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Week 1 – Assignment 2: Develop A Competitive Strategy Assignment Due May 1 At 11 A Level English Language Essay Help

Week 1 – Assignment 2: Develop a Competitive Strategy
Due May 1 at 11:59 PM
In your MBA program, you learned about how operations relate to business strategy, and you learned how to manage business operations based on a global supply chain with diverse and geographically dispersed suppliers and customers. This week, you will focus on analyzing your company’s performance and developing strategies for your products in the different market segments in CAPSIM.
Use this week’s course readings and supplemental readings to define SWOT and Porter’s 5 Forces. How does the company compare?
Use the Customer Buying Criteria section of the Courier (pp. 5-9) to assess what customers demand. What are the projected changes in customer demands?
Choose one of Porter’s generic strategies for the company in the simulation. Explain the appropriateness of the generic strategy to the SWOT analysis.
Use the Balanced Scorecard and financial measures to analyze your company in the simulation to identify three items in each of the four SWOT categories. Then, review your company in CAPSIM relative to the other five companies in the simulation to identify each of Porter’s 5-Forces.
Select three performance measures that are to be monitored and reported. Explain why the three are appropriate measures of the generic strategy.
Write one S.M.A.R.T. objective for each—R&D, marketing, production, finance, human resources, and TQM.
Length: 5 pages without title page, executive summary, and references
Resources: Supplement the course readings with a minimum of two additional scholarly sources. You have learned to search for and use scholarly articles throughout the program. For a refresher, please go to the NCU Library’s FAQs.
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards, and adhere to the Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

The Psychoeducational outline in this assignment is now being turned into a psyc essay helpThe Psychoeducational outline in this assignment is now being turned into a psychotheraphy group. The assignment is 10 pages long.
The psychotherapy should not be outlined. It should be in paper format. Please note the changes on the psychoeducational plan. We are using the same topic, but turning the plan into psychotherapy. Everything in this class pertains to group therpy.
e focus of this assignment is on helping you to become comfortable using the CAP college admissions essay helpe focus of this assignment is on helping you to become comfortable using the CAPSIM simulation and using the results from one round to prepare decisions for the next round.
2020 CAPSIM Simulation. Complete Practice Rounds
The CAPSIM simulation is core to the course in terms of trial practice of the topical material of the course
The training will teach you how the various business functions interact in the simulation, how to make decisions, and then read the results. You will be making decisions that position your product against customer requirements, building a production process that allows you to meet the market demands for your products, how to finance those operations and how to improve processes and products through Research and Development and Total Quality Management. Finally, you will learn to read and interpret a full set of performance documents, including Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements, Production and Sales summaries, and the Balanced Scorecard.
As part of the training, you will complete the following:
Introduction Video and Quiz
Rehearsal Tutorial
Situation Analysis
See pages 1-2 of the document, “CAPSIM Situational Analysis Training,” in the Getting Started Tutorial for a visual on how to find the tutorials and situational analysis.
See pages 3-6 of the document, “CAPSIM Situational Analysis. Training,” for the following:
Complete a minimum of TWO Practice Rounds.
Complete the Financial Statements & Measures Template (See below. The template is located in your Weekly Resources for this week).
The instructor will check the simulation dashboard to confirm that you have completed these exercises. It is important that you spend the time during Week 1 completing these exercises to become comfortable with how the simulation works and what effects some of your decisions will have on the annual financials, etc. The simulation has a steep learning curve, so Week 1 is meant for you to become familiar with the simulation.
Please note that your grade in the course does not depend on how well you do in the simulation. In that sense, the “competition rounds” are a misnomer. You can do well or poorly in the rounds. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you can understand and explain the effects that your decisions had on the financial results, which you will track weekly with the Financial Statements & Measures Template.
Complete the Financial Statements & Measures Template located in your Weekly Resources:
Financial Analysis is a comparative process. These numbers on their own do not always have a lot of meaning. For example, Cumulative Profits has meaning on its own, but it has greater meaning when compared against the competition or when looking at your own trends over time. Your analysis in Week 1 of the Practice Rounds or Competition Rounds will have to be made against the other five companies. After that, consider your trends over time as well as against the other companies.
Select a different measure each week and write a paragraph describing how that financial measure is created (e.g., ROS=Profit/Sales) and cite your source, what the financial measure tells the company, and how your performance compares with the competition and over time.
Upload your Financial Statements & Measures Template to the course room when you have completed all of the tasks using the Upload Assignment button below. Each week, you will update your template with new results from each round.
Length: 3 Paragraphs: See directions in Financial Statements & Measures Template.
References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly references.
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards, and adhere to the Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Project Plan
Remember that for this project, you will need to create a dashboard a level english language essay helpProject Plan
Remember that for this project, you will need to create a dashboard that gives the user a snapshot of how well the organization is doing. Dashboards allow users to view easily view several charts or other visual indicators on one page or screen. Dashboard examples are included at the end of this document. You will also want to view the video tutorial on dashboards. See details of the dashboard project here.
For this assignment, you are to create a plan for your dashboard. The purpose of the plan is to ensure you are on track with a good idea of what you want to do with the data. You do not need to create any charts at this point, only describe in words the following points:
What dataset are you going to use (you must select one of the datasets provided to you in Module 14 in the project description)
What questions do you want the dashboard to answer?
What charts/visualizations will fit the data and help answer your questions?
A good start to a dashboard plan is, “I will focus on the revenues and expenses of this company and how they track over time and among the regions. There are three questions I would like this dashboard to address. The first is, how do the differences between revenues and expenses compare over time? To answer this question, I will use a line chart to graph the data…”
Your plan should be between 250 and 500 words. Be complete, but be direct.
Peer Review
Your peer review should be at least 150 words. Here are the questions you need to address when reviewing a peer’s plan:
What are the strengths of this plan?
What could be improved?
You will be assigned your peer review plans the day after the plan is due. Peer reviews must be completed by the end of the following week. Please check the Modules page for specific due dates.
Students are required to submit weekly reflective narratives throughout the cour college essay help onlineStudents are required to submit weekly reflective narratives throughout the course. The narratives help students integrate leadership and inquiry into current practice.
This reflection journal also allows students to outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses, and additional resources that could be introduced in a given situation to influence optimal outcomes. Each week students should also explain how they met a course competency or course objective.
In each week’s entry, students should reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. Journal entries should address one or more of the areas stated below:
Population health concerns
The role of technology in improving health care outcomes
discussion part 1
Que essay helpdiscussion part 1

Question 1 : Why is it important to understand the history of a gang? What criminology theory best describes the rise of the MS 13?
part 2

1. How does gentrification link gangs, the ghetto, violence, police and the prison?

1. How is gentrification affecting cities abroad (France, South Africa, Brazil). What will this lead to?

in a 4 page paper, using APA format. Choose an area discussed in this class tha online essay helpin a 4 page paper, using APA format. Choose an area discussed in this class that is of interest to you as a health care provider. It can be about a social issue, or a specific disability. Describe your area of interest, why it is of interest and how what you learned has improved your ability to provide quality care to clients/patients. Include at least 3 references. The textbook may be used as a reference.
Enter cesim website where you will find a simulation that we did in class, which college essay help near meEnter cesim website where you will find a simulation that we did in class, which will be the base for the report.
Ensure you are only using proper academic sources. You must select a minimum of essay help online freeEnsure you are only using proper academic sources. You must select a minimum of three academic sources for your research. Use these sources “Manager’s guide to employee engagement” by Scott Carbonara, “Manager’s guide to Rewards” by Jensen, Doug McMullen, Tom Stark, Mel. And one more of any academic Sources from your choices.
Any program is allowed as long as the functions are explained. It’s for AP Compu best essay helpAny program is allowed as long as the functions are explained. It’s for AP Computer Science. The functions must be explained. I don’t know what program I want to do. A note-taking app was the first to come to mind but it’s too difficult. Anything is good as long as it can be opened in PyCharm.
Topic: Submit a reflection paper on the assigned book:
John Horgan, Walking Away best college essay helpTopic: Submit a reflection paper on the assigned book:
John Horgan, Walking Away From Terrorism
Please provide references as needed.
Requirements: The reflection paper must be submitted in MS Word; pt. size 12, Times New Roman, double-spaced.
The paper should contain:
main “body” of text
discussion/concluding section.
The key arguments of the book should be briefly relayed in the text prior to providing personal reaction. While no page limit is imposed, it is recommended that the papers be no longer than 7 pages in length. Detailed instructions follow below:
Before you start writing
You need to read Horgan’s book and make sure you understand the main arguments the author makes. Write down key ideas that struck a chord in your soul. Come up with an outline of your future paper. What would _you_ tell the author? Would you agree or disagree with him? Think about the tone of your future paper—try to relay your ideas in a way that shows you understand issues at hand and can talk about them as a real professional/scholar.
The length of this paper should be about 4-5 pages. Your goal is to summarize the key points of the book and react to them.
Begin your introduction with a clear and concise statement that reflects the main focus of the book. Explain what you are going to do in this piece (4-5 sentences).
Summarize the book in a concise manner.
Your reaction should be the lengthier part. Be sure to identify some course material (lectures and/or readings) you found applicable to the substantive arguments made by the author. You can agree with the book, disagree with it, offer a different perspective, extend the author’s arguments, and so on. Make sure every one of your arguments has substance. Do not ever make claims that are not supported by extant literature or some other evidence. If you use sources other than this book or if you directly quote from the book, you need to provide citations.
Remember, “over-quoting” never looks good because it “hides” you, the author. While there is no rule of thumb here, try to minimize the use of direct quotations unless the situation warrants them. III. Final Thoughts. A. Re-read your paper. Please do. I always advise my students (and myself, for that matter) to put the draft away for a day or two, then come back and carefully re-read it. You will always find room for improvement.
I need some rewriting for my paper, the following are the things need to rewrite online essay helpI need some rewriting for my paper, the following are the things need to rewrite:
1) A formal academic thesis should propose research questions first. And then analyze the research questions by using methodologies you have learnt. Finally, based on your analysis, some managerial insights/solutions for the enterprise should be proposed to solve the problems or improve the efficiency/effectiveness of the enterprise. All these core issues are not clearly addressed in your thesis.
2)You mentioned a lot of things in your thesis, but what is the relationships between them and the Wish company? Are they related to the main topic of your thesis (to analyze the problems of the supply chain efficiency of Wish company and to find solutions for efficiency improvement, I think) and how are they related?
3) You also mentioned a lot of tools for supply chain management, but it seems that you did not use any of them in your thesis.
4) What are your solutions/suggestions for Wish company? Do they work? We cannot evaluate them by reading your thesis.
Juvenile Delinquency and gangs and drug use college admission essay helpPaper should provide enough background for a reader who does not know anything about your topic. Assume that I lack any knowledge on your topic.
You should provide evidence/research to support your topic.
You should be using headings and subheadings throughout the paper to make the text more organized and easier to read for the reader.
Paper must draw from a minimum of 8 academic sources, which must be cited correctly in the text and be documented correctly in the reference page. These sources should be articles from academic journals, books published by an academic press, or other credible sources such as government reports and class notes (NO Wikipedia, Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN).
1. The paper must be based on facts or the opinions of authoritative sources (e.g., peer-reviewed studies/books, government data, data/analysis published by established organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International American, etc.) Your research should include mostly traditional sources (e.g., books, journal articles, etc.).
2.You should structure your paper as follows:
Title: Choose a concise title that adequately reflects what your paper is about. The title aims to catch the attention of the reader and compel him/her to read on, thus your title should be descriptive, punchy, and relevant.
Introduction: The introduction should explore the background to the body of the paper that will follow. In a few sentences at the end of your introduction, describe why you chose your particular topic and why it is important.
Main Body: This is the major presentation of the thesis of the paper and it should be liberally structured with sub-headings that will logically lead the reader through the development of your arguments. The main body should consist of a literature review—i.e., an account of what has been published on your chosen topic by accredited scholars and researchers. You might want to include specific considerations such as: (1) what population/group does this issue/problem affect the most? (2) Who (if anyone) benefits from this issue/problem and how? (3) What theories might be useful for explaining this issue/problem?
Conclusion: In the conclusion, summarize the thesis of your paper. You should also address the policy implications of your research. That is, what might be some solutions/correctives to the problem/issue you have addressed.
FMST 210 scholarship essay helpTo complete this Discussion, you will be using information from the following two sources:
This 6-minute National Public Radio (NPR) podcast from 2013 about The Word Gap. (Links to an external site.)(For some reason, when the podcast is over, it goes straight into another NPR news story. Sorry about that.) Also read the written information included at the podcast link.
This 4-minute NPR podcast from 2018 suggesting we should Stop Talking About the ’30 Million Word Gap’ (Links to an external site.). (This also goes straight into another NPR news story.) Also read the written information included at the podcast link.
There is only one question for you to address in this Discussion:
Is the Word Gap still important? Why or Why not? (I guess that’s two questions.)
ASOC-115 Reflection college essay help onlineSEE ATTACHED RUBRIC FOR GRADING CRITERIA:Students are allowed to submit a critical reading reflection incorporating two of the chapters assigned for that unit. You must provide analysis rather than a summary. Reflections must be between 500-600 words, no more, no less, not including references. You must add 4 additional, relevant outside sources based on your own interests. Two of these outside sources MUST be peer-reviewed. Critical Reading Reflections must include your own perspective on the readings (critique), rather than a summary. Include your own original ideas synthesizing the assigned reading (make sure to cite at least two unit chapters for each idea that you come up with). Your critiques should synthesize the assigned readings with your outside peer-reviewed sources, to create new ideas. You must use ASA formatting for all in-text citations AND works cited references for this and all written submissions for this course. Be sure to include all five of the sources (including the textbook) in your in-text citations AND works cited page. You may focus your reflection on two or more chapters that particularly spark your interest, but be sure to mention the overall frameworks of the course (sociological frameworks) in relation to them. You may choose to add additional outside sources to enhance your critical reflections as well.
Written Submissions
***IMPORTANT*** You must use the following format in general for all electronic written submissions or you will lose points: typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman, Microsoft Word Document (.doc/.docx), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, ASA format (for in-text citations AND references), an academic heading (on the left margin with your name, the name of the course “Introduction to Sociology”, the title of the assignment “i.e. Midterm Reflection” and the date “10/07/21”), page numbers (on the bottom right), as well as a creative/unique title (for each entry, written in bold, centered at the top of the essay.)
File Names
Please include your first and last name, date, the name of the course “ASOC115,” and the name of the assignment when naming your word docs for all of your electronic submissions.
Critical Reflection Assignment Rubric
Description: Submit a critical reading reflection: Provide analysis rather than a summary. Your critiques should synthesize the ideas of contemporary scholars to create new ideas. *******You must use ASA formatting for all in-text citations AND works cited references for this and all written submissions for this course.*******
Exemplary Proficient Needs Improvement Unacceptable
Synthesis & Focus on Topic
1 (20.00%)
Reflection addresses and synthesizes topics/ readings clearly and fully, showing higher-level analysis and synthesis of concepts and uses course vocabulary.
0.83333 (16.66666%)
Provides proficient synthesis and focuses on the topic/ readings. The reflection is thoughtful and interesting. It may be somewhat limited in it’s synthesis of readings and/or may not fully construct new ideas through an intellectual discourse/dialogue with the authors.
0.66667 (13.33333%)
May not provide adequate synthesis of ideas and/or only some of the reflection may relate to the assigned readings; may misuse course concepts or misunderstand the reading.
0.33333 (6.66666%)
Lacking synthesis and/or unfocused; does not address required readings, or does not focus on topic/ course concepts.
Critical Analysis & Reasoning
1 (20.00%)
Clear and accurate points, insightful, specific. Provides critical analysis throughout. Authorial voice is strong and clear. Presents a definite perspective/point of view. Critiques the assigned reading and provides analysis rather than summary.
0.875 (17.50%)
Reflection summarizes and/or synthesizes readings and may point out interesting and relevant concepts, may be proficient in analytical reasoning, and/or may need to further incorporate critical analysis throughout.
0.75 (15.00%)
Missing critical summary and/or critical analysis; Unclear, inaccurate, or lacking in critique.
0.5 (10.00%)
Missing summary and/or critical analysis and/or weak reasons and/or irrelevant or confusing points given that do not support the critique, incomplete answers.
Grammar & Organization
1 (20.00%)
Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; well organized; one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; format easy to navigate.
0.875 (17.50%)
Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in general; fairly well organized; generally one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; format somewhat easy to navigate.
0.75 (15.00%)
Enough errors to distract the reader; organization problems; and / or format difficult to navigate.
0.5 (10.00%)
Numerous errors, paper hard to read; and/or missing required elements and/or structure; and/or academic written standards are not adhered to.
Formatting & Citations
1 (20.00%)
All formatting requirements are met, with only one or two very minor errors; includes proper heading, font, file type, title, spacing, etc. Includes in-text ASA citations throughout.
0.875 (17.50%)
Either the in-text citations are not formatted in the correct style and/or two or more formatting errors in the written submission.
0.75 (15.00%)
Missing in-text citations; and/or formatting does not follow the majority of the requirements of all written submissions for the course.
0.5 (10.00%)
No in-text citations and/or incorrectly formatted.
References/Works Cited Page
1 (20.00%)
Works cited page is formatted in the correct ASA style and includes the required number and type of academic sources.
0.875 (17.50%)
Works cited page contains a few formatting errors and/or is missing one or more of the requirements of the academic sources. i.e. May be missing a reference to the textbook, a peer-reviewed article, and/or an additional reliable source.
0.75 (15.00%)
Works cited page not formatted correctly; and/or in the correct style; and/or may be missing required sources; and/or use sources that do not meet the requirements.
0.5 (10.00%)
No works cited page provided.
Name:Critical Reflection Assignment Rubric
Description:Submit a critical reading reflection: Provide analysis rather than a summary. Your critiques should synthesize the ideas of contemporary scholars to create new ideas. *******You must use ASA formatting for all in-text citations AND works cited references for this and all written submissions for this course.*******
climate change scholarship essay helpAssignment Description
Having thoroughly researched an issue, your goal is to make a persuasive argument that will help move the debate forward, solve a pressing problem, and/or resolve disagreements. You may find it useful to consider the stases. Your argument can do one or more of the following:
show that a problem exists or that it’s serious enough to merit action;
identify the cause of that problem; or define a key term; and/or
advocate for a way to respond to and solve the problem.
You might find it useful to address multiple stases (it is common for arguments to define the problem and then advocate for a fitting solution). Your goal is to move the debate forward by addressing the stasis or stases that are subject to disagreement. This is to say, if most people agree that a problem exists, the core of your argument should not be that a problem exists. This also means that you do not necessarily need to argue for a particular solution to the problem; if the debate is mired by disagreements on the lower stases, you can make a significant contribution by helping people agree on definition or cause-and-effect, etc.
Important Guidelines
Include a 400-600 word reflective essay that discusses your writing process, including how peer and instructor feedback played into revision decisions and giving specific examples of what you changed throughout the process.
Early in the essay, you should offer your thesis statement, and the remainder of the paper should offer support for this position/persuade readers to support the position.
Your argument should be supported by clear and credible research.
Should cite at least eight sources.
Include a Works Cited page.
Your Works Cited page and in-text citations should follow MLA or APA Format.
Your paper should address a significant counter-argument. Two additional criteria apply:
You should cite, fairly summarize, and respond to a real counter-argument. Don’t imagine what an opposing audience might argue—instead, find a real person who makes a real and sophisticated argument, and address it.
This doesn’t need to come at the end of your paper (before the conclusion). Though this can be effective, it is often more effective to address a counter-argument early: here’s what wrong with the common approach, now let me outline a more promising approach…
It should focus on the readers’ needs—what do they already know? How can you make complex ideas and information clear or accessible to readers?
It should be clearly organized.
Your submission, including the cover letter and references, should be at least 2400 words. The cover letter should be single-spaced but everything else should be double-spaced, following MLA or APA guidelines. Submit the assignment as a single pdf, doc, or docx file.
Please see attached grading rubric for additional detail.
Reflective Essay (up to 40 points): provides an engaging and detailed description of the student’s research and writing process, including how peer and instructor feedback played into revision decisions and giving specific examples of what the student changed throughout the process.
Description of Rhetorical Conversation (up to 30 points): summarizes and analyzes the rhetorical conversation surrounding this research issue, using rhetorical vocabulary and concepts learned from this class.
Thesis Statement & Support (up to 30 points): early in the essay, the student offers their thesis statement, and the remainder of the argument offers persuasive support for this position/persuade readers to support the position.
Source Integration (up to 25 points): adequate textual evidence is present in the project and all quotations are effectively blended, with varied and well-constructed signal phrases. Furthermore, textual evidence is adequately contextualized for the audience and the student thinks and argues with rather than about the authors’ keywords, concepts, approaches, or theories.
Counter-argument (up to 20 points): cite, fairly summarize, and respond to a real counter-argument (i.e., an actual argument written by someone else).
Organization (up to 25 points): the organization is appropriate to the genre, audience, and–most importantly–the writer’s purpose (e.g., problem solving, causal analysis, proposal, etc)
Credible Research (up to 30 points): argument is supported by credible research including at least eight high-quality sources (minimum of 6 reviewed scholarly journal articles).
Citation Style (up to 15 points): The chosen citation style is used consistently with only a handful of errors. In-text citations and a Works Cited page are included. All sources listed on the Works Cited page are cited within the project.
Editing and Correctness (up to 15 points): meets formatting requirements; minimizes distracting errors in grammar, syntax, word choice, and punctuation.
Total: xxx/250
Read Part II of “Angels in America” and analyze the ways in which Part I prepares us for all that happens in Part II. Do these plays work as two separate theater pieces? custom essay helpRead Part II of “Angels in America” and analyze the ways in which Part I prepares us for all that happens in Part II. Do these plays work as two separate theater pieces? If so, demonstrate how. If not, discuss why not.
magazine article about any tourist place college application essay helpWeekly assignment- during this week we will work on an magazine article about any
touristic place – as our protagonist does on the book.
1- choose any city in the world (attention it’s not a country – you can mention the country-
but the article is about a city
2- why? Give reason in your fist paragraph why did you choose this specific city
(interesting city, beautiful, nature, it’s important to you….
3- list at least S places the reader must visit. why and when (summer? Winter? Holidays?)
(museums, restaurants, places for shopping parks, streets, neighborhoods, local food,
local culture, music, sports – stadium. Historical monuments) DONT FORGET TO
4- Closure: 2 or 3 paragraphs of conclusion. Telling the reader about the importance of
the city (REINFORCING THE INTRO) wishing the audience a good time and ending
your point.
Earthquakes in Scotland college essay help near meWrite a concise summary of an assigned earthquake-prone
region (SCOTLAND) that can be read in a minute.
you can assume about your reader:

