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week 8 path hm

Using the video from Episode 8 on Rowena, answer two of the following prompts: Please identify each prompt you answer by number and restate the question in bold letters.
Prompt 1: Explain in detail the different types of dementia.
Prompt 2: Explain in detail the difference between ischemic vs. hemorrhagic stroke.
Prompt 3:Explain the use of tPAs (Tissue Plasminogen Activator)
Prompt 4: Describe additional treatments and management that could be used in Rowena’s case.
Please correlate your responses to Rowena’s case. Content in this case scenario incorporates topics from Chapter 44 and 45.

nk hum week 8

View this TED Talk. (Links to an external site.)
In our world, we commonly think of gender as just male and female, especially when we’re categorized by things like color and clothing. It seems like we can’t even look at anything without seeing it divided into boys and girls — this is heteronormativity. But the thing is, not everyone identifies as one or the other, or expresses themselves that way. Even if someone “looks” like a guy (also evidence of heteronormativity), they may prefer to use the pronouns “she/her” — and we need to respect that by not misgendering people. Some people identify as genderfluid, which means that your identify (like male or female), can move from one side of the spectrum to the other, and some people are genderless, or identify with neither of the genders that are imposed on people. The most important thing to remember is that everyone’s gender can be unique and everyone’s gender identity, gender orientation, and gender expression is important to respect.
Further, “female” and “male” even as solely biological designations still exclude some people, who are often classified as “intersex.” Intersex means that one’s anatomy or genetics does not line up with typical expectations for either male or female people. Heteronormativity would have society believe that to be intersex is to not be normal — which is simply untrue. For intersex people, doctors and parents have often decided their gender at birth and genital reconstructive surgery is performed to turn what is seen as atypical genitalia into something that is recognizably either male or female. Intersex identity also has its own spectrum, which means that anatomy for an intersex person can be entirely different for another intersex person.
Answer the prompts below (be sure to answer all parts of question.)
What is the difference between heterosexism and homophobia?
Can people change their sexual orientation if they want to? Or are people born with their orientation?
Why do researchers generally recommend using the term “sexual orientation” rather than “sexual preference”?
What are your thoughts about the June 2020 Supreme Court ruling involving employees’ discrimination based on sexual orientation? How does that compare to anti-discrimination laws involving gender, ethnicity/ race? Be sure to support your ideas with research from at least one reputable/ academic source.

Your organization has recently discovered there have been too frequent errors in medication distribution. After launching an investigation in Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Your organization has recently discovered there have been too frequent errors in medication distribution. After launching an investigation in the matter, and discovering the reasons for the errors, your organization is ready to launch a quality improvement initiative. What might this initiative entail? What is included, and how will it assist in eliminating these errors?

Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The purpose of the Quality Improvement (QI) Plan is to provide a formal ongoing process by which the organization and stakeholders utilize objective measures to monitor and evaluate the quality of services—both clinical and operational—provided to the patients. The QI Plan, which often addresses general medical behavioral health and oral healthcare and services, defines and facilitates a systematic approach to identify and pursue opportunities to improve services and resolve identified problems (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2011).

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources. Then, reflect on how adverse events impact your organization and/or nursing practice. Consider the use of quality improvement initiative in the error rate, using scholarly articles to analyze.

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration. (2011). Developing and implementing a QI plan.

To Prepare:
Review the Learning Resources for this week, and reflect on the types of quality improvement (QI) initiatives that might be most relevant to your healthcare organization or nursing practice.
Select a QI initiative, you are most familiar with, that has received support from your senior leaders in your healthcare organization or nursing practice.
Consider how adverse events are handled in your healthcare organization or nursing practice. Reflect on how this may impact the public—as well as the internal—perspective on healthcare quality.
Find a scholarly article or one from the public press, published within the last 5 years, that recounts a serious error. Reflect on this error, and consider how it may relate to your healthcare organization or nursing practice.
By Day 3 of Week 6
Post a brief explanation of the QI initiative you selected, and why. Be specific. Explain how adverse events are handled in your healthcare organization or nursing practice, including an explanation of how this may impact both public and internal perspectives on healthcare quality. Then, briefly describe the error rate from the article you selected, and explain how this may relate to your healthcare organization or nursing practice. Be specific and provide examples.

Evidence Base practice

Week 7 8002
To prepare:
Review the Learning Resources for this week and consider those local issues/topics that are most important for your community or organization. Find articles about your community or organization that reflect the need for intervention by a doctorally prepared nurse.
Reflect on why these local issues/topics merit addressing from your perspective as a DNP-prepared nurse.
Reflect on your role as the DNP-prepared nurse to address these local issues/topics and consider what type of practice changes or interventions you might recommend to bring about needed change for your community or organization.

By Day 3 of Week 7Post a response to your Blog in which you describe at least two of the most important needs/challenges/issues in your community or organization (My two most important needs are 1. Diabetes education for elderly outpatients in a community health clinic.2. Reducing the number of re-admits of patients who have had outpatient procedures.
Why are these needs/challenges/issues important? Be specific. Then, recommend at least two practice changes or interventions you would suggest to address these needs/challenges/issues in your community or organization. Be sure to align your role as the DNP-prepared nurse to the competencies identified in the AACN Essentials.
Assignment To prepare:
Review the Walden Library webinars presented in the media Learning Resources for this week.
Then, search the Walden Library and locate three peer-reviewed primary research articles that pertain to your practice area and are of particular interest to you.
The Assignment: (6 paragraphs)
Write a 6-paragraph APA-formatted paper in which you do the following:
Write a 1-pararaph introduction of how you conducted your literature search and the databases consulted in your search in relation to your practice area or area of interest. Be specific and provide examples.
Write a 1-paragraph summary of each of the articles you have selected (a total of 3 paragraphs).
Write 1 paragraph that synthesizes the three articles using a scholarly voice.
Write a final paragraph in which you discuss the differences between summarizing and synthesizing research. Be specific and provide examples.
Krause, K., Midgley, N., Edbrooke-Childs, J.,

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