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War And Poverty In Somalia (not To Be Confused With “war On Poverty” ) Online Essay Help

My brother has a research paper on war and poverty the research question should be “till what extent does war and poverty affect each other in Somalia”.I will send you my files of how the steps should be, what information should be gathered about the topic and the rubric for how it will be graded. I will send the proposal and the outline.Outline steps and Proposal steps,The writing should be size 12 and font new roman.Use examples about Somalia to prove an argument.Use sources from the internet and if you will use a newspaper source or a book try to get it on the internet as well. Also try to avoid using big and hard words.

Criminal Justice essay helpRead through the scholarly literature on 1 of the 3 topics provided below:Evidence Interpretation: What are the consequences of getting it wrong? (review the literature on false accusations and convictions and discuss how this relates to our moral obligation to the innocent and to the guilty.)DNA: Is the data from an intelligent source or is the explanation biologically simplistic? (explore the research on DNA and discuss how it is explained by scientists in court, and how that explanation is or is not aligned with God’s explanation of nature and man.) Sexual Assault Investigations: Making sense out of “he said, she said.” (Review the research related to how consent is perceived and realized by various actors.) Then, in a 5–7-page paper, discuss the various perspectives on the chosen matter.  cite at least 5–7 scholarly sources, and form an opinion based upon research.Be sure to explore the moral, theological, economical, and ethical questions surrounding your proposal for this policy. In other words, be sure to articulate your Christian worldview on this particular issue, as it relates to God’s perspective of social justice.
Criminal Justice essay help site:eduModule 5 – SLP
Create a Formal Outline for the Essay assigned as Module 5 Case.
Assignment Expectations
Demonstrate the ability to create a formal outline for a multi-source Academic Essay.
should we replace textbooks with tablets in k-12 school essay help online freeUsing WP 3 as a jumping off point, write a paper of at least 2,500 words, which soundly and logically supports your side of the controversy you have been writing about. Clearly establish at least three sub-arguments (reasons why your side is right) and support each one with a variety of solid and compelling evidence from credible outside sources; you may also choose to use a counterargument to discredit the other side, though this is not mandatory. In addition to the research requirements listed below, you must select and include at least two images (photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, etc.) that support and strengthen your position.
Public Opinion Assignment college admissions essay helpPublic Opinion Assignment: To predict election outcomes, pollsters often ask the following question in a survey, “If the election were held today, which candidate would you support?” The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of public opinion polls. Focusing on the 2016 presidential election, your job will be to write a short response paper that examines this very question to determine if there is already a front-runner or if the candidates are in a statistical tie.  The link below  will take you to a series of public opinion polls that consider hypothetical match-ups involving Hillary Clinton and her Republican challengers. Next, choose one of these match-ups, using one of the polls listed on the website (DO NOT USE RCP AVERAGE). Based on the information provided, determine whether there is a clear front-runner or if Clinton and her Republican counterpart are in a statistical tie. In a 1-paragraph response, be sure to include the following information: the “match-up,” the sample statistics for each candidate, and the margin of error. Finally, interpret the results by determining whether or not there is a front-runner of if the candidate’s are in a statistical tie.
History argumentative essay help1.What factors were most important in pushing or pulling great waves of immigrants to the United States between 1820 and 1850?2.Describe the factors that created dynamic economic growth in the United States between 1830 and 1850. 3.Describe the main concepts of Manifest Destiny 4.Why weren’t there more slave revolts and rebellions in the south? 5.In what ways did slaves demonstrate their opposition to the institution of slavery?
Electronic Books vs. Paper Books college admissions essay help

research about Electronic Books vs. Paper Books, and the methodology of writing the research is based on the result of survey that i have done over 39 people.


