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When economists say there is no such thing as a free lunch, they mean

Question: When economists say there is no such thing as a free lunch, they mean that O every choice we make involves a tradeoff. O the more lunch a person eats the more weight the person will gain. O each day we decide to eat lunch is another day we must pay out money. O we must pay money for everything we get. o it is against the law to accept goods or servicesShow transcribed image text 100% (1 rating)Solution: The correct answer for the question is option A : every choice we make is a tradeoff Option A is correct beacuse in one way or the other way if any goods/services are taken by someone from somebody then the price in any form for that partic…View the full answerTranscribed image text: When economists say there is no such thing as a free lunch, they mean that O every choice we make involves a tradeoff. O the more lunch a person eats the more weight the person will gain. O each day we decide to eat lunch is another day we must pay out money. O we must pay money for everything we get. o it is against the law to accept goods or services without paying for them.

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Diagnostic Case Study | Online Assignment Help college application essay help online

Diagnostic Case Study Task Description This assessment task is designed to apply Operations Management principles, theories and models. You are to apply these to analyse the current operations of an organisation described in a short case study. The assignment requires you to write a succinct business report that identifies the operational issues in the case and develops an argument about their root causes. As such, your diagnostic business report presents a cause/effect argument that reflects the insights from extensive research within the academic literature relating to operations management. The objective is to identify and specify the problems that exist (do not try to solve the case study). Some research into the sector would also be beneficial. Full details of the case and assignment requirements are available on the unit website. Assessment Deadline Assessment Due Date: Week 7 Monday (27-Aug-2017) 09:00 AM AEST Assessment Criteria Your diagnostic report will be assessed using a Marking Rubricaccording to the following criteria: • Thorough understanding of relevant concepts, principles, theories, tools and models used in identifying the issues in the case study and diagnosing their causes: 45% • Compelling expression of your evidence-based arguments: 30% • Clear flow of thought throughout the paper with a clear and succinct purpose described in the introduction and a clear and succinct summary of the causes of the issues: 10% • Critical analysis and integration of relevant academic insights from at least ten (10) academic journals: 10% • Appropriate in text referencing and reference list. Adherence to APA formatting: 5% • Report length 2000-words (±10%). Submissions that exceed 2200 words (reference list excluded) will be penalised at a rate of 1% per 100-words (or part thereof) of the nominated assessment value. • Late submissions will also be penalised at the rate of “five per cent of the total marks available for the assessment each calendar day (full or part) it is overdue” (Policy: Assessment of Coursework section 3.2.4) Submission Format Submissions must be in Business Report format using Word with 1.5 line spacing and Times Roman 12 point font. Referencing Style: American Psychological Association (APA) Please include a cover sheet showing the unit name and code, assessment number, your name and student number. Please find the attachment for the case study material

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When economists say there is no such thing as a free lunch, they mean

The presentation was a success, and the CIO of the organization you chose, while pleased, has another task for you. Because of the overwhelming support he gained from your presentation, he is assigned with staffing a team to provide the intrusion detection software (IDS) solution. Therefore, you will provide him with the following information to consider in his planning:

Part A:

Create 1- to 1.5-page summary including the following:

The number of additional employees necessary to rollout and support an IDS desktop solution
An explanation as to how individuals work with the existing desktop support and malware teams
The job title for those who normally perform rollout and support functions for the IDS desktop solution
An outline of the daily duties for the additional employees hired for rollout and support functions for the IDS desktop solution

Part B:

Create an infographic using an infographic maker, such as Piktochart, Venngage, or Canva, displaying an organization chart showing the following:

The job titles provided in your summary and how they fit in with the existing cybersecurity team
A list of the industry certifications the new IDS rollout-and-support-function employees should have or can work toward

Include citations as necessary in APA format.

Select the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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Aligned course & subject learning outcomes

• CLO1: Explain the fundamentals of OM and the seamless integration between logistics, operations, and the customer;

• SLO2: Apply critical thinking to address issues in business

• SLO3: Convey information clearly and fluently, in high quality written form appropriate for their audiences

In conjunction with your lecturer, select a journal article from the Online and Electronic Resources in section 2.5. Your article should be a recently published paper within the last five years (2013 onwards). You are required to critique the article you have selected and note its relevance and appropriateness to the subject content of BX2062 operations management. A suggested pro-forma for the body of the assignment would be:

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Literature Review/Critique:

• Main Purpose of the Article

• Key Question/s of the Article

• Most Important Information (Secondary and Primary Data) of the Article

• Main Inferences of the Article

• Key Concept (s) of the Article

• Main Assumption (s) of the Article

• Implications

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A store like coles which have two modes of sales like online and physical store, compare both of them and finally conclude which is better. As discerning individuals, we frequently engage in an evaluation process. For example, before we make any major purchase, be it a house, a car, or a computer, we will evaluate/compare the purchase by examining similarities and differences between two or more items that make the most sense based on our own perceptions of value for money. Even a decision on which restaurant to eat at will involve comparing different features between restaurants such as the menu choice or ease of parking. For this assessment, you will engage in a thorough evaluation/comparison and write an internal document (memo) based on your findings. The purpose of this assessment is to teach you the skills of writing an effective evaluation/comparison. Assessment task Managers in almost every organisation have incorporated the Internet as a part of their information technology strategies. Most large organisations, and many small ones, are involved in some type of e-business (commonly defined as any business that takes place by digital processes over a computer network). Your boss, the CEO of Silk Road Furnishings, a retail business that imports premium home furnishings from China and India, selling them through their stores in Melbourne and Sydney, is considering expansion; however, there are two schools of thought. One is to duplicate the success with more ‘physical stores’, by expansion to Brisbane and Auckland. Others feel that the expansion and investment should be through the establishment of an online store. Until now, the online presence has been just a small website without even much of a catalogue. In order to make a decision between these two strategies, your boss has asked you to review the online presence and physical store presence of any retail company already operating in these two markets.

Business Fundamentals | Online Assignment Help college application essay help online

Aligned course & subject learning outcomes


• CLO1: Explain the fundamentals of OM and the seamless integration between logistics, operations, and the customer;

• CLO2: Evaluate supply and demand parameters for maximum utilisation of resources and minimisation of waste

• CLO3: Validate the linkages between JIT, Six Sigma, Lean Operating Systems and QA in OM

• SLO2 Apply critical thinking to address issues in business

• SLO3 Convey information clearly and fluently, in high quality written form appropriate for their audiences

English| Online Assignment Help college application essay help online

a.Reading several journal articles and summarizing their findings

b.Figuring out how to get from one city to another

c.Determining the average cost of a home in a given geographic area

d.Locating a variety of scholarly articles on one topic

e.All of the above

f.None of the above

1 points  


According to the reading, formal academic research begins with what?
.A problem or a question.
A discipline.
A hypothesis.
An assumption.
A topic


1 points  


Which of the following is the best description of what the author’s mean by “the interpretation of data”?

a.The way in which the researchers identify and gather the data they will study

b. The way in which researchers test their hypotheses

c. The way in which the researchers extract/make meaning from their gathered data

d. The way in which the researchers determine the assumptions on which the data is based


1 points   

According to the authors, for an activity to be considered formal research, it must include the interpretation of data. True or


1 points  


Which of the following is NOT something that must occur for an activity to be considered formal research by the authors of the article?

a.It must be guided by a specific problem, question, hypothesis

b. It must follow a specific plan or procedure

c. It must clearly articulate a goal

d. It must only include scholarly, peer reviewed sources

e. It must accept certain critical assumptions


1 points  


According to the article, which of the following is the best definition of the word hypothesis?

a.It’s a wild guess about how your experiment will come out

b. It is a reasonable guess to what will happen as a result of your research; research is often done to test a hypothesis

c. It is the self-evident truth about a research project that researchers accept as a given

d. It is a belief about the results of an experiment that is either proved or disproved by the experiment


1 points  


A hypothesis is never proved or disproved; it is either supported or not supported. True


Strategic Growth Plan | Online Assignment Help college application essay help online


1. Effective synthesis of material and use of case evidence to support arguments

2. Use of appropriate concepts and frameworks for analysis

3. Generation of logical arguments including use of academic frameworks in an appropriate sequence

4. Synthesis to produce coherent argument and conclusions

5. Use of English (spelling, grammar)

6. Use of recognised academic frameworks for citation and referencing

Business Consumer Report | Online Assignment Help college application essay help online

