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Watch the attached video about the collapse the Soviet Union and read the lecture notes provided in this unit.

Watch the attached video about the collapse the Soviet Union and read the lecture notes provided in this unit. Do some personal research on the topic. Answer the question: What are your impressions of the August Coup and the collapse of the Soviet Union? Provide valid links for all of your sources.
Acceptable Length: The Initial post should contain: at least 5 sentences, a thought-provoking statement or question, and two research strings


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Global Business

Why would businesses like your chosen global beverage company require the central management of all of these various currencies by a central authority like the International Monetary Fund? Without such central oversight, what could happen to firms like your chosen global beverage company in the event of a sudden ?overnight dramatic shift in the value of several countries’ currencies? Although our Zip-6 scenario firm operates in far fewer markets, would it still be impacted by these same shifts in countries’ currency valuation? Why or why not? Write your response in at least 100 words stating your advice about what Keith should do and why.

Business Research Paper

Resources: The University Library or the Electronic Reserve Readings Find an article in the University Library that contains a research study in the functional area of your own job or a functional area you desire to be a part of someday. Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary: Describe the business research process followed in the study in the article. Identify the research problem and the research method used. Discuss how the research is solving the problem within the chosen functional area. Identify other potential applications using business research within this functional area or related areas. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Assignment. Copyright 2013 by University of Phoenix

Any Tampa Bay Local Police Agency

Visit and review the website for your local law enforcement agency. Locate and examine the agency applicant requirements for the position of entry level law enforcement officer. Write a two-page paper explaining the minimum requirements at your chosen agency. This document must follow APA format with a title page, in-text citations, and reference page.

Week 7 Discussion Questions – Dealing With Windows Servers / DHCP

Week 7 Discussion Questions – Dealing With Windows Servers / DHCP. DO NOT POST PAST DUE DATE AND TIME IF THE ASSIGNEMENT IS ASSIGNED TO YOU, OR I WILL REQUIRE A FULL REFUND. Please be aware that I might contact you, whoever does this assignment, to also do discussion replys because some do reply to the answer you give and want one to elebrate so please expect another assignment from me with 3 days of the due date of this assignment. Answer 2/3 questions. 200 words each for each question response. NO PLAGRISIM use APA formatting for citations. All I need is the question and the answer I do not need a cover page or any of that. Thanks! 1.DHCP Reservations Consider the types of systems that benefit from DHCP reservations and/or from having manually-configured (static) IP addresses, including servers, networked printers, and other networked devices (e.g., network-connected HVAC controllers, IP camera systems). One option is to configure DHCP reservations and allow the devices to use DHCP to consistently get the same address; another option is to configure static addresses on the devices themselves and leave the addresses out of any DHCP scopes (or just to reserve them in DHCP). For the scenarios mentioned above (e.g., servers, networked printers, other similar networked devices), would you recommend static configuration on the devices or DHCP reservations? Why? Are some types of devices better suited to DHCP than others? 2.DHCP Rebooting Messages Provide a brief description for each DHCP message that would be exchanged, in order, if the DHCP server is in the middle of rebooting during an initial lease request but comes up seconds later. Answers might be slightly different depending on when you choose exactly for the DHCP server to come online. Feel free to use a diagram if you wish, and provide a rough description of timing of the messages and/or duration between them. 3.DHCP Unavailability Consider a large network with many desktops, laptops, and networked printers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of short versus long lease times? Consider if the DHCP server is unavailable for a short time – what are the impacts if lease time is short, or if lease time is long? What do you expect is a typical lease time for most large organizations with desktops, servers, wireless devices, networked printers and other networked devices (e.g., network-connected HVAC controllers, IP camera systems)?
Week 7 Discussion Questions – Dealing With Windows Servers / DHCP

Phd Isaac Newton/D2

One discussion question reply Read the SHRM article Performing Job Analysis. Use the article to describe any two uses for job analysis within an organization (why it is done). Then contrast two job analysis methods and their benefits (how they are done). Speculate on at least one limitation or downside of each method. Include at least one citation and reference in your initial post and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Nursing Research Critique

Instructions: This is an article critique assignment. Attached is the article that has to be read and critiqued. Attached is also an example article from the book of how the assignment should be done (HIGHLIGHTED). Attached is also the rubric of the parts of the article that need to be critiqued. PLEASE INCLUDE EVERY SECTION, IT IS WHAT WE ARE BEING GRADED ON. ****YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RUBRIC **APA STYLE, NO REFERENCE NEEDED **IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE ESSAY FORM **IT COULD BE IN BULL POINT FORMAT WITH EACH SECTION DIVIDED Make sure you take your time please!!

Poor Health Literacy

Due 3/10 by 10 pm US EST 1 page minimum- AMA format response to discussion question 1/2 page minimum AMA format response to classmate’s post Details attached

Analysis Paper

Analysis Paper. Methods for Evaluating Innovation Projects Using the technological innovation that you have selected for your final project, consider each of the quantitative and qualitative methods that were addressed in the textbook reading for choosing innovation projects. For each method, briefly discuss the applicability of that method for the business scenario provided for the final project. Recommend a specific method or combination of methods to use for the business scenario. Should you apply the recommendation, would the method recommend the same innovation that you chose in your Final Project Milestone One? Why or why not? Note: Milestone One will be sent after handshake is completed. The paper must consist of 3 pages with at least 3 references.
Analysis Paper

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Assignment 2: Legislator Communication Tasks: This written assignment requires you to investigate your local, state, and federal legislators and explore their assigned committees and legislative commitments. You are expected to investigate current and actual legislative initiatives that have either passed or are pending approval by the house, senate, or Governor’s office. You will draft a letter to a specific legislator and offer support or constructive argument against pending policy or legislation. The letter must be supported with a minimum of 3 evidence-based primary citations. APA style 3 pages with 3 references Grading Criteria Maximum Points Investigated your local, state, and federal legislators and explored their assigned committees and legislative commitments. 30 Investigated current and actual legislative initiatives that have either passed or are pending approval by the house, senate, or Governor’s office. 15 Drafted a letter to a specific legislator and offered support or constructive argument against pending policy or legislation. 10 Supported the letter with a minimum of 3 evidence-based primary citations. 10 Followed APA guidelines. 10 Total: 75

Socw 6111 Week 5 Assignment: Comprehensive Assessment

A comprehensive understanding of a client’s presenting problems depends on the use of multiple types of assessment models. Each model gathers different information based on theoretical perspective and intent. An assessment that focuses on one area alone not only misses vital information that may be helpful in planning an intervention, but may encourage a biased evaluation that could potentially lead you to an inappropriate intervention. When gathering and reviewing a client’s history, sometimes it is easier to focus on the problems and not the positive attributes of the client. In social work, the use of a strengths perspective requires that a client’s strengths, assets, and resources must be identified and utilized. Further, using an empowerment approach in conjunction with a strengths perspective guides the practitioner to work with the client to identify shared goals. You will be asked to consider these approaches and critically analyze the multidisciplinary team’s response to the program case study of Paula Cortez. For this Assignment, review the program case study of the Cortez family. By Day 7 In a 2- to 4-page paper, complete a comprehensive assessment of Paula Cortez, utilizing two of the assessment models provided in Chapter 5 of the course text. Using the Cowger article, identify at least two areas of strengths in Paula’s case. Analyze the perspectives of two members of the multidisciplinary team, particularly relative to Paula’s pregnancy. Explain which model the social workers appear to be using to make their assessment. Describe the potential for bias when choosing an assessment model and completing an evaluation. Suggest strategies you, as Paula’s social worker, might try to avoid these biases.

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Animal Law, Ch. 1 What are the contours of ownership? How do we know we ?own something? Give evidence from the chapter to support your answer. What are the key elements of Aristotle’s view of animals and how does he regard their treatment? Do anti-cruelty laws appear to achieve their purposes? Or do animals need rights? Give evidence from the chapter readings. The Nonhuman Rights Project v. Stanley, Petitioner’s Memo (see attached in Files on Canvas) What are the factual allegations made by the petitioner? What are the legal theories used by the petitioner? What does the petitioner want the court to do? What’s the result, legally and practically, the petitioner is seeking?

Messaging In Social Media”

Please respond to the following: Social media messaging shouldn’t just be used for selling and promotion, but rather for engagement. Give two (2) examples of what you consider to be engaging messages. What do you think needs to be incorporated inside of an engaging message? Why do you think these items need to be incorporated? Choose a company and look at two (2) of their social media platforms. Explain why you find them engaging. What caught your eye? What type of engagement do you think is most likely to occur? Include a copy of the engaging messages in your post. When finished, respond to at least two (2) other peer’s posts

260 Question

260 What are social, behavioral, and cultural determinants? How do social, behavioral, and cultural determinants impact public health? Present specific examples within your answer as well as justifying your rationale with evidence. Respond to three other class members’ posts specifically peer-reviewing their answers. 260 Very wealthy or influential public figures (such as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates) have become major funders in the global health arena, providing millions to developing countries and/or international organizations. How do you think this will influence the future of public health? What benefits and challenges may develop? 260

Respond 11

Unlike other Asian immigrants who came to the U.S during the first period to seek better opportunities, the Vietnamese came to the U.S as refugees. These refugees were as a result of a 30-yesr Vietnam War, which was a long and costly war between North Vietnam communist government and the Viet Cong against the South Vietnam regime and its ally the U.S. ?The war also produced a massive refugee population for whom the United States assumed historic responsibility (Min, p. 264). During this period, there were laws that had abolished other Asian Immigrants from coming to the U.S such as the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. However, the Vietnamese refugees were not affected by these laws because they came into the U.S using different channels. They came into the U.S through the government’s resettlement plan for refugees from this war-torn region. An interesting fact is that most of these refugees during the first wave were the elite who were able and had the resources to escape the war. They entailed people from political families, those who were wealthy, and professionals. ?This first wave consisted of refugees who were members of the social and political elites (Lee, p. 178). This is a big difference from other Asian immigrants during the first period because they mainly composed of people from poor backgrounds who were seeking opportunities in the U.S to alleviate their families from poverty. Another difference is that in the third wave most immigrants from Asian countries are well-educated and professionals. However, the many Vietnamese immigrants in recent years are from rural areas mostly and entail people with less education. The trends have shifted from refugees to immigrants who are seeking better opportunities in the U.S in this period. References Min, Pyong Gap. Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues. 2nd ed. SAGE Publications, Inc, 2005. Lee, Jonathan H. X. History of Asian Americans. 1st ed., Santa Barbara, California, Greenwood, 2015.

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