Political science best college essay helpAnswer TWO of the following: (Each answer should be at least one typewritten page in length).
1. Discuss: A. The basic functions of congress: making law, checking the administration, educating the public, representation, conflict management, judicial selection, and leadership selection. B. The dual nature of congress.
2. Discuss: A. Congressional recruitment: who recruits and the basic factors that influence recruiter’s selection of potential candidates. B. Congressional nominations: the primary process and the decentralization of nomination. C. Congressional elections: crucial factors and determination of election outcomes.
3. Members of congress live and work in two distinct worlds: Capitol Hill and back home in their states or House of Representatives districts. Describe and discuss the various roles and various aspects of congresspersons “Hill Style” and “Home Style”.
4. Discuss the followings aspects of Leadership and Political Parties in Congress: A. The political nature of leadership in congress and leadership of congressional political parties. B. Leadership in the House. C. Leadership in the Senate. D. Who gets to be selected for congressional party leadership?
5. Discuss the following aspects Congressional Committees, Rules and Procedures: A. Importance and functions of committees. B. Types of committees. C. Choosing committee members. D. How a bill becomes a law. E. Reasons for having a professional congressional staffing system.
6. Discuss the following factors that influence legislators voting decisions and positions on a legislative issue: Local, political/institutional, colleagues in the legislature, ideology, psychological, sociological.
7. Discuss the following aspects of the relationship between congress and interest groups: A. Definition of interest groups in congress and the functions of interest groups in congress. B. Types of interest groups most active in congress. C. interest group lobbying tactics in congress. D. Why interest groups are so powerful in congress.
8. Discuss: A. Domestic congressional public policy making. B. The new role of congress in national security public policy making.
9. Discuss: A .Congress and the president: Why the president has acquired leadership in Congress and how can Congress respond. B. Congress and the Bureaucracy: The role of Congress in the bureaucracy. C. Congress and the courts: The role of Congress in the judicial system.
10. Discuss: A. Perspectives of congress from a more positive and less critical view. B. The major challenges facing the congress.
Engagement cheap essay helpmake a short summary for every article that I will upload put the summaries in one essay including the introduction and conclusion the paper will have 5 paragraphs
An ideal husband essay help online freeStep 1: Understand Marxism and Choose a Focus
Experience the drama with a Marxist lens. While all students have a written copy of An Ideal Husband, plays are a live art. Students are still highly encouraged to read the text as according to the syllabus. A live audiobook can be found on Moodle. The audiobook is 2 hours long.

consider the following concepts while watching the film adaptation:
• Aristocracy
• Blackmail
• Capital
• Class Levels (Upper, Middle, Lower)
• Commodities
• Ethics
• Gender Roles
• Gossip
• Marriage
• Materialism
• Morality
• Politics
• Power
• Propaganda
• Reputation
• Society
Students should choose three or four of these or similar ideas and construct a 10-page research paper about these areas in the Victorian Era. The paper should argue whether or not Wilde’s An Ideal Husband accurately represents the roles of these concepts in 19th Century England. Keep in mind that while all these ideas do not always resemble a role in the “workplace,” Marxist criticism looks at them from a work/production view. These items are meant to supplement the prompts on the original Writing Assignments Worksheet passed out in mid-May.
There will not be a participation quiz in class on Tuesday, June 9. Instead, students will complete an online quiz on Marxist Criticism. Students will read two sections on Marxism and complete the quiz on Moodle. The quiz includes questions on the reading, and it also requires students to submit their thesis statement for this paper.
Step Two: Introduction
compose an introduction that focuses on their theme(s) within Victorian Society. The introduction should have the following items:
1 A hook
2 General background information about the theme(s)
3 A thesis statement that includes an argument, forecast, the author’s name, and the title of the work
a Example: Ernest Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” accurately represents Post World War I culture through the plot’s references to the military, working class, and older generation.
Step Three: Biographical Information
Students should compose a focused biography on Oscar Wilde. Using the three or four ideas from above, students should research the same areas about Wilde. For example, if a student chooses “marriage” as a category, then the student may want to focus on Wilde’s marriage troubles. This information is relevant if the paper will also focus on marriage troubles in An Ideal Husband. While there is not a prescribed length to the biography, students should ensure that each focus is entirely relevant. The entire biography may not be more than twenty percent of the paper unless the student intends to “try to analyze the text in relation to its author’s potential political and social subjectivity and its reflections on the process of creation of the text / analyze the text in relation to its author’s potential political and social subjectivity and its reflections on the process of creation of the text” (Sumbul 163 on Moodle).
Step Four: Create an outline of the paper’s body
create a rough outline of the paper’s body. Refer to the outline section of the worksheet “Writing Assignment #2: Tips and Examples” (from June 2) or Chapter 3 of RWL for more information.
Step Five: Find quotes from the story and the resources.
After developing the outline,  find relevant quotes from An Ideal Husband. Place these quotes in each section. After finding quotes from the story (do this first please), find matching quotes from the research.
Prompt 1:
• Analyze the characters, setting, and/or dialogue through Marxist Criticism and integrate research about the author (Approach 2), time period (Approach 1), and any other applicable historical connections (Approach 3). Support your claims with evidence from the text.
In order to analyze the items from the story with a Marxist lens,  incorporate the bullet points from the worksheet on June 4. Otherwise, you would be writing from a formalist approach. Marxist criticism does more. Whereas formalism looks at a poem for sensuality through its inverted syntax (Gardner 50-54), Marxist criticism looks at a text from its characters’ reactions to politics, capital, and other traits.
To complete prompt one, you can choose any four elements from the handout “Writing Assignment 3 Starter Tips” or any similar concepts. Remember, the concepts need to be in line with Marxist thought.
Prompt 2:
• Analyze the position of women in society in An Ideal Husband according to Marxist theory. Support your claims with evidence from the text. Integrate research about the author (Approach 2) (including his mother), time period (Approach 1), and any other applicable historical contexts (Approach 3).
Prompt 2 is just a more focused version of Prompt 1. Prompt 1 is very liberal; there are endless options. Prompt 2 is quite similar, but it has a focus on women. Like Prompt 1, Prompt 2 still requires three to four items from the list of concepts. For example, how did the production of politics affect women in society? What proof do you have from the play? Was this content meant to be accurate or humorous?
I hope this comparison helps to show how the handout from June 4 supplements the one from mid-May.

