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Weekly discussion- social work major

The article The Impact of Experiential Groups on Master Students’ Counselor and Personal Development: A Qualitative Investigation by Leva et al. describes the value of engaging in experiential group therapy as a means of developing personal self-awareness (of your strengths and areas where growth may be needed) and developing professional skills (developing skills that are essential to being a group leader).
How do you relate to their findings ?
What are you hoping to gain as a result of our coursework this semester?
Articule attached
APA style
cite the ork

BEM 3001-18K-FA22L-S1, Environmental Law

Case study:
InstructionsFor this assignment, you will locate and review two articles related to energy and natural resources laws in your state or area. Please select two peer-reviewed articles from the CSU Online Library that are less than 10 years old. One article should be about energy laws while the other should be about natural resources laws.
In your paper, be sure to analyze the value of laws discussed, present the pros and cons of energy laws, and discuss various federal agencies responsible for managing natural resources laws and their ethical responsibilities.
Your review of each article should be at least one-and-a-half pages. Thus, your paper should be at least three pages in length, not counting the title page or references page. A title page is optional. Please include a paragraph at the beginning of your paper that introduces the two topics that you will be reviewing in your case study.
You can discuss each article in separate sections with headings, or you may weave them together, as long as the three-page minimum is met.
In addition to the two articles that you are reviewing, feel free to also use the textbook and other sources as supporting references. Be sure to properly cite and reference all sources using APA format.

Posters should have a good balance between text and images. Your images can be images of the original documents Essay

Political Science Assignment Help Posters should have a good balance between text and images. Your images can be images of the original documents you’re analyzing in your text, or they could be other primary sources. Your text should not be a copy/paste of your research paper. You may only copy and paste your introduction into the first box of your poster. Everything else should be a snapshot of your research.

Tell your audience what you found about the topic. Give them important data points. Explain all graphs. Use all of your sources in your poster, but put it in a format that is easily digestable in 5-10 minutes. You can use bullet points for major points (but don’t overuse them). One section can be bullet points. The rest should be summary paragraphs.

You will use a PowerPoint template to design your poster. You can use any PowerPoint poster template you want as long as:

the template is 36″x48″ and is horizontal.
the text 24 font minimum.
the headers are larger, but do not take up too much space.
the photos have captions (captions can be slightly smaller font) and don’t take up the majority of your poster.
Your last box on the right will have all of your sources written out in Chicago Manual of Style format. When you refer to your sources in your poster, make it clear what source you’re using and, if it’s a book or journal article, put the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence:

Example: In his State of the Union address 1996, Bill Clinton said “I believe we must also provide child care so that mothers who have to go to work can do so without worry about what is happening to their children.”

[That tells me that I can find the information for that source in the poster’s bibliography under: Bill Clinton, “State of the Union Address, 1996.”

Example: As historian Marissa Chapell noted, Bill Clinton “fulfilled his promise to end welfare as we know it.” (1).

[That tells me that the quote from Marissa Chapell is on page one of the book that is cited under her name in the bibliography.)

Here are two places where you can look for templates (if you are using Google Slides or some other program, you’ll need to convert your project to a PowerPoint file): (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Here are a few examples from students to give you an idea of what your poster should look like.

Example 1:

Example 3.jpg

Example 2:

Example 4.png

Technology Portfolio

Access and view the “Bachelor of Science in Sociology” page on the website:
Next, select a course in sociology from the list of Program Core Courses and read the course description. Describe what technological methods you would use to enhance learning if you were teaching that course. What other technological tools can be used inside the sociology classroom? Explain how technology has affected the college classroom. Discussion Question 1 (150 words)
Select a technology resource from your portfolio. Describe it here and explain how college professors can use it inside their sociology classrooms. Explain how technology can be applied and integrated into pedagogy. Discussion Question 2 (150 words)

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