They know the geography of your region

They understand earthquakes at the level
presented in this course

They know all the background units, scientific
notation, etc.
points we are looking for

The region that you are discussing

Type of tectonic setting

History of earthquakes and damage

The potential for future damaging earthquakes

Citations and References
there are relatively few words, you must be very concise and precise when
writing these papers.
Use and cite the following references:
Critical Analysis a level english language essay helpWrite an critical analysis of the short story To Build a Fire” by Jack London. What do other critics think about it? Do you feel any of it’s themes are important to us, today? Cite the story itself in MLA citation format, plus two online additional sources.
How does losing your loved ones late in life affect your life span essay help site:eduIntroduction: (4 Points)
Explain why you chose your research question and why it is an important one.
Provide a basic overview of the topic (i.e., definitions, where might you encounter
topic in life, frequency of topic, general research done on topic). Provide a
hypothesis of what you expect to find.
Method: (5 Points)
State the type of experiments/studies that were conducted in each of the
publications used. What questions were asked? What was being measured? How was it
being measured? How will the methods provide answers to your question? Who did
they sample? For instance, 200
undergraduate students from a liberal arts college were surveyed. Likert scales
surveys were used to measure well-being, a higher score meant more positive sense
of well-being; the participants were judged by three independent observers for
anxious behaviors, the higher the rating meant that they were exhibiting greater
anxious behaviors according to the judges.
Results and Discussion: (6 Points)
Explain the results and discuss them. What is your interpretation of the results?
How does everything fit together? What did you learn? What did you gather from
results? Where there any surprises? The results and discussion should be “the bulk”
of your paper. Add whatever you think is appropriate to support how you formulated
your conclusions.
Limitations and Future Suggestions: (2 Points)
Discuss any limitations encountered by the studies you reviewed in your paper.
sug gestions about the possible future implications of the research and what can be
improved upon. Suggest a more “ideal” future study that would fill in some hole in
Conclusion: (2 Points)
Short synopsis of what you learned (about a paragraph).
Non african Americans cheap essay helpPlease answer both questions below. Provide specific examples from the text for your response to part 1.
Part 1. What fundamental misunderstanding does Douglass expose with the example of the sorrow songs? Why do you think this misunderstanding existed and why did Douglass need to correct it?
Part 2. Do you think non-African Americans still carry misunderstandings of traditionally African American forms of musical expressions (hip hop, gospel, R&B, for example)? Or have they developed a better understanding of the music today than they did in Douglass’ day?
aspect of civil rights (roughly 1954 – 1968) and black power (roughly 1965 -1975) a level english language essay helpOBJECTIVE: The student will produce an original research essay on an aspect of civil rights (roughly 1954 – 1968) and/or black power (roughly 1965 -1975) history that s/he wishes. Topics must be approved by the professor. You want your writing to be genuinely historical in nature. A wide variety of subjects can be researched through a historical lens. You want to set your essay in the proper time, space, and place. You further want your research to add to the body of knowledge—meaning that you do not want to simply rehash what others have written but come up with a unique point of view/argument which augments current scholarship.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: A research paper of 7-9 double-spaced (12 pt. font–Calibri, Times Roman, Arial, or similar professional font) pages is required. All information must be cited in the form of endnotes or footnotes. Papers should be uploaded through the corresponding Blackboard/ SAFEASSIGN® link. SAFEASSIGN® is a plagiarism software tool; papers will be assessed for their authenticity. The papers will not be returned; the student will receive a completed rubric with a graded value and evaluation.
Please refer to Mary Lynn Rampolla’s A Pocket Guide to Writing in History (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2018) and/or Kate L. Turabian’s A Manuel for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7/8th edition (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2007/2013) for clarification on the proper citation form. For additional historical writing tips, visit
MINIMUM SOURCES: 3 primary sources; 4 books; 5 journal articles. Internet sources/sites typically are not acceptable sources for this project unless specifically noted by the professor for inclusion. The student may use electronic resources available at the library (e.g.: online journals, etc.). Acceptable sources include, but are not limited to:
TYPING GUIDELINES: The final paper must be typed. Handwritten papers will not be accepted.
• The paper should include a “Title” page which contains the title of the paper, your
name, student id number, date, course name and number, and the professor’s name.
The “Title” page is not counted as one of the text pages.
• All margins are 1″ left and right, top and bottom.
• Page numbers should be included. Do not number the first page, but number all
successive pages.
• The paper should be double spaced and be from 7-9 pages in length. Please use either
Calibri, Times Roman, Arial or similar professional font (12 pt. is required).
