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Write a 2 page (double-spaced) response paper on the film clips provided. Personal opinions stated (i.e. what opinions/experