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Week 6 Assignment: Materials Management Presentation Assignment Prompt: Your Weeks 5 and 6 assignment is to create a PowerPoint

Week 6 Assignment: Materials Management Presentation
Assignment Prompt:

Your Weeks 5 and 6 assignment is to create a PowerPoint slide presentation due at the end of Week 6. If you are at all rusty with creating PowerPoint Presentations, here are two YouTube resources that can help you get started. You can also access some excellent tutorials at GCFGlobal.
PowerPoint Beginners Guide
10 Powerful PowerPoint Tips
Microsoft PowerPoint: Intermediate/Advanced Tips
Begin by researching another product in which you have an interest. Look for a product for which you can find an online resource that provides some insight into the flow of materials to make this product. Then, create a PowerPoint presentation that instructs your audience on the functions involved with and the controls needed to manage the material flow for this product. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:
1. A minimum of 15 slides (more will be needed for better detail and a better grade.)
2. A template appropriate to Materials Management
3. An introductory slide that informs your audience of the subject
4. Art, photographs, clip art, tables, charts, and/or graphics to enhance every slide. ALWAYS include a source citation for all artwork you upload from online.
5. Your slides should refer to a minimum of 3 references. Cite and reference (on the last page) according to APA 7
6. Use bullet lists, not lengthy paragraphs
7. Insert the speaker’s notes at the bottom of each page to expand on and explain your main points in each slide. You may also insert an audio narration for each slide instead of the speaker’s noes. Use bullet lists for these notes to make for easier following during the presentation.
8. Include a summation slide as the next to last slide. This summation should tell your audience the main take-away points you want them to remember. This is one of the most important slides in your presentation, spend some time thinking through what you want your audience to remember from your presentation.
9. The last slide is for references, include a minimum of three authoritative resources you have used and cited to support your main points

Assignment Instructions:
There is no template for this assignment, however citations and references should use the APA 7th edition Form and Style Guide for your presentation. Don’t forget to include a minimum of 3 authoritative sources to support your main points in this assignment. Check your grammar, spelling, and clarity carefully before submitting it. Your grade will depend on several factors, including creativity, use of art, completeness of narration, depth of research, and, as always, how well you use the “King’s English.”

Business Question

This is a continuation of the previous task. Due to that, this part MUST be relevant to the other assignments (I attached them all in a word document) . The business is a gaming café known as “ Game Time” which is located in Atlanta Georgia. In the previous weeks we provided and overall idea of the business, the potential obstacles, marketing strategies and the target market.
For this part of your task, you will continue to build your business plan this week. Understanding your expenses will help you launch successfully. Calculating startup costs helps you: Estimate profits, do a breakeven analysis, secure loans, attract investors, just to name a few.
For this assignment you will create a financial statement (using excel or any other software you would like) Using the pro forma statement attached: calculate your business startup costs, project future sales, etc. Before your business opens its doors, you will have bills to pay. Additional, add a two page paper explaining the how you came up with the numbers and the why they are close to what might happen, backed with research.
What is due?
Financial statement (a separate document which can be done either in excel or any other software you are familiar with)
2 page explanation (word, APA)
AT least 2 references

MGT 711 Discussion questions

Business Assignment Help PART 1 (LITERATURE ATTACHED in PDF)
Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:
Create a question based on the literature. Provide background leading up the question, use supporting references, and answer your own question.
Include your own relevant experience as well as 2 citations that align with or contradict your comments as sourced from peer-reviewed academic journals,
When does an organization consider or know when it is ready for global expansion?
Write a 250- to 300-word response
Post an “elevator” presentation on your global expansion report to the class (Report on Sony expanding to India)
Part 4
Reply in 150 words
An analysis of Southwest Airlines Co. included an internal factors summary, external factor evaluation (EFE) matrix, geopolitical factors, economic factors, cultural factors, and the justification and decision making in regards to the EFE inputs and results. The analysis was focused on a potential global expansion of Southwest Airlines Co. to the Netherlands.
Southwest has a big opportunity if they expand their international flights and it could be a good strategy to focus on the locations that DELTA, its number one competitor seems to value the most coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Delta has increased its service from Atlanta to its Amsterdam, London and Europe (Yamanouchi, 2021). Southwest Airlines Co. is one of the United States major airlines and the world’s largest low-cost carrier with a defined purpose of connecting people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel (Southwest, 2021).

Company Country Expansion Recommendation

Select a Sony Corporation
and the country of India
Prepare a 12- to 15-page Global Expansion Report.
Complete a SWOT analysis for the
Complete an IFE based on your SWOT for at
least 10 internal factors including both strengths and weaknesses.
Explain how the IFE’s highest weighted scores will
influence your decision-making in the chosen region or country and justify
your rating and weights for the internal factor evaluation.
Complete an EFE including at least 10
external factors related to the country or region selected based on your SWOT
including both opportunities and threats.
Explain how the EFE’s highest weighted scores will
influence your decision-making in the chosen region or country and justify
your rating and weights for the external factor evaluation.
Recommend a strategy for expansion.
Justify your recommendation. Consider how your
internal and external factor evaluations informed your recommendation and
Format your references according to APA guidelines.

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