• Tab (indent five spaces) at the beginning of each paragraph.
• Press the space bar twice after each period and once after each comma (old school
method before computers and word processing software, but I still do it).
• Include a “Bibliography” page. Entries should be in alphabetical order. The first line of
each entry begins at the left margin. Indent successive lines of the same entry five spaces. Entries are single spaced. Double space between entries. The “Bibliography” page is not counted as one of the text pages.
• Photographs and small charts and graphs may be included with the text (but not counted as part of the text length), but other materials such as documents, large charts and graphs, transcripts and/or tape logs, etc. should be attached as appendices.
• Do not forget to SPELL CHECK and/or GRAMMAR CHECK.
• Do not plagiarize! Attribute all quotes, ideas, and thoughts to the appropriate source
through notes (footnotes/endnotes).
• Projects will be graded for content, clarity of presentation, variety and strength of
sources, and organization (see rubric for clarification). Grading and comments will be
returned via the rubric(s). Grammar and spelling will be noted.
• Look at the research paper tools provided for the course on Blackboard for assistance.
• The paper will be required to be uploaded in Blackboard through the corresponding
link. SAFEASSIGNMENT® is a plagiarism software program.
ENTR 221 – Assignment -Forecasting AND QuickBooks custom essay helpTHERE ARE TOTAL OF TWO PARTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT
EX) PART 1) —- PART 2)—
PART 1) Complete the attached spread sheet using only tabs 3a and 3b for sales forecasting. Use either a business idea of your own or make up a business scenario. Include at least 3 different products in the spreadsheet. Use a realistic price and what you think your COGS would be. Be sure to give a good estimated sales forecast based on sales growth. Enter any other data for the Sales forecast year 1 and then forecast for year 1-3. Use either a percent increase per year or enter in new monthly forecast. Upload your spreadsheet in Canvas and give a brief analysis of the results in this spreadsheet in the comments section. SCORE-Financial-Projections-Spreadsheet-.xlsx
1. Open the attached document to complete the assignment and upload to Canvas
Assignment 9- QuickBooks-Rev.docx
speech college essay help onlineYou will discuss the insights and key points you learned from one another. Each student is required to have a 2-3 minute informal verbal presentation. Participation is mandatory and cannot be submitted in written form.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDelivered verbal presentation during class session
Attended the last class session and delivered a 2-3 minute verbal presentation of key takeaways from the course. Stayed within the time limit, did not run over and was not too brief (1 minute or less)
The course and others basically talk about the relationship between customer and customers’ want.
RE 176A – discussion 4,5 argumentative essay helpTHERE ARE TOTAL OF TWO PARTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT
EX) PART 1) —- PART 2)—-
PART 1) When is residentially zoned land considered worthless?
Your initial post should be at least 60 or more words or more.
It is the fall of 2015 and you have been living in your two-bedroom 1 bath apartment in Santa Monica for 20 years. Your current rent is $1,000/Mo due to the Santa Monica Rent Control. A similar apartment in your building was
recently rented for $2,000/Mo. Your landlord has offered you an incentive to move out. What do you think your
leasehold interest is worth?
Hint how much more could the apartment building be worth if you move out. This is simple think about the
Income Approach.
You will need to read the following apartment market report and look on a map if you are not familiar with where
Santa Monica CA is located.
RE 176A – discussion 6 argumentative essay helpTHERE ARE TOTAL OF TWO PARTS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT
EX) PART 1) —- PART 2) —-
This is a difficult questions and you will not find the answers in the textbook for this course. You will need think
out of the box. Try and do some research. Try searching under undivided interests in real estate and see what
articles you find on this.
Also there is a class DB in this module for you to interact with your classmates before you do your final post.
There are three owners (non related tenants in common) who live in a single family residential (SFR) home. Each owns a
one third undivided interest in the property and each has to pay one third of the annual expenses (insurance=$600,
property taxes=$3,000, utilities (water/sewer, gas, electric, trash)=$3,600. and maintenance =$1,500). The home has three bedrooms and one bathroom. Each owner occupies one of the bedrooms (all equivalent). The home has been valued at $600,000 and is owned free and clear. The house could rent for about $3,000/Mo. One of the owners wants to sell their one third interest (needs money). Neither of the other two owners want to buy this one third interest.
What do you think is the market value of the one third interest?
Please explain how you came up with your answer.
Can you find some comparable sales of one third or one half interest?
How about getting a mortgage for the one third interest?
You may want to think out of the box. You will not find this one in the textbook. Try and do some research. Try
searching under undivided interests in real estate.
Bonus Discussion California’s appraiser population is declining rapidly
1 unread reply.
1 reply.
I would appreciate your comments on this story.
California’s appraiser population is declining rapidly
(Links to an external site.)
California’s appraiser population is declining rapidly

