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Week 2: Discussion Law 2240


Jim and Mary are about to be married. Mary is a wealthy actress. Jim is a struggling artist. Both agree that it would be a good idea to have a premarital agreement/pre-nuptial. Mary suggests that Jim make an appointment to visit her tax preparer, whom Mary will instruct to give Jim a complete understanding of her assets. Laughing, Jim replies, “Not necessary. I’m insulted at the suggestion, my love.” Mary’s attorney prepares the pre-nuptial, which includes language informing Jim that he has a right to review the document independently. The couple signs and notarize the pre-nuptial before their marriage.

A year after the marriage, the parties divorce. Mary seeks to enforce the premarital agreement, which provides that Jim waives spousal support and is not entitled to any of Mary’s property in the event of divorce. Jim argues that the contract is unenforceable. If you were the attorney representing Mary, what would your arguments be for enforcement of the agreement? What arguments would you make in support of Jim’s position?


Assume that you live in a state that allows Heart Balm lawsuits. Dan asks Carol to marry him. Carol says yes and sets a wedding date. Two weeks before the wedding, Carol learns that Dan has just married Linda. When Dan engaged to Carol, Carol was already married to but divorcing Bill. Dan did not know about Carol’s prior marriage.

Carol wanted to wait until the divorce was final before telling Dan about her prior marriage and divorce. Dan did not learn about any of this until after his marriage to Linda. When Carol’s divorce to Bill became final, she sues Dan for breach of promise to marry. Please answer the following:

Define heart-balm actions
Does your state still recognize heart balm lawsuits, or was it abolished?
Should Carol be allowed to bring this action? Why or why not?

Please make sure of the following:

You properly cite the e-text or a valid source.

Chapter 3 and 4

How many black holes in there univers?

So in our region of the Universe, there are some 100 billion supermassive black holes. The nearest one resides in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, 28 thousand lightyears away. The most distant we know of lives in a quasar galaxy billions of lightyears away.

he chapter presented the concept of strategy from a marketing perspective which we will narrow topics to strategy

Religion and Theology Assignment Help he chapter presented the concept of strategy from a marketing perspective which we will narrow topics to strategy and tactics which include positioning, cost versus differentiation, distribution and the marketing mix (4Ps), and product/service life cycle.
Channels of DistributionWe discussed direct and indirect distribution channels last week, and covered competitive advantage in the process. Looking further and reviewing the reading assignment, consider the following: It has been said that “channels of distribution may be the best opportunity for a sustained competitive advantage.”
I. Based on your knowledge about marketing, and reviewing the chapter, would you agree or disagree? Why?
Marketing logistics in healthcare covers much more that moving materials and products; but requires much of the marketing topics and tactics as described in the chapter, including communication as part of the marketing mix. Here’s a link to examine many of the logistics as noted in the chapter:
For this part of the discussion, describe Market Logistics.
II. What are some of the steps necessary for market logistics planning in healthcare? Please provide an examples from the Genco link above; whenever possible try to connect your response to the company you selected for the course project?
When developing a marketing plan, you can’t stop with just identifying your competitors. You also need to clarify your position in the market compared to those competitors and outline an appropriate strategy for dealing with them. The chapter is called strategy/action match here’s a Mind Tools link that talks about the marketing mix:
The chapter takes us to the “go for it strategy” when a product or service moves from the strategy/action match to analyzing the lifecycle of either. We have determined in our discussions that product lifecycle depend on how we expand, add to or take from to create a new lifecycle. Take a look at the Mind Tools presentation and discussion and plan and respond to the following.
StrategiesIII. Explain how your marketing programs will support your company’s strategic plan – company uniqueness, competitive advantage, adjusting to market conditions, trends and changes?Marketing Mix (4Ps) DiscussionProduct: brand name, features/attributes, quality, warranty, labeling, packaging, etc.Promotion: advertising, types of media, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, your methods, message/theme, timing, budget, projected results, etc.Place / Distribution: types of distribution channels, direct, retail, distributors, intermediaries, locations, logistics, motivating the channel partners, level of market coverage, channel distribution challenges, etc.Price: type of strategy, list price, discounts, bundling, market segment, channels, geography, payment terms and financing options, leasing options, supply/demand, economic/legal considerations, etc.
Pick your company’s brand (I chose carbon health) you have selected for the course project, go to its website; locate as many forms of communication as you can find. Conduct an informal communication audit. What do you notice that the company has communicated to its market? How consistent are the different communications? What will you do different with your marketing plan communication?
Hillestad SG, Berkowitz EN. Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action 5th ed. Sudbury, MA: Jones

I need to answer all these questions

I have to explain the process of establishing an Emergency Operation Center for health sector. What will be my mission, vision, purpose of establishing an EOC, what are the requirements of establishing an EOC? Where will be the location of an EOC? What are the needed equipments at the EOC? How will be the design of an EOC?

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