durkheim
Karl Marx
C. Wright Mills
Robert Park
Max Weber
Ida B. Wells-Barnett
Harriet Martineau
Sociological Research: MODULE 4

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