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week 5 crj

an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, in which you address the following:
Analyze specific, emerging challenges and how they impact criminal justice agencies individually and collectively, including:
Global crimes that impact the management of worldwide justice systems and processes
The impact of terrorism on the management of criminal justice systems around the world
The impact of social media on the management of criminal justice

Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements

Address, in no less than 400 words, the liability questions raised by the following scenario. Provide sources to support legal assertions.
Alison, a data analyst and software engineer, worked for Dellis, Inc. When she joined Dellis, she signed an employment contract. In that employment contract, among other provisions, was an arbitration clause, which read:
“any disputes arising out of this contract of employment are subject to arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.”
During her work for Dellis, Alison created a software program that would better track Dellis’ clients. Alison attempted to register for a patent to the program, claiming personal ownership in the rights to the software. Dellis learns Alison is applying for patent protection and claims the program was created as a result of Alison’s work for the company and therefore it belongs to the company.
Alison files a lawsuit in Court. She is requesting that the Court enter a Declaratory Judgment–essentially an order that she is the rightful owner of the patent associated with the program.
Dellis immediately files a motion to dismiss Alison’s lawsuit. Should the court hear Alison’s lawsuit. Why or why not?
MLA 9 format

Legal brief on the case

Law Assignment Help Project: Follow the steps below to write a case brief (aka legal brief) on one of the 2 cases identified below.
Step 1: Read the article on how to write a case brief at: (Links to an external site.)
Step 2: Pick ONE of the following cases:
Wilson v Donze
Riley v Powell
Step 3: Set your font to TIMES NEW ROMAN 12pt with DOUBLE SPACING between lines
Step 4: Write a Legal Brief that meets the criteria set out in the instructions from Step 1.
Step 5: Submit your document to Canvas in PDF Format no later than the due date listed in Canvas.

Legal ethics and professional responsibility problem question

Ronaldo is a solicitor instructed to represent Vivianne on a charge of murdering her husband, Kane. Vivianne informs Ronaldo that she has an alibi witness, her son Emile, and that she will plead not guilty. While interviewing Vivianne, Ronaldo forms the impression that she is guilty. Ronaldo interviews Emile who confirms that he was with Vivianne at the time Kane is said to have died. Ronaldo finds his account to include inconsistencies. Consider the following circumstances:
I. In conference with Vivianne’s barrister, Bukayo, Ronaldo is asked for his assessment of the case.
II. During the case, Ronaldo discovers that Emile’s alibi evidence could not be true.
III. After the case, in which Vivianne is acquitted, Ronaldo concludes that she was guilty.
In each case, consider what Ronaldo should do as a matter of professional conduct.
Word count :2000 words

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