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Which event discussed in this course that is connected to or reflected in current events do you believe is

Which event discussed in this course that is connected to or reflected in current events do you believe is of the greatest importance? How are the events (then and now) the same? How are they different? What can we as a society learn from the historical event to make the current event more effective?

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OF MODERN IRELAND Write a 2000-word essay on one of the following:

1. How, and why, did family formation in Ireland change over the course of the nineteenth century? 2. Assess the impact of the religious reform and revival on the rise of sectarianism and denominational tension in nineteenth-century Ireland. 3. How did the First World War impact on the course of Irish politics? 4. Discuss the role of publicity and propaganda in the independence struggle (1918-21). 5. Why did the Treaty split lead to civil war? 6. Analyse the key factors shaping the culture of the Irish Free State. 7. Assess Fianna Fail’s external (including Anglo-Irish) policies in the 1930s 8. Why was the 1937 Constitution criticised by key women’s groups in Ireland? 9. Discuss the role of censorship in maintaining Irish neutrality, 1939-45. 10. Discuss the reasons for and consequences of emigration in 1950s Ireland. 11. ‘Social change was perceptible if slow in 1960s Ireland.’ Discuss. 12. Why did the ‘Troubles’ break out in late 1960s Northern Ireland? 13. How did membership of the EEC/ EU impact on Ireland socially and economically from 1973-1999?

essay. All essays should be carefully referenced. Refer to the School Plagiarism Policy. In all cases, select specific place and time case studies as appropriate. Correct referencing is essential. Use no more than three case studies in any answer. The questions have been left purposefully broad to allow for greater flexibility, but make sure that your answer remains focused. No plagiarism of any kind

History Assignment Help Essay Format 12- point font ( Times New Roman or some other easy-to-read font) 1.5 or double-spaced Justify your text Footnotes ( Chicago manual of referencing) – the only acceptable form of referencing for this paper Remember to use paragraphs as your write Don’t forget to include Bibliography at end of the paper. I will attach the questions below No plagiarism of any kind

Renaissance Period: Timeline, Art

Instructions:Click on the attached link and read the following short sections:- From Darkness to Light: The Renaissance Begins- Humanism- Medici FamilyThen, review the section “Renaissance Geniuses” and pick 3 figures you want to learn more about.When you have chosen your three figures, click on their names to read more about them, then complete the following on a sheet of paper:- Title your work “Renaissance Introduction” and be sure to put your name, date, and period- For each figure, you will write their name, the year they lived – the year they died, write at least 2-3 paragraphs in your own words of the impact this figure made specifically during the Renaissance period. Be sure to use details form the text, and elaborate. If you don not know what you’re writing about, I won’t either… explain appropriately.

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The Feminine Mystique and Black and Latina Feminists

please read the attached excerpt of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique (primary source) from the era known as “Second Wave Feminism.” In addition, read the attached article on Black and Latina feminism (secondary source) in an era known as “Third Wave Feminism.” Write a 500-word MLA-Style essay that addresses the following questions:
What were Friedan’s main arguments?
What do you think she meant by “the problem that has no name”?
What were the concerns of Black and Latina feminists during the “Third Wave,” and in what ways were they different from Second Wave Feminism?

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