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Which Way Home

Several Academy Award willing documentary films are have been included to support learning topics in this course. You have thought critically about narratives or images shown in a film from global geography and social sciences perspectives.
Each essay must have 3 typed pages (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins on all sides) summarizing new facts gained along with your critical thoughts on what was shown. Essays must include a total word count noted at the end (with 750 words minimum).

EU at a Crossroads

You must respond to both statements below. You can take any of the following positions: “agree,” “disagree,” “strongly agree,” or “strongly disagree” and then provide reasoning why you have this opinion.
1) Support for a European Army is needed to defend the European continent against Russia in the future.
2) European populism will decrease because of apolitical pandemic response.

Fill out attached map with all 3rd world countries

Geography Assignment Help Please use the attached map and insert all 3rd world countries. Indicate where the country is on the blank map (eg by inserting a number on the map that corresponds to the country). For example, if Afghanistan is the first country listed, Place a “1” in the map where Afghanistan is, and move to the next country, Albania. That you will indicate by a “2” of the map. Then create a key with all the numbers and the corresponding counties. Please make sure that only the listed countries are inserted.
Countries List:…

Global Migration

You must respond to one statement followed by one question below. For the statements you may take any of the following positions: “agree,” “disagree,” “strongly agree,” or “strongly disagree” and then provide reasoning why you have this opinion. For the question, use information from the text to support your position. Please include the number of the statement in your response.
1) More legal options for immigration to the Unites States are needed so there will be fewer asylum seekers.
2) Why do you think media, politics, public policy, and funding focuses so heavily on fortifying the Mexican border, but not on securing the Canadian border?
3) Do you think the government is responsible for rise in deaths among migrants despite a decrease in illegal border crossings attempts?

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