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“The women of Afghanistan have endured quite a lot of adversity and suffering by the hands of men. The women have faced sexism, spousal abuse, and even death because of little things like having their ankles exposed and seen by another man. In A Thousand Splendid Suns Refer to your citation style to see how this title should be formatted; some styles require the title be in quotation marks, others that it be italicized. by Khaled Hosseini, women are depicted quite accurately and Change to “as well as” their struggles. The book shows the struggles of 2 Spell this out: “two” young Afghan women, Laila and Mariam, in war riddled Afghanistan. Both women are years apart in the book by age, but are forced to marry an older man, Rasheed, who they dont know. The women learn to co-exist as they endure Rasheeds mental and physical abuse. Thats the story of many women in Afghanistan, who live the life portrayed in A Thousand Splendid Suns See my earlier note. The women in Afghanistan have to face marriages, poor education and restrictions brought on by the Taliban, all which are talked about in A Thousand Splendid Suns See my earlier note. These Afghan women deal with punishment on a daily basis, a sad and a tough life they live.

Marriage is the voluntary union of two people, who choose to be together and nobody else for the rest of their lives. In the case of the Afghan women, they deal with forced under-age marriages. Some Afghan women have been wed off at a very early age, some at the age of thirteen to men much older then them. Although the legal age for marriage in Afghanistan is sixteen for females and eighteen for males, many people, particularly in rural areas, either ignore the law or claim they are not aware of it. “According to the Womens Ministry and Womens NGOs, approximately 57 percent of Afghan girls get married before the age of 16.” ( These marriages affect young girls badly in many ways. It blocks them from an education and causes pregnancy.” Afghanistan has the worlds second worst rate of maternal death during childbirth. About 16 out of every 100 women die giving birth.” ( Childbirth before they have reached physical maturity at such a young age can lead to serious physical trauma, psychological disturbance, and sometimes lifelong physical and/or emotional inability. At such a young age these women are being wed off and its obvious these women are being forced to marry, since they are too young and uneducated to make such huge decisions. “The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) estimates that up to 80 percent of all marriages in Afghanistan are conducted without the consent of the parties involved.” ( The practice of forced marriages is carried out for many different reasons, including giving a girl in marriage as repayment for a debt, to resolve a feud, or even to just get rid of her. Many Afghan families determine whom a daughter should marry without her consent. Its not bad enough these women are too young and forced to marry older men, some of the women must deal with their men marrying other younger women. Islam allows men to have up to four wives as long as they can treat them equally. This rule lets men marry younger women when their first wives get too old, say thirty. This is quite awful and very devastating to a woman who has devoted all her life to her husband to end up playing second fiddle to some 13 to 16 year old girl. Its a sad case for these women, they must devote their entire lives to a man they were forced to marry without even accomplishing a goal or a dream.

The women in the book, Mariam and Laila are both married off at a very young age to the same man, who is twice their age. In Mariams case, she was a burden to her family and so they just took the first offer for her. “Rasheed is here, in Heart; he has come all the way from Kabul. The nikka will be tomorrow morning, and then there is a bus leaving for Kabul at noon” (Hosseini 45). Mariam was not even consulted in whether she wanted to marry Rasheed, let alone she had never seen or met him before. She was forced to marry at the age of 15. The other woman in the book, Laila, had no choice but to marry Rasheed. Laila has no body One word: “nobody” left to take care for her; all her friends and family had died or moved because of war. She had to think of her baby and to avoid the stigma of being an unwed mother; Laila agreed to marry Rasheed, who was eager to have a young and attractive second wife. “I am too old. Too old for you to do this to me. For you after all these years, to make me an ambagh” (Hosseini 192). This was heart breaking One word: “heartbreaking” for Mariam, for her husband to marry another woman, after she had spent her youth trying to be a good wife to him. “I wouldnt have fed you and washed you and nursed you if Id known you were going to turn around and steal my husband” (Hosseini 202). Mariam feels Laila is stealing her husband; she is upset and jealous of the new bride. Rasheed went as far as selling of his first wedding ring for a new and more expensive ring for Laila.

A Thousand Splendid Suns shows the reality most women face when they have to get married. Most women in Afghanistan are forced to marry men at a very young age. Remove this sentence, as you have repeated it many times; it is redundant. The girls are a financial burden to their families, just like Mariam. Mariam was a burden to Jalil and so he arranged for her to get married. Laila on the other hand seemed to have a bright future in front of her but war had taken away her family, so she had no choice but to marry Rasheed. Many Afghan women end up marrying older men because they cannot support themselves because of all the Taliban restrictions. As well the women face younger girls marrying their husbands, which can be very heart breaking One word: “heartbreaking” to a woman. Mariam was devastated by Rasheed who married Laila. Khaled Hosseinis interpretation of marriage in the book was very accurate, he showed marriage of women that were forced when they were young and expressed the view of the first wife, whose husband marries another woman. A touching yet true story of many women in Afghanistan.

All children deserve to learn and go to school but in Afghanistan, girls have been forced to abandon their education because of marriage. If these girls were given a chance to learn instead of becoming wives, then women might finally be able to rise up. “According to Mrs. Habiba, the second grade teacher, and Mrs. Qrmrun, the principal, over two-thirds of the nine-year-old girls sitting on the stone floor in a classroom an hour from Tora Bora were either already married or soon to become

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While participants are concerned about the anticipated economic downturn and potential decrease of GDP, participants are optimistic about our region and anticipate modest growth in performance and values. Hotels in the region have fared relatively well the past couple of years and Trend Watchers believe this trend will continue in the next two years. Although occupancy rates in both metro Washington and Baltimore have not grown as some expected, for the most part average daily rates (ADR) and revenue per available room (RevPAR) have consistently grown the past three years. Generally speaking, most respondents believe that this trend of growing ADR and RevPAR will continue over the short term. For metro Washington, most respondents do not think that occupancy rates will increase. For the Baltimore area, however, respondents were more optimistic about occupancy rates thinking that they will not drop over the next one to two years.

In both downtown Washington D.C. and Baltimore markets respondents cite lack of additional convention business due to inadequate hotel supply. This is quickly changing as both markets have a pipeline of planned hotels and hotels under construction. Catching everyone’s attention is the National Harbor project along with planned convention hotels in DC and downtown Baltimore.

Trend Watchers in both markets believe there will be an increase of limited service hotels as well as an increase in boutique type hotels. The most successful limited service hotels will be in locations where guests have pedestrian access to amenities such as restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment venues. The limited service hotel format allows the guest a more affordable stay as compared to a full service hotel and can result in higher returns for hotel operators that have difficulty controlling operating costs associated with full service amenities. As well, there is less overhead to overcome with a limited service format when hotel occupancy is not as strong as anticipated.

One of the biggest challenges facing operators in this region is the lack of labor, according to participants. Immigration issues and affordable housing will need to be addressed in order to employ the necessary labor for existing and anticipated hotel growth. Some participants also believe that hotel owners and operators will have to contend with unionization of labor in the hotel industry within the next two years. {G: Graphics

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