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Work Motivation and Job Attitudes

Question 1
Watch the video from the link below; Then write a 2-page reaction Essay on the subject of motivating employees and what works, according to these business leaders. What are some of the things companies can do to motivate employees? What would you do as a manager? What works for you now in terms of getting you motivated to perform at a higher level in the workplace. Be sure have at least 2 References (sources). The Essay must be in APA 7th Edition style.
Video Link:
Question 2
watch the video from the link below. Then, write a 2-page minimum Essay in APA 7th edition style with your reaction to the video. Have you ever been in a work environment that is unhealthy or toxic? How did you handle the situation? What would you do differently now? If you haven’t been in an environment like this — what would you do if you ever encountered this type of situation with regard to Organizational Behavior? Please be sure you have at least 2 sources (References ) for this Essay.
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What Is The Epic of Gilgamesh About? buy argumentative essay help Psychology coursework help

This video is an animated version of the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the great stories of ancient civilizations. Gilgamesh was a ruler in Mesopotamia, and he was known for both his strength and his capacity for building great structures. A man who was seen as something close to a God by the people around him, he took it upon himself to build those structures in order to protect his people from threats around them. As the video makes clear, though, no amount of structures could protect the people under Gilgamesh’s care from Gilgamesh himself.

Gilgamesh goes out on a long journey with Enkidu, and during the process, they are faced with tremendous challenges. They go into the forest, and they fight off both sickness and other threats that might have ultimately hurt them. Eventually, after the two built a raft and floated down the river, Enkidu falls sick, and he eventually dies. Gilgamesh is saddened by this, but he is motivated to not suffer the same fate as his friend. In response to the loss of Enkidu, Gilgamesh determines that he is going to seek out immortality in whatever possible. In order to do so, Gilgamesh must go and speak with a wise boatman, who tells him all about a host of different things that have taken place in the past, including a great flood. It is then that Gilgamesh meets the Ancient One, who is supposed to provide him with eternal life. Gilgamesh is unable to stay awake in order to fulfill the Ancient One’s wishes. Gilgamesh loses his opportunity for immortality at this point. Eventually, Gilgamesh loses another opportunity to gain immortality when, again, he could not stay awake. Upon returning home, Gilgamesh understands that he will not have eternal life, but he looks at the things that he has built, and he understands that it is not his fate to live forever, but for his creations to carry on his legacy long after him.

This is one of the most important stories ever told, and it exists as a significant relic both of history and literature. One of the most important takeaways that one can have about this story is that during the early development of society, there was a tremendous of respect for the leaders. Gilgamesh can be understood as the writer’s vision of what an ideal leader looks like. He is strong and able to do things that no man could do. This shows that the people in early civilizations often held their rulers out to be more than just human, and this can help one understand how these leaders assume such places of unassailable power.

In addition, this story shows the significance of creation stories and how religions potentially developed. Gilgamesh was on a great quest to find immortality and eternal life. He was confronting the biggest questions in life – why are we here and what is the point of it all? In order to find those answers, he marches long and far, and he encounters many dangers. This is significant, too, because it shows that even the strongest people are in search of those answers. What this communicates, then, is that religion took hold in many ancient civilizations as a means of answering the difficult questions that the people had no means of answering on their own. Religions eventually became more complex, but their roots go back as far as time, with people coming up with various theories for how to live on forever, as death was just as uncertain then as it is now.

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Law Contract Essay 1500 Words

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) After the events of September 11, 2001, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was formed. This put an additional 180,000 employees to work at combating terrorism throughout the four major organizations or federal agencies that comprise the DHS. What are each of the four organizations that compose Homeland Security? What is each of their roles in combating terrorism? outside sources from a couple of websites my teacher is very picky

A Wall Of Rising And Story Of An Hour

Compare /Contrast ESSAY I want to compare and contrast The story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and A wall of Fire Rising by Edwidge Danticat. My thesis statement that I turn in is A Wall of Rising and Story of an hour both deals with family crisis but different situations. Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with heart trouble, great care was taken o break to her as gently as possible the new of her husband deaths( º Essay Topics and Quotations). Pretend that this is the time of miracles and we believed in this,. I watched the owner for a long time and I think I can fly that balloon,. The first tine I saw him do it looked live a miracle but the more and more.I saw it the more and more continue( I’m sorry I got this in late, I had a death in my family. 750 WORDS KATE EVANS EARNEY – COMP II ONLINE SPRING 2018 PAPER 2 ASSIGNMENT SHEET For your second formal essay assignment, you will be writing a literary analysis of one of the following stories: The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin; A & P, by John Updike; A Wall of Fire Rising by Edwidge Danticat. You may write your entire paper (750 words!) on the literary elements within one story, or you may compare and contrast two of the above stories. As mentioned in class, all of the above stories contain similar plot arcs and character archetypes. You must carefully analyze the literary elements to produce a thoughtful and insightful literary analysis. To avoid over-summarizing your story/(ies) of choice, you are encouraged to organize your essay based on the literary elements you are discussing. Choose from the following list of elements: characters, conflicts, narrator/point of view, setting, and symbols. Secondary Sources: For this paper, you will be responsible for coherently integrating information from a secondary source (from the library’s database) into your paper. Within the Unit Five folder of our Course Content you will find detailed lecture notes about accessing the online database, choosing a source, and successfully integrating that source into your own paper. Use your secondary source as inspiration for what you focus your essay on. Try to find at least two good quotes from your secondary source to include within your essay. Remember: Your secondary sources must come from the library’s online database. No sources from the regular internet (Google, Wiki, Sparknotes, etc.) will be accepted. To access the library’s database follow these steps: ¢ Go to ¢ Select Databases By Subject ¢ On this page, select Literature and Composition; this will take you to the three available databases: o JSTOR o Literary Reference Center (EPSCOHost) o Literature Resource Center (Gale) Remember that you must submit a thesis statement and the citation for your outside source by Wednesday, 3/4. The complete final draft of Paper 2 (with Works Cited page) must be submitted either through the Blackboard assignment post by Sunday, 3/18, by 11:59pm. Your paper will lose 5 points for each

Market Plan 1

Unit II Scholarly Activity Marketing Plan: Company Overview and Market Research ? Overview of Company ? Market Research Strategies ? Analyzing Macro-environment-PEST Analysis In this section of the Marketing Plan, you will introduce the fictional company you have selected/created, allowing the reader to understand the company, product/service, and any other pertinent details. Marketing plans are compiled by companies that have incorporated a solid marketing research strategy in order to better understand the industry, competition, and customer. Explain the research strategies that will be used by your company. Finally, analyze the macro environment using a PEST analysis. This will lead to a better understanding of how changes in the political/legal, economic, socio-cultural, and technological environment will affect your company. Your APA formatted assignment should be a minimum of three (3) pages in length (not including the title and references pages). Be sure to use the subheadings as given above. Because this assignment is a comprehensive plan, additional research and support should be included. You are required to use a minimum of three peer-reviewed, academic sources that are no more than five years old. Scenarios to choose from (remember that you will select one and use it for all four submissions): 1. Caninantics is a start-up company that has created a new dog food dispensing product that will open canned dog food, dump the food into the dog bowl, and dispense the can. The company wants to start marketing this product and subsequently branch into other canine accessories by the end of this year. 2. Twilight, a start-up company, has contemplated an opportunity with the Baby Boomer generation entering the retirement stage of their lives. As this generation has paved the way for many new businesses over the years, Twilight believes there is yet another opportunity to serve this generation. The service would be a consulting service providing information for active seniors, 55-plus, partial assistance, and full care. This service would involve not only housing but also a host of information related to enjoying this period of their lives. Twilight would like to build a profitable business model that is able to serve these customers. 3. IT Today is a start-up company that is interested in providing technological assistance to the average consumer that is interested in all the newest technological gadgets (smartphone, tablet, laptops, printers) but does not necessarily have the time or background to maintain their operation. IT Today would like to provide 24/7 technological assistance as well as assistance in networking. The company goal is to put together this business with the end result of a profitable business model. 4. Athletics Supreme is a company that has been in business about 10 years selling a variety of athletic equipment. They have observed the growing interest in sportswear and would like to expand their product offering to include a line of sportswear and possibly other related lines. Their goal is to provide their customers with “one-stop” shopping opportunities, maintain their brand identity, and still maintain a profit. 5. Arimount is a well-known beauty and grooming company that has been in the industry for about 20 years. They would like to launch a new deodorant product. The company’s development and research department has created a new chemical that will allow deodorants to work for up to five days-even after showering. The company is interested in increasing their overall market share with the introduction of this innovative product. 6. Travel Today, a well-known travel agency that has been serving customers for 25 years, has experienced a slow- down of business over the last five years. They are of the belief that the internet has enabled customers to plan and book their own vacations. Their business development department has begun researching possible alternative new product/service offerings with the idea of re-capturing some of their lost customers. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

Research Children’S Health Issues

Research children’s health issues, focusing on environmental factors and links to poverty. The assessment of environmental processes includes agents and factors that predispose communities and populations to injury, illness, and death. What correlations did your research show between environmental and health issues in the school-aged child? Make sure to include references to the article(s) you consulted., focusing on environmental factors and links to poverty. The assessment of environmental processes includes agents and factors that predispose communities and populations to injury, illness, and death. What correlations did your research show between environmental and health issues in the school-aged child? Make sure to include references to the article(s) you consulted.

When using a gauze pad to make a dressing, you should: a. cut the dressing to fit. b. never use

When using a gauze pad to make a dressing, you should: a. cut the dressing to fit. b. never use. When using a gauze pad to make a dressing, you should: a. cut the dressing to fit. b. never use gauze for a dressing. c. fold the dressing to fit. d. use a lot of tape to hold the dressing
When using a gauze pad to make a dressing, you should: a. cut the dressing to fit. b. never use

Explain In Detail (Using Your Readings And Presentation From This Module/Week To Support What You Say) The Relationship Between Abuse…

Explain in detail (using your readings and presentation from this module/week to support what you say) the relationship between abuse of substances and Substance Use Disorders (SUD’s). How can one discern abuse from an SUD? What are the determining factors that distinguish one from the other? Discuss local news coverage of alcohol- or drug-related incidences in your area. Conclude by considering in what way your biblical worldview and/or biblical insights impact the way you consider use of substances, SUD’s, and what you’ve noticed in your local news. Make sure to support everything you report with this module/week’s readings/presentation

Data-Driven Decision Making

Attention Wizard Kim. Week 8 Discussion: Optimization in Staffing 2 pages Week 8 Assignment: More Advanced Optimization with 2 questions from Textbook (3 pages on excel). Please follow the same rubrics.

Political Science. 4 Questions

No plagiarizing and do NOT upload to TURNITIN. Respond to each of the four short response questions. The answers should be short, focused, and complete, ranging from one to three paragraphs. Please make sure to answer each specific part of every question. Do not use outside materials.

Continuing Education

Please post the necessary continuing education that you will need to complete to maintain your NP licensure and certification per your state and certifying bodies’ requirements. Please outline some continuing education activities you intend to participate in to maintain current in your evidence-based practice. At least 500 words with 3 intext citations no older than 3 years, THIS IS FOR THE STATE OF ALABAMA!!!!!

Homework Question

Nationwide Financial, a 5,000-employee life insurance company based in Columbus, Ohio, uses the nine-box grid for its succession review. What type of development plans and activities would you recommend for solid but not outstanding performers with moderate leadership potential? How would these plans differ from employees with high potential and high performance (stars)? Explain.

Can I Get This Paper Done For CJS/241

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing the history of police. Include the following in your paper: Describe the impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing. Analyze the relationship between the U.S. government and the policing organizations throughout the United States. Explain how this relationship may affect police practices. Include information learned from the CJi Interactive activities in your paper. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

ASHFORD BUS 362-WindVest

WindVest Read Case 4: WindVest Motorcycle Products: Down the Windy Road in your text on page 666. In a two to three page paper, present an overview of the company and identify its products. Discuss at least three recommendations to improve the domestic marketing strategy for WindVest’s sales. Explain the competitive advantages for the company that will result from implementing your recommendations. Submit your two to three page paper (not including title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide and must cite at least three scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

Statistics for managers – Equal variance analysis

) Set up the input table/range to use as follows:  Put all of the salary values for each grade under the appropriate grade label.Be sure to include the null and alternate hypothesis along with the statistical test and result. The table and analysis below demonstrate a 2-way ANOVA with replication.  Please interpret the results. Using our sample results, can we say that the compa values in the population are equal by grade and/or gender, and are independent of each factor? Pick any other variable you are interested in and do a simple 2-way ANOVA without replication.  Why did you pick this variable and what do the results show? Using the results for this week, What are your conclusions about gender equal pay for equal work at this point?

Law Contract Essay 1500 Words

Law contract essay 1500 words excluding footnotes and oscola referencing. Note: extra secondary sources (books and articles or other relevant published documents) in addition to the textbook. Problem Question: Shazia owns and runs a bakery called House of Cupcakes. She puts an advertisement in the local newspaper as follows: ?Why not order your special event cupcakes from House of Cupcakes? We have cream/buttercream/chocolate/fruit cupcakes all from £1 each. To place your order ring Shazia on 0161 222 1111 or call in to the shop at 100 Saville Street, Manchester. a) Archie telephones the shop to order 50 chocolate cupcakes but as the shop is closed he leaves a message on the answer machine to order 50 chocolate cupcakes at £1 each totalling £50. When Shazia calls him back the following day to say that the chocolate cupcakes are £1.20 each Archie says he is simply agreeing to the advert and demands to buy at £1 each. b) Brenda posts a letter dated 10th October to Shazia saying: ?I would like to place an order for 100 buttercream cupcakes for a Christening for £0.90 each assuming a discount for bulk purchase. They should be delivered to 1 Skittle Lane, Whitefield on 10th November. Unless I hear to the contrary within 1 week of the date of this letter I will assume we have a contract. On 18th October, Shazia posts a letter back to Brenda agreeing to supply the cakes for £0.90 each but this is never received by Brenda. On 21st October, Brenda telephones Shazia and says she no longer wants the cupcakes. c) Shazia is going to a trade fair and is hoping to get a significant number of orders for cupcakes for Halloween. In anticipation of this, on 15th October, she submits an order to Bovis Flour Co for ?100kg plain flour for £50 on our standard terms and conditions. On the back of her letter is House of Cupcakes’ standard terms and conditions. These include a clause permitting Shazia to return any bags of unopened flour within 2 weeks of delivery should they not be used. On 18th October, Bovis Flour reply with a letter headed ?Acknowledgement of Order. It states ?We are pleased to accept your order for 100kg plain flour on our terms and conditions. Bovis Flour’s terms and conditions do not allow customers to return unused goods. The letter contains a tear off slip for Shazia to sign and return agreeing to this. Shazia does not sign and return the tear off slip but instead files the Acknowledgement letter in her suppliers folder. She receives the flour. Following the trade fair, Shazia is disappointed that she has not received more orders and she telephones Bovis Flour to return the unused bags. She is told that they will not accept returns. Advise Shazia in each of the above scenarios. Marking Criteria: · The work is communicated fluently and creatively in the appropriate form with precise use of English. · The structure is clear and logical and the arguments flow from one to the next, but there may be some irrelevant material or repetition. · The law has been clearly and accurately explained and there may be some limited understanding of the wider context. · There is a reasonable application of the law to the facts in the question. Justifiable conclusions are reached. · Competing arguments are identified and there may be evidence of some basic critical analysis. · Appropriate primary and secondary sources have been identified and properly used, but there may be no assessment of the value those sources.

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