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Watch Documentary and Respond to questions

The documentary link:…
After watching the documentary, respond to the following questions. Please number your responses and do not re-write the questions.
Please discuss your general reactions to the film.
According to the film, “the consumer is now the marketer”. What does this mean? Please provide some examples. Is this a change from how advertising and marketing has traditionally worked?
“Word-of-mouth” marketing is an age-old technique used to build interest in a brand or a product. (One person recommends a brand or product or shares information about it with another person he or she knows. The recipient does the same with another person, and so on, until word spreads.) How is using social media to market a movie similar to the word-of-mouth technique? How is it different? Which do you think is more effective, and why?
Facebook has been the most popular social media network in the US and the world for many years. Of course popularity varies by demographic (many younger people no longer use Facebook). Research which social media networks are the most popular. List your findings for the top 2 most popular social media networks in the US and the world. List the number of users (or % of population who uses it) and your source.
Discuss how social media has impacted your identity.
Length Requirements:
Length: Approximately 3-5 pages, with a minimum of 3 pages
Double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font

Response to Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Assignment is to read the newsletter and answer the following in the response:
1.) Evaluate the compliance with HITECH by solo Physician Practices in 2020.

2.) Make sure to note why the different practice sizes and types have different compliance levels in the adoption of the EHR.

3.) Discuss further governmental policies and incentive programs and the penalties for non-compliance intended to assure complete compliance with HITECH in terms of effectiveness and efficacy.
Implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) was mandated by the government under the Health Information Technology for the Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act (2009) that provided financial incentives for EHR implementation as well as imposed penalties for non-compliance (

Read this newsletter: (
Note: Use 3 references ( 2007- 2022) within the response.

Business Plan

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Students prepare a detailed business plan for a new program involving telehealth. In the clinical portion of the course, students identify the financial resources required to implement a new program or venture based on the mission, goals, and strategies for development. Activities include product description, market analysis, budgeting (operating and capital budgets), financial planning, forecasting, and sensitivity analysis. This assignment is worth 25% of the final grade.

discussion and reply a peer

Think of a situation that illustrates either the Prisoner’s Dilemma or the Tragedy of the Commons from the real life. It could be your own experience, a friend’s story, a movie, or a piece of news.
Describe the example and model it as a game, i.e., specify the set of players, strategies and payoffs. (20 points)
What makes you think it is a PD/TC situation? (20 points)
Think of a situation in which you think players are using mixed strategies. It could be your own experience, a friend’s story, a movie, or a piece of news.
What would happen in this game if players were to use pure strategies only? (20 points)
Comment on at least one of your peers’ thread. (40 points)

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