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Week 2 Case Study

Week 2 Discussion Board Forum

A client of the law firm where you work as a paralegal, and with whom you have become acquainted, calls you at your home to discuss and ask your advice about the following matter. The client wants to change the form of ownership in a cottage she currently owns in severalty (just in her own name) to either a joint tenancy or a tenancy in common with her two adult children and herself. She tells you her main concern is that she does not want her children’s spouses to “ever have any interest in the cottage,” and she wants your advice as to how she can obtain this result. Due to your experience, you feel you know the answer to the question. How should you respond to her request? Is this an ethical issue or concern for you as a paralegal? Find and cite the Rule of Ethics for your state.


Please use the Discussion to share information with your
peers and receive guidance and feedback from your Professor. This will
provide practice for the Unit 9 Assignment.
Logic models are used to illustrate the resources, activities,
inputs, outputs and short-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes of a
program to evaluate its effectiveness. For the Discussion, share with
your peers the topic you have chosen for the Unit 9 Assignment, and how
you will go about creating a logic model to address one of the many
challenges the health delivery system faces.
Assignment Directions:
There are many forces that impact health delivery systems. Choose one
aspect that influences how health delivery systems are challenged, and
describe the issue. Examples include, but are not limited to, access to
care, quality health care improvement, lack of coordinated care,
continuity of care (medical home), etc.
After reviewing the Logic Model Development Guide from the readings,
create a logic model for a new program you would like to fund to address
this impact on the health delivery system. Discuss how the program can
be applied to reduce the impact on the health delivery system.
The paper should be at least 975 words in length
Your paper must include a logic model that you create (explaining the content of a logic model is insufficient)
Include a list of references in APA format, including the information used from the modules.
Please be sure to utilize the various resources available in Academic
Tools to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written

Week 2 Case Study

Religion and Theology Assignment Help When he died, Abner Huntington owned a magnificent and expensive home well known for its beautiful landscaping and flower gardens. In his will, he gave his children “all household furnishings, equipment, decorations, and appliances.” The home was sold to a famous entertainer who claimed the children had improperly removed certain fixtures from the house and the premises. The property removed included garden statues, lighting fixtures, a pipe organ, metal decorative birds around the swimming pool, and inside the house, a large statue of Pegasus, the flying horse. Most of these property items could be easily removed.

A. Are the property items listed in the above fact pattern fixtures? Why or why not?

B. Read the case Paul v. First National Bank of Cincinnati, 52 Ohio Misc. 77, 369 N.E.2d 488 (1976). [A link to the Paul case is available under Week 2’s Required Resources]. In that case, the court ruled that items similar to those in the example were fixtures. Based on your review of this week’s course material, was the court in Paul correct?

Hower, D. R., Walter, J.,


Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a grant proposal to secure
funding for future climate change related emerging environmental health
issues in your community. The first step is to persuade the Board of
Directors that funding is needed and your time will be well spent on
writing the grant.
Review the Executive Summary of The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment and choose one of the topics in the assessment.
Source: USGCRP, 2016: The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health
in the United States: A Scientific Assessment. Crimmins, A., J. Balbus,
J.L. Gamble, C.B. Beard, J.E. Bell, D. Dodgen, R.J. Eisen, N. Fann, M.D.
Hawkins, S.C. Herring, L. Jantarasami, D.M. Mills, S. Saha, M.C.
Sarofim, J. Trtanj, and L. Ziska, Eds. U.S. Global Change Research
Program, Washington, DC, 312 pp.
Once you have chosen a topic, write a 500-word persuasive essay that includes:
A detailed discussion of the emerging environmental health issue created by climate change.
How federal, state and local government and non-government organizations can effectively address the issue.
The measures that need to be taken to prevent harm from these environmental hazards in the future.
Be sure that you are informing and then persuading the Board of
Directors that this is an important issue and it is best to secure
funding now, before a health hazard arises and there is an immediate
need for funds.

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