Criminal Justice essay help online freeTo prepare for this Discussion:•Review Chapter 11 of your course text, Drugs, Gangs, and Organized Crime. Track the development of organized crime families in New York. Reflect on the various characteristics that overlap these organized crime units, especially those related to structure.•Review Chapter 12 of your course text, Drugs, Gangs, and Organized Crime. Consider the common themes of organized crime units in Italy •Review the article, “The Prosecution of Chinese Organized Crime Groups: The Sister Ping Case and its Lessons.” Reflect on the details surrounding the Sister Ping case. Also, consider how organized crime in China is similar to and different from organized crime in the U.S.•Reflect on the similarities and differences between domestic organized crime groups, such as those found in New York, and international organized crime groups, such as those located in Italy and China. •Based on your readings or your own research, select one domestic organized crime group and one international organized crime group. •Identify two similarities and two differences between the structures of those that you selected.With these thoughts in mind:Post a brief description of the two organized crime groups you selected. Then, explain two similarities and two differences between the structures of these organized crime groups. Finally, explain at least one insight you had, or conclusion you drew, about domestic and international organized crime groups, as a result of completing this assignment. . Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references.
movie reflection college essay help onlinewatch movie :Whale rider  Answer the following: what was the film about; how does it challenges the narrow representation of Asian Americans in the mainstream media, and what was your experience/what did you learn. Please use at least one quote from the book you can found the textbook in<br /> Account :10918713 pass word: Zhm19960224
SMBP ASSESSMENT argumentative essay helpEach response should be in paragraph format and the question should be restated in the answer.
1. What is meant by a hierarchy of strategy?response should be at least 75 words in length<
2. What is a learning organization?response should be at least 75 words in length.
3. What is a strategic decision and what are its three characteristics? Please include an example of a strategic decision from your place of work that supports your response.Response should be at least 200 words in length.
4. What are the responsibilities of the board of directors? Please provide an example of a board of directors that did not meet its responsibilities. Response should be at least 200 words in length.
5. Describe the purpose of an EFAS Table. Response should be at least 75 words in length.
6. Define competitive intelligence. Response should be at least 75 words in length.
7. In what ways may a corporation’s structure and culture be internal strengths or weaknesses? Look at your organization, and analyze its structural and cultural strengths and weaknesses. How can the weaknesses be improved? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.
8. List and explain four current sociocultural trends in the U.S. that are transforming North America and the world. Response should be at least 200 words in length.
9. What are cooperative strategies? Response should be at least 75 words in length.
10. Define corporate parenting. Response should be at least 75 words in length.
11. List and describe four popular options for international entry. Response should be at least 200 words in length.
12. What are corporate scenarios? What three steps should be followed.Response should be at least 200 words in length.
13. What are some of the approaches a company can take to identify and prepare its people for important positions? Response should be at least 75 words in length.
14.What information should an action plan include? Your response should be at least 75 words in length.
15. List the six guidelines proposed for successful downsizing, and explain the importance of each one. Response should be at least 200 words in length.
16. What is reengineering? What are the seven principles for reengineering proposed by Michael Hammer? Explain which principle is most important in your opinion. Response should be at least 200 words in length
