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Welcome to the Humanities! In this Blog, we will explore our relationship to the Humanities and how they affect

Welcome to the Humanities!
In this Blog, we will explore our relationship to the Humanities and how they affect our culture and our world. Each week (weeks 1-3-5-7 ) you will create a blog by responding to the prompt. It is important to consider the blog as a visual media, adding photos, videos, links and other media to enhance and expand your ability to communicate your ideas to broader audience. So, be creative, or expansive and share your ideas here.

Week 1 Prompt
How do the humanities impact your life? In other words, where does music fit in? Where do images? Dance? Architecture? Creative language? Film? Literature? Create a list of humanities you are already enjoying or participating and tell us what they mean to you personally. Share your favorite song or video and tell us why it is important. Choose one piece or art of literature that has meaning to you and tell us where you first encountered it.
Minimum 350 Words
Share at least 3 experiences/art

scholarly articles

For this discussion, use the UC Library Resources to identify five (3) scholarly articles related to this week’s topic – Perspectives on Customer Satisfaction. Don’t just choose the first five articles that you find – look for articles that you find interesting and that could help in your organization.
Provide a 300-word summary of the selected articles and post it by Sunday at 11:59 p.m

MSEM 525 Strategic Management in a Globalized Economy

Management Assignment Help DQ (P) – Discussion Question 1 – CLO 2
Prior to reading this DQ, please read the PA1 assignment and understand what the assignment is asking you to complete. Once you have an understanding of the PA1 assignment, please continue to the paragraph below to complete DQ1.
Using the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN), JSTOR, or any other electronic journal database, research two (2) peer-reviewed articles that can be used to answer your upcoming PA1 assignment. Your discussion should summarize the articles in such a way that it can justify any arguments you may present in your PA1 assignment and should be different from the abstract. In addition to your researched peer-reviewed article, you must include an example of the article researched as it is applied by industry (company, business entity, and so forth).
Please note: This article summary should not be the only article researched for your PA1 assignment. You may (and should) have several other articles researched to fully answer your PA1 assignment. The concept of this DQ is to allow students to be proactive in the research necessary to complete this assignment. You may use your article summary, partially or in its entirety in your PA1 assignment.
Important: Please ensure that your reference for the article is in correct APA format, as your reference in your discussion post. Depending on which electronic database you use, you should see a Cite selection for your article. In addition, there should be a variety of articles summarized and as such, students should have different articles summarized. Your summary MUST include ALL of the following in your DQ post (include every item in the bullet list below, or you will not receive full credit):
Do these in order:
In correct APA format, write the Reference Listing for the article.
Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose (a summary in your own words).
Describe how you will use it in your upcoming assignment.
Include the article Abstract in your posting (your summary should be original).
Repeat for a total of two (2) peer-reviewed sources.
Reading: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization
Read Article before class:
ValueWalk: Michael Porter’s Three Types of Business Strategies
Strategic management: Developing and realizing a strategic vision.
upcoming assignment PA1:
Pick a company and evaluate the company’s internal and external factors that face them from a competitive perspective. Conduct a SWOTT analysis that will evaluate each of those areas. In your assignment, provide the actual SWOTT chart with a minimum three (3) key factors within each area of the Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats, and Trends. In addition, write a 2-3-page overall assessment expanding the SWOTT analysis further. What is the top strength and weakness of the organization internally that the company should focus on to be competitive. What is the top opportunity and top threat facing the company and why? Wrap up the paper with a conclusion on what the main competitive advantage the company has in their market today and why?

Management Question

help me finish this management assignment need 1000 words
I choose topic is Question 2
To what extent and how is rationality ‘bounded’? What effects does this have on management decision making and how, if at all, can it be addressed? Illustrate your answer by drawing on the TLA case study..

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