Am I soon to be an extinct species or is there going to be lots of opportunities for you young folk. I have created a Discussion Board for you to post. If I see some great ideas you could earn 5 bonus points.

develop a story involving the missing angle or missing side of a right triangle writing essay helpYour task is to develop a story involving the missing angle or missing side of a right triangle. To
support your story, you will need to use a recent picture of yourself. You will need to include all
formulas and all of the steps required to come up with your answer for your story.
Interview Essay college application essay helpYou
are asked to interview an older adult (age
60 or older) about his or her subjective experiences of growing older. These
are two separate assignments. The
objective of the interview is to give you the opportunity to learn first-hand
from an adult about his or her individual experiences of having grown older.
Are you aware
of your age? Do you feel (emotionally and/or physically) your chronological
age? What makes or has made you aware that you have grown older?
When you were
younger, did you ever think about what getting older would be like? Has it been
better or worse than what you had expected?
What are some
of the good things that have happened with getting older?
What are some
of the challenges of getting older?
What are some
of the surprising aspects of getting older?
What would
you tell a young person about the years of adulthood or old age?
Is there any
critical advice that you would want to give a young person?
What are you
currently doing to improve your perspectives upon certain aspects of your life
or the process of aging?
Drama Essay Assignment essay helpexamine two plays, Fences by August Wilsonband A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, in relation to the idea of the “American Dream” (as James Truslow Adams) first step should be to understand the characters’ explicit or implicit understanding of and relationship to the “American Dream” and how those differences cause conflicts in the plays, or you might say
something about how the dramatists (Wilson and Hansberry) examine the ways that the “American Dream” is “deferred” for
black Americans in the 1950s.
Gentleman’s Spa argumentative essay helpI would like a written business plan designed for a Gentleman’s Spa that I would like to use as a tool to gain investors
and/or funding options. This needs to be both professional and thorough. I will provide more details about the types of
services the spa will offer once an assignment is issued. I want an experienced business plan writer. The number of pages is dependent on the amount of content necessary to execute a well-drafted plan that would be suitable to present to financial institutes/investors.
The importance of smart cities in light of the challenges of the current era writing essay helpThe research summary does not exceed 300 words, provided
that it includes the necessary information (research title, introduction,
objectives, results).
The number of pages does not exceed 20, and the duration of
the seminar presentation is 20 minutes
The Packers and Stockyards Act’s current social and economic impact on packing plants college application essay helpcarefully outline the opposing views with supportive evidence, the view you support and why you support this position. A final summary paragraph is expected. This paper must be 1500-1750 words in length excluding word-count on the literature cited page.APA Manual of Style. Internal citations in the narrative must be documented using the Harvard style. Must contain introduction, background,proponet view, opponent views, final remarks, and bibliography
Case study college essay help onlineWrite a case study on the file attached. The topic is SPOTIFY
Use couple of references from mintel and Euromonitor and a reference book Digital marketing by Dave Chaffer
This case study should asses how spotify compete with traditional and online music providers by reviewing the approaches it uses for different elements of the marketing mix.
finiacal leteracy college essay helpFINAL ASSIGNMENT: PROPOSAL
This paper will be the culmination of everything that we’ve worked on so far in class. You’ll use the skills you’ve learned from our work with They Say, I Say to analyze texts, respond to them, integrate them into your own writing, and use them to persuade a specific audience to adopt a detailed proposal. You’ll also use the research skills we’ve worked with to find good academic sources that allow you to objectively approach your topic, and you’ll use your revision skills to refine and perfect this major assignment.
Write a detailed proposal to solve a specific problem. To do this, you’ll need to do the following:
• Identify a problem about which people argue.
• Research the problem, considering many different viewpoints.
• Identify an individual person who can actually do something to solve this problem. Put this person’s name at the start of your paper in some form.
• Write a paper that convinces this person to adopt a proposal of your own creation that will solve the problem. To do this, you’ll need to:
o Educate the person about the problem.
o Convince the person that the problem needs to be solved.
o Lay out a detailed proposal and convince the personthat your proposal is realistic, acceptable to all parties involved, and is the best option to solve the problem.
• Remember: Audience is paramount. What will this particular person consider convincing?
Your paper will be 5-7 pages in length, not including the Works Cited page. The paper must be in MLA format and include proper documentation for all sources.
You may use as many sources as you want, but you must meet the following minimum requirements:
• You must have five sources in total.
• At least two of these must be scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles.
• All five must be credible sources. Consider respected journals, magazines, publications, and so forth first. Be wary of blogs, YouTube hosts, etc. Using the library shelves and databases is a reliable way to find credible sources.
• Sources should represent a variety of viewpoints on your issue.
• Reference sources such as dictionaries and encyclopedias are fine, but they will not count toward your five sources.
You will be graded on the following: Quality of thought, clarity of purpose, organization, language, mechanics, information literacy, and documentation. These are the main areas on which we’ve focused and are the criteria used for assessing freshman writing in all Upstate composition courses. Details can be found in the rubric posted under “Course Documents” on Blackboard.
ICD-10-CM, the guidelines, and the proper technique for coding a medical encounter. scholarship essay helpInstructions
Throughout the last few units of this course, we have been exploring the ICD-10-CM, the guidelines, and the proper technique for coding a medical encounter. For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that can serve as a training tool for new medical coders on the job. Your presentation must include the elements listed below.
Include an introduction to ICD-10-CM.