News about corporate strategy college essay helpFind a news about corporate-level strategy of a business, such as acquisition, sell or buy one of its business units, etc. Write 1.a summary of the news and 2. a conclusion about the strategy used.
Economics writing essay helpEcon 336: Final Exam Take-Home
Spring 2015
Amit Basole
(Handed Out May 7, Due May 14. 100 points total, 10% of final grade)
Your answers are expected to draw upon class lectures as well the relevant textbook chapters and readings. Excellent (A) answers will do the following:
1. Have well-constructed paragraphs that make an argument.
2. Use diagrams as necessary.
3. Have minimal use of direct quotes, and if used cited properly as: author, year.
4. Be specific about examples (countries, numbers, etc.)
5. Avoid “hand-waving” explanations and colloquialisms.
6. Connect different readings together when required.
Type your answers. Use 12 point Times New Roman font, single-spaced, with 1 inch margins. Answers to each question should not exceed half a page (single-spaced). If you have a hand-drawn diagram, please scan or take a picture and send it with the exam.
QUESTIONS (20 points each)
You have recently been appointed Special Economic Advisor to the government of XColonia, a small developing country in sub-Saharan Africa with an annual per-capita GDP of about $1000. XColonia has a large agricultural sector mostly consisting of small, family farms and a few large plantations. The distribution of land is very unequal. The country has a small manufacturing sector consisting of a large number of small firms with simple technology and a few big modern firms. For the past 10 years, XColonia has pursued an easy ISI policy, focusing on the development of consumer goods industry. Currently, XColonia’s primary exports are coffee and cotton textiles, accounting for over 80% of its export revenue. XColonia’s major imports are oil, pharmaceutical drugs, proprietary technology and heavy machinery.
1. XColonia has finished a round of easy ISI and has begun manufacturing its own consumer goods like clothing, shoes, cosmetics, toiletries etc. The Industry Minister is arguing that it is time to switch to difficult ISI to start reducing imports of heavy machinery. You instead want to argue for easy export substitution. How would you argue that your strategy is better than hers?
2. The Labor minister of XColonia also disapproves of the difficult ISI policies being pushed by the Industry Minister on the grounds that capital intensive industry will not be able to take advantage of XColonia’s unlimited supplies of labor. Explain what the Labor Minister means by this term. Using the Lewis-Ranis-Fei model show how the industrial sector could face a horizontal labor supply curve as long as there is disguised unemployment in the agricultural sector.
3. As the Special Economic Advisor, you are also pushing for radical land reforms. Your argument is that if a country has experienced a successful land reform program, it is easier for that country to implement export substitution policies. Elaborate on this argument using the contrasting examples of East Asia and Latin America (discussed by Kay).
4. Europea, an advanced industrial country that also produces coffee for export, dumps huge amounts of subsidized coffee on the world market. Simultaneously, though un-relatedly, the international association of oil manufacturers hikes the price of oil on the world market. Explain the likely impact on XColonia’s balance of payments accounts? How can XColonia cope with this situation if it has a fixed exchange rate regime? If instead it had a floating exchange rate regime how could the crisis resolve itself?
5. Recently XColonia joined the WTO and there is now pressure to undertake trade liberalization by reducing tariffs on imported manufactured goods that were put in place soon after independence to protect XColonia’s infant industries. The Trade Minister is a strong proponent of reducing these tariffs and has already briefed the President of XColonia that since all major developed countries like the UK, USA, Germany etc. became industrialized following free trade policies we should do the same. How would you counter this argument?
Management college application essay helpGeneralized outline of HR Policy proposal

Name of company you are creating proposal for

Description of company

Managerial approach

Which laws (Ch 2) will impact you?

How will they impact you?
What steps will you take to comply?

For example, does the organization have its own EEO office?

Sample a sexual harassment policy

How will you deal (i.e. deter and punish)?

How will the organization use strategic management throughout the HR realm? (Ch 3 issues)
Will you conduct a job analysis?

How often?
How many workers will you use?
What method(s) will you use?
Provide a sample job description


How will you determine when a position is needed?

g. forecast?

How will you fill it?


Which medium?
Provide a sample job ad

internal versus external candidates?


What information will you include on the job application?


What won’t you include?


Employee testing and selection

What will you use to test your applicants?

How will you verify validity of the test?
Which types of tests will you use?

What are the rights of applicants?
Will you conduct background investigations?

Why or why not?
If so, when will you conduct them?

Will you use references?

Why or why not?

Will you administer drug tests?

Why or why not?

Interviewing process

Structured versus unstructured?
What content will you use?
How will you administer the questions?


How will you train?

How will you evaluate performance?

What benchmark will you use?
How often?
Who will evaluate?
What method will you use?

Do you need employees focused on jobs (i.e. its expected to have high turnover such as retail) or careers?
How will you pay them?

Direct compensation


Indirect compensation
Will you use pay scales?

Which ones?

Pay for performance?

g. piecework

What benefits will you provide?

Maternity leave?
Wellness programs?
Stock options?

How will you eliminate ethical dilemmas? (Ch 14)

e. use fair distributive and procedural justice programs
focus on slide 4
How will you punish?
Will you monitor employee communications?

Is this legal? When is it?

How will you handle terminations?

Especially the decision of who

How will you deal with unions?
How will you promote employee safety and health?

Why is it important to focus on this?


Bullying scholarship essay helpThe different types of bullying and how you can prevent bullying
Economics writing essay helpThe materials below given the questions and instructions of the assignment.Be aware that the word limit on page 3: any graphs/diagrams, tables, equations, and the references do not count toward the word limit. In addition, a bibliography is needed for the end of the assignment.
HR Strategic Plan essay helpuse the paper structure attached for headers and information to be included and questions to be answered.  use my purpose statement in attached file, I previously turned that in so it cannot completely change.   PDFs, only 5 are required for the paper, you and this is a large order for me so please take care.  Human Resources Strategic Plan. provides data from a hypothetical organization.(Hypothetical org. data attached.  You will create a strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function with the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives. The overall scope of the Portfolio Project is to create a “Shared Services” structure for HR that will be housed at the organization’s corporate offices. Required Topics – Be sure to cover the following: •Strategic Contribution, •Personal Credibility,•HR Delivery Metrics, •Key Performance Measurements (KPM), •Action Plan for each functional area, •HR mission statement, •HR vision statement and objectives. Your strategic plan should include: •Title Page •Table of Contents•Executive Summary•Body of your plan •Conclusion •Reference Page •Appendix (optional) Submission requirements: •Ten pages minimum (not including the title page, table of contents, reference page or appendix) will be needed to complete the project. •Support your analysis and recommendations with 5 credible sources documented
Business Studies essay helpPick Walmart or Lead in product in China. Just write Part B!!! Ignore Part A!! Make sure no plagiarism!! I will upload this paper to turntin to check
intellectual and emotional college essay help online

The paper is about listening to jazz music that I’ll mention below and write about them in 2600 words, the paper would have two parts intellectual and emotional. The intellectual is about the music, song, singer,…,and the emotional is about how the music makes me feel and describing my feelings.  Now I’ll write the name of the song and the composer:Song Composer Inception McCoy Tyner Plaza Santana Hal Roland.Moon Dance Van Morrison.The Nearness of you Hoagy Carmichael. Light My Fire The Doors John Legend . The Band who sings these songs are:. Hal Roland Triobr Hal Roland – Piano and vocals.Matt Bonelli – Bass<br .Steve Rucker – Drums


Business Studies college essay helpPart 1 is scenario based and asks you to prepare a professional report based on your market findings. In Part 2 of the Task 1, you will need to discuss various Management Information Systems (MIS). TASK 1, Part 1 – Individual business report Submission date: 16 June 2015 Scenario: Grocery Ltd In business, good decision making requires effective use of information. A Sales Director of Grocery Ltd, the recently established mass retail business in Dubai, seeks information on the grocery market in Dubai in order to make several important business decisions. He appointed you as his consultant to analyze relevant market data/ information and deliver a professional report based on your findings. Grocery Ltd operate several grocery stores in Dubai; all stores were established four years ago. During the past two years the company’s turnover was growing at rates below the market average. The Sales Director is convinced that the major problem is inability of Grocery Ltd to build customer loyalty. The grocery stores offer a wide variety of food and non-food merchandise and are located in the mid-income residential neighborhoods where other competing stores also operate. Grocery Ltd do not currently run any discount or loyalty programmes. The Sales Director proposes the launch of private label foods (store brands) and home delivery shopping option. (1) Your role as the consultant will involve investigation into current and possibly future consumer behavior and attitudes of grocery shoppers in Dubai. Based on your findings you will need to suggest the improvement opportunities to Grocery Ltd in order to boost their sales and retain customer loyalty. (2) The Sales Director also asked you to evaluate the statistical relationship between the average monthly household income and monthly household grocery spending in Dubai market for the purposes of internal decision making. Higher National Diploma in Business Management.In order to meet all the learning outcomes (L01-L03) you will be required to: LO1: Be able to use a variety of sources for the collection of data, both primary and secondary 1.1 – Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for a given business problem 1.2 – Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used 1.3 – Design a questionnaire for a given business problem  LO2: Understand a range of techniques to analyse data effectively for a business 2.1 – Create information for decision making by summarizing data using representative values 2.2 – Analyse the results to draw valid conclusions in a business context 2.3 – Analyse data
History writing essay helpRonald Reagan and the End of the Cold War: The Debate Continues: According to the author of this article what was the order of events that led to the end of the Cold War between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? What specific changes to the foreign policy of the Reagan Administration occurred to encourage an end to the Cold War?
Knowledge Discovery Systems online essay help1.0 Introduction  1.1 Definition of Terms  1.2 Scope and Limitations (the breadth and limits of your research   1.3 Research Question (what specifically are you trying to find out!)   2.0 Review of Related Literature   2.1. Background of the Study   2.2. Significance of the Study   3.0. Methodology (how you are going to conduct the research of this question)   4, 0 Concluding Statement/Findings   5.0 Recommendations for future research   THE PAPER MUST CONSIST OF AT LEAST 5 PAGES, EXCLUDING TABLE OF CONTENTS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, TITLE PAGE AND USE NEW ROMAN # 14 TYPE
Leadership Studies college admission essay helpwrite a 275 word count with 3 references no older than 7 years including article attached.
Policing in America essay help freeuse of deadly force by police (racial conflict in the wake of ferguson)
Film & Theater studies writing essay help128A/B Theatre in Performance
Plays & Playwrights Form
(2pts) 1. Title of the play:________________________________________________________
(1 pt)    2. Author of the play:______________________________________________________
(2pts)   3. Setting(s):____________________________________________________________
(2pts)   4. Time (written & set):____________________________________________________
(7pts)   5. Theme (ONE primary and TWO secondary/complimentary please)
(4pts)   6. Characters:
(10pts) 7. IN YOUR OWN WORDS…….….provide a brief synopsis:
(2pts)   8. Genre: Comedy – Drama – Musical – Children’s Theatre and if a combination why?
English 101 college essay helpwrite research paper which TOPIC: when they choose careers, should people look primarily for jobs that are well paid or for jobs that are personally fulfilling, morally acceptable, or socially responsible? and this is my THESIS statement that you should use is: each person thinks different when he/she choose a job because of many reasons such as well paid, personally fulfilling, morally acceptable, socially responsible, and good benefits.
Human Resources Management (HRM) essay help site:eduChapter 14 : Management Development Objective:The objective of this assignment is to develop your knowledge of Management Development issues that HR training staff face today and apply this knowledge to a current event in the news. Instructions: • Please select one of the Management Development topics in Chapter 14 of the textbook. • Research and select a current news article that relates to the topic you have selected.• Analyze the news article based on the topic and select a peer-reviewed journal article related to your topic to help develop your argument.• Complete the report using the structure highlighted below Report Structure  • include a cover page with course number, course name, your name and student number. • The report should be 2-3 pages, using times new roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, normal margins and page numbers. • Headings should be as follows:  o Introduction reviewing the issue you chose o Description of the current news event (and provide the URL for the story in your report). o Analyze the event using the news article, the textbook description of the topic and the peer-reviewed journal. Provide your own personal perspective on the issue.o Referencing using APAstyle NOTE:
