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Wasted! Mass Wasting

m., ET. Your response needs to adequately cover the topic which in general. Review the description of types of mass-wasting events in your textbook and the following website: Mass Wasting. Then, using the Internet find and describe a specific example of a mass-wasting event that caused loss of life. For this event, write a short essay about your findings and be sure to include the following information:1. When and where it occurred.2. The type of event it represents.3. The death or casualty toll.4. The economic toll (if available)5. The cause of the event.6. Possible ways it could have been prevented or the death toll lessened. Title your main post with the location of the event and date. Choose an event that was not the topic of a previous post. Include a photo, or photos, of the event in your post. Don’t forget to attribute the source of your information.Respond to the posts of three other students with insightful and meaningful comments and questions.Have you seen or heard about the effects of a similar event, even if on a much smaller scale? Do you have any other ideas, based on your research, about possible ways the event described could have been prevented or the death toll lessened?

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