Case: Tesla’s Quality Challenge On March 31, 2016, Tesla Motors announced the release of its new Model 3 electric car. Over 276,000 people from around the world put down $1,000 reservations for the car within three days. First deliveries of the car are expected in late 2017. The innovative new car is a follow-up to the much more expensive Model S and Model X cars. Tesla delivered about 110,000 of these cars prior to the Model 3 announcement. Elon Musk, the brilliant CEO of the company, has said that he has confidence that the company can sell 500,000 cars a year by 2020. Given the interest shown at the Model 3 announcement, some experts think this might be possible. The fledging Palo Alto, California, automaker has struggled with ramping up manufacturing, particular with the Model X sport utility vehicle introduced in 2015. The company reported that there were many sourcing changes made late in the process of planning production. Tesla tends to make items, such as the middle seats in the Model X, in-house rather than outsourcing them, which is done by many car manufacturers. The issues associated with the production of the cars are a complex combination of mechanical and computer software problems. Popular features of the cars include driving-assist autopilot functions, auto-parallel parking, and auto-braking. The cars even have an auto-summons feature that lets a driver park and retrieve their car with no one inside. Many post-production issues have been addressed through software updates downloaded to customers over wireless connections. Other mechanical problems are more difficult to resolve. Owners have complained that the Model X falconwing doors will not open. When owners have problems like this, Tesla typically schedules a time to pick up the car for repair and leaves a loaner for use by the customer. Another recent issue was a latch on the third-row seat that could come undone during a collision. Tesla decided to recall 2,700 Model X cars to replace the latches with a new design. This recall totally overloaded Tesla’s service outlets with waits of more than two weeks to make the repair. Some customers were offered rental cars due to the long wait. So far, customers expect the “white-glove” treatment that Tesla currently offers, but a big concern is what Tesla will do when there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road. Mr. Musk’s Tesla cars have many loyal customers, even though problems have been encountered. But moving from tens of thousands of vehicles to hundreds of thousands may be difficult, unless some major service improvements are made. Put yourself in the position of a manager at Tesla responsible for quality and customer satisfaction. What would you suggest relative to the following questions? Questions Consumer Reports, the service that reports unbiased testing and ratings on cars (together with about everything else we buy), recommends avoiding new cars in their first year of production, especially those loaded with new technology. What can Tesla do to refute this recommendation? How should Tesla “manage” the delivery of the new Model 3 during the initial production rampup? Think about this relative to where cars should be delivered geographically and how the service process should be designed. Should Tesla deliver cars to customers on a first-come-first-served basis (i.e., in the order of when deposits were placed)? What other suggestions would you have for Tesla relative to ensuring the quality of their new Model 3 car?

Service and Operation Management | Online Assignment Help college application essay help online

An individual analysis of no more than 1,000 words regarding improvement of an existing Service Process in APA referencing style. And presentation should be in a report format.

In this assignment you will analyze a sub-optimal service process. You can identify any sub-optimal process of interest to you, whether it be a service process you have personally experienced or a recent news story. A sub-optimal service process is one in which the intended outcome or value of the service was not properly delivered and there was a distinct gap between the service expected and the service delivered. You should critically assess this gap in terms of why it happened, what were the costs and how it should/could be remedied. You should apply the course concepts learnt during the first four weeks of the course.

To guide you in this task, you should draw from the following course materials:

1. The lecture slides and reading materials for the weeks leading up to the due date.

2. The Grading Criteria shown below that will be used to grade your final work.

This assignment is worth 10% of your overall course grade and is to be submitted as a word file. In APA referencing style, using peer reviewed articles.

The following journals are excellent reference sources for this purpose:

● Production and Operations Management

● Journal of Operations Management

● Decision Sciences Journal

● Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

● International Journal of Operations and Production Management

● International Journal of Production Research

● International Journal of Production Economics

● Harvard Business Review

● Academy of Management Review/Journal

● California Management Review

● Sloan Management Review

Week 1 Review Topic and Discussion

Discuss the nature of services and how (and why) they differ from manufactured goods. What is it about services that attracts such emotions from consumers when they go wrong? As consumers are we really able to judge a good service from a bad service given service performance is often very subjective? Are consumers capable of judging ‘service quality’?

Week 2 Review Topic and Discussion

In a bad economy, evidence suggests that service businesses will usually suffer the most. People spend less and view many services as non-essential (e.g. restaurants, dry cleaning, pet grooming, clothing purchases). Because spending on services is typically the first to be cut back by consumers, service businesses often have to re-consider how they compete and seek to innovate during a bad economy.

Agree or disagree with this view (and tell us why you agree or disagree).

Week 3 Review Topic and Discussion

This discussion should revolve around concepts learnt during Week 3 – “New Service Development”. The readings that inform this topic are Fitzsimmons et al, Ch 3 and Bettencourt and Ulwick (2008).

Argue the merit (or otherwise) of either of the following statements:

– Innovation in service design should always be driven by ‘customer-centric’ goals.

– Innovation in services is driven less by customer behavior and more by changes in technology, available resources, and company culture. In fact, one could argue that company culture explains a majority of innovation in services (or lack thereof).

The above are just for class discussions for week 1-4

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