Discuss proper and accurate coding techniques of various body systems.
Explain how to look up a code using the ICD-10-CM coding manual as a guide.
Explain the proper use of the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting.
Include one ICD-10-CM chapter-specific guideline to incorporate.
Discuss how accurate coding is tied to reimbursement.
Summarize the topics covered in the presentation.
Include a reference slide.
Your presentation must be at least 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. You are required to use a PowerPoint presentation design/template layout; in other words, the use of a white slide background is not appropriate. Additionally, you are encouraged to use graphics as appropriate. Your presentation should be well-organized and provide strong evidence of critical thinking.
You must use at least two sources in your presentation. One resource must be found in the CSU Online Library, and the other source may be your textbook. To help you with this research a please see the step-by-step library guide, Finding Articles: A Quick Start Guide. Please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.
Are we losing more or are we gaining more with our social media/networking technologies? argumentative essay helpEnglish M01C Research Paper
Spring 2022
You will write an argument research paper of 8-10 pages in length on one of the following questions:
Are we losing more or are we gaining more with our social media/networking technologies?
Should freedom of expression include the right to offend?
Here are the guidelines. You are responsible for reading and following all of these:
This paper will be a formal argumentative paper that advocates one side of an issue through the use of facts, studies, and expert opinion.
It must follow the “Classical Argument” structure we have talked about in class (See Handout on our class website). Also, please label each section of this Classical Argument structure in the version you turn in to me.
Your objective is to critically analyze information, gain knowledge and understanding about a certain issue, and articulate these ideas in a clear, organized, and credibly persuasive manner.
Your paper must have a clearly established thesis. This thesis must be an argument. Be sure to answer the question above. Reflect on all of the readings from the semester and how each writer has attempted to develop his/her argument. What strategies do they use?
You are required to use direct quotes from at least one of our class readings and at least 5 different outside sources in your paper. The quality of your research is important, especially with topics such as this. It is your responsibility to use credible, informed authorities for building your arguments (Ask of your sources: What gives this individual the authority to speak on this subject? Experience? Credentials? Published material? PhD?). Do not use Pro/Con or other introductory websites for your sources. You want experts in your field, not general topic sources. Also, anecdotal evidence, while powerful and immediate to your own experience, has little value in a research paper. Use your personal experience in the introduction or conclusion, but rely on credible studies and expert opinion for the body of your argument.
Please note that each question is focused on a specific aspect of an issue. Do not make the mistake of writing about technologies in general, or freedom of expression in general.
We will be using the MLA style of documentation. Your paper must follow this system accurately and completely (50 points of possible 200 is based on MLA usage).
This paper will be a culmination of all the writing and instruction from the semester. It is a final and comprehensive evaluation of your critical thinking and writing skills. Grammar and punctuation must be error free. Produce your best effort, perfect on all levels.
Don’t expect to have all the answers before you do your research. The most valuable reason for doing research is that you find out answers and base your ideas/argument on sound evidence and reasoning discovered in the process.
Whatever you say, you must prove. Don’t assume things are true because your experience says so, or because it seems “obvious.” If the technology is addicting, then prove it. If privacy is being invaded, then prove it. If there is more bullying, then prove it. If expression should include offensiveness, prove it.
Choose a Negotiation Scenario a level english language essay helpFor this week’s assignment, I want you to choose a negotiation scenario. This could be any complex negotiation that you currently are, or plan to, undertake. Examples that would work for this assignment are things like: buying a house, selling a house, negotiating a salary/benefits package at work, any HR negotiation, buying a business, selling a business, etc. If you need additional ideas/help here, contact me at least 2-3 days before the deadline. Non-complex negotiations such as: putting your kid to bed, a simple retail transaction/purchase, and similar items would not qualify. These need to be complex enough negotiations to complete the NegotiationPlanningModel.doc
, which you will fill out for the scenario you choose in the coming modules.
Upload a 1/2 page summary outlining your negotiation scenario. Basic paragraph or memo format is required. I will approve these negotiation scenario choices within 2-3 days of the grading deadline, so that you can use them on continuation assignment(s).
moot course case brief over foctional case essay helpAn individual case brief for moot court over a hypothetical constitutional law case. There is no page minimum but a thorough brief is required and it qill be presented. Would like it written like a 2nd year pre law students first brief.
Willing to negotiate price based on work because I do not how many pages it will be. So submit offers.
FORENSIC SCIENCE essay helpBased upon information learned in the text, in the websites listed above, and from your own research, write an opinion paper discussing privacy expectations on your cellular telephone. Specifically, if the public is not concerned when a company tracks their activities or profits by selling a customer’s private information, how concerned should the public be if the government wants and/or acquires that same information?’
Data Mining, Dog Sniffs, and the Fourth Amendment

is Chicana Feminism. Please see the foundational article for this week, Chicana Feminist Discourse, by Alma Garcia, and take notes for class discussion. writing essay helpThe topic for this week is Chicana Feminism. Please see the foundational article for this week, Chicana Feminist Discourse, by Alma Garcia, and take notes for class discussion. I will be giving 5/5 points for article & class notes and 3/5 points for just class notes.
Tips for writing your Notes
Brief Summary
3-5 Main ideas
2-3 Quotes that stand out OR “Ah ha” moments OR quote something you didn’t know before
1 paragraph making a personal connection or discussing why this topic is important. Perhaps this connects to another reading or course topic.
2-3 Questions you have about this material or topic.
please use bullets

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