racism and policing college admissions essay helpThesis (argument): Racial bias among police officers underlies racism in the police force Q1: How and why this is a social issue? Q2: Analysis: History of racism in policing, recent social movements and racial bias all needs to be linked to the argument.
English 101 college essay help online– Present political cartoons (potential 5 participate points)
– Examine pathos in variety of advertisements
– Dissect commercial/s for elements
– Go over outline for Text Analysis
Text Analysis Outline
• This paper will be 3 (maybe 4) pages in length
• Unlike previous papers, this paper has very strict structural rules (as a writer, you have to know when to follow the rules and when to break the rules. For this paper, I suggest that you attempt to follow the rules)
PC Comments 12 best essay helpA. Please response to the following comments and mark them as 1, 2 and 3.
1.Johanna De Los Santos
Parole the conditional release from confinement of an offender serving an indeterminate sentence.
The purpose of parole is considered community corrections and involves supervision in the community. Parole is the early release of inmates from correctional institutions prior to the expiration of the sentence on the condition of good behavior and supervision in the community.
We should use such a practice by educating more ourselves and thinking about the improvement of our community for the good of our families and ourselves. The program can work better if the community has deal and prevent such as violence and the uses of drugs.
The statistic sugest that approximately two-thirds of paroles are rearrested within 3 years of release most within the first 6 months the reason of this is because a prisoner with only 200 dollars can not rebuild a stable life outside a prison. In order to establish a dignified life people needs a job, somewhere to live, support from others and a lot of money to overcome. I think that 200 dollars is not enough to started a new life because when a prisoner get out of jail much of the time donot have support of anyone and this leads them to get into depression and commits herrors like usings drugs, selling drugs, steal and that is why they go back to prisons.
I think that parole programs can do something to reduce it by helping them find a job immediately although it is difficult that a person who were in prison find a job right away.
I also think that there shold be a specific job for those people who get out of prisons they should have the opportunities of getting a job immediately and they dont have any justification on doing bad things that can send them back to prison. wed cited
2.Cody Porter
Parole gives a prisoner who has served part of his/ her sentence the opportunity to convert back into society. Parole essentially allows the inmate to serve the rest of their sentence in a state of freedom, but there are many guidelines that keep them on a “tight leash” and attempt to keep them on the right path going forward. I am unsure about how i feel when it comes to parole. I think that there are many benefits in allowing inmates a chance to be granted parole. If an inmate knows they will get out on parole if they behave behind bars, then that is usually what they will do. This indirectly has an effect on inmate behavior and mindset while in jail, ultimately reducing violence and other incidents in prisons. Another benefit of parole is it helps regulate prison overcrowding. As we learned in previous chapters, overcrowding is one of the biggest problems in the prison system today. By allowing prisoners the opportunity to be released on parole, it creates more room behind bars when they are actually released. The negative side of parole in my eyes is that it makes it seem like inmates are getting off easy or without paying their dues. I believe in retribution so I think that if you do something against the law, then you should suffer the consequences and do your time. I think that in order to reduce the number of inmates who return to prison within the first 3 years of release, there needs to be better programs to help them transition into society and prisons need to become even more miserable. This sounds harsh, but if some how we were able to integrate ways that foreign prisons operate (such as Black Dolphin Prison) I think people would have a second or even third thought before they did something that could potentially send them back. It is hard to say how hard or easy it would be to start life on $200 and a small bag of personal items. On the other hand, I know that with a little bit of patience and persistence it would be possible to find a job. Prison does not do enough to prepare inmates for their return back into society. Prison is a society of its own. Of course it is going to be hard to adjust once you are thrown back out into the world and it is hard to expect anything less when all an inmate has known for the past few years is how to survive and conform to life in prison. “Lehman on Parole.” Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1931-1951) 28.5(1938):782.Web.
3.Matthew Trani
The purpose of parole is to let the criminal out of jail or prison early. The criminal is released from jail or prison and given a parole officer. The must go meet with the officer a certian number of times a week, it depends on what the judge tells you. While on parole the offender must live life with out breaking any laws or getting into trouble that could bring them back to prison. Not only does it help giver offenders a second chance at life it helps bring down the over crowding in prisons and jails. I do think we should use this as a practice. I think so because its always good to give people second chances and also because it does help out the over crowding in jails.
The statitstics suggest that 2/3 of parolees are rearrested within 3 years but most are arrested after only 6 months. This is very high but does not suprise me. This number is so high becuase once a person is released from jail they have the label of a criminal. Most places will not hire a criminal so there is little to no way of them getting a job so they can’t start to be stable. Since they are not stable they turn back to crime to look for answers. That is why the rate is so high. We could try to give jobs or suggest places that do hire criminals to try to bring that rate down a little.
If I was given 200 dollars and a small bag of my items I would not be able to make it. First off, I would have no where to live. With 200 dollars you can not get an apartment at all, you might be able to get a hotel for 4 days if you are lucky. There would be little to no chance of getting a job now that I am labeled a criminal, no places like to hire criminals. There is almost nothing I could do with 200 dollars and a small bag of my personal belongings.
In my eyes prison does not prepare you for re entry into the real world. If anything I think it makes it harder. When you are in prison for long periods of time you learn tendencies that are different than you would if you were on the outside. This make it harder to re adjust back. Prison prepares you to learn that what you did was wrong but not how to act when you are released. I do believe parole works. It says that about 2/3 of people who are released to parole end up back. That means 1/3 do not end up back in jail which was the goal in the first place.
Crime Statistics essay helpCrime Statistics The UCR is the official data collection method for reporting crimes known to the police or to the FBI for inclusion in the official crime stats. The NCVS is a survey method to collect data by asking a representative sample of the population about whether they have been the victims of crime.Create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document that includes the answers to the following questions:How does the information collected vary in terms of crime rates between UCR and NCVS?How are they similar?If differences exist, what accounts for the differences?Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.
Psychology essay help online freeWhat is the main focus/topic of the article you read?
What background information did the authors provide about this disorder?
What are the treatments described by the authors for children with OCD?
What is the play therapy that the authors propose? How does it fit in with prior treatments?
How do the authors apply their therapy to Mary and Tina? What evidence is there that the treatment worked?
What is the main “take away” point given by the author(s) at the end of the article? What do they want their readers to know and why do they believe it is important?
What was your experience of reading a primary article from a scholarly journal? What did you find most interesting and challenging?
English 101 college essay helpResponse Questions: After watching FOOD INC Documentary. answer the following questions. 1. How do food prices and consumer income-levels influence diet and obesity? Describe the role of the United States government in food pricing. Use textual evidence. 2. Defend your position about this video, do you think they went too far in stressing their point about the food industry or do you think they didn’t do enough to show how our food is made? Explain. 3. Indicate one thing that surprised you from this video and identify ways you are going to change your lifestyle/diet from watching Food Inc. write paragraphs for each question that mean 6 paragraphs the total.
UAE is leading world to recycling sources in air transportation by Solar Plane best essay helpProject Writing Guidelines:
It should have the following elements:
1. Title page: Write the title of your research project. State the names of the group members and remember to state whom you are submitting the project to.
2. Informative abstract or executive summary
3. Table of contents
4. List of illustrations (when you have tables, graphs, images, etc.)
5. Introduction -should mention the following:
i. Purpose: define the purpose of your report. For example, to analyze results of a marketing test of a certain product. Clarify in this section why you are writing this report. Tell your readers what questions the research was intended to answer.
ii. Method(s): Explain the methods you used to obtain information for your report. Include in this section specific type of method used and the length of time involved.
iii. Report Scope and Limitations: Mention any certain time frames or conditions. Clarify the scope of the information.
iv. Forecast of Report contents: Mention the specific topics covered in the report. Indicate the order in which these topics will be dealt with as readers will want to know what is ahead before they begin reading the data.
6. Body (Discussion) : Includes background details and an analysis of findings
7. Conclusion(s) and Recommendation(s) if any.
8. List of References (Works Cited)
9. Appendices (Includes survey questionnaire and Interview questions and answers) and other optional data if required.
Based on the sectioning criteria of Reep, C. D. (2009) Technical Writing Principles, Strategies, and Readings. New York: Pearson Longman
How Historical Events Have Changed Crisis Negotiation college admissions essay helpWrite a 3 to 5 page paper (excluding cover and reference pages) that describes the historical events that influence contemporary culture. Describe how the historical events of two of the incidents below led to a change in the application of crisis negotiation.The Riot at the Attica Prison on September 9, 1971 The 1972 Olympic Terrorist attack in Munich, Germany The 1975 South Moluccan train hostage crisis The 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff The 1993 Branch Davidian siege at Waco The 1996 Freemen Standoff• The 2004 Lewis State Prison (Arizona) hostage taking After describing the effects those two incidents had on the application of crisis negotiations give additional examples of types of violent situations that may require a crisis negotiator and how crisis negotiations may help successfully resolve those type situations.
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Death Penalty Pros/Cons college essay helptalk about how I’m not against death penalty but also how i am because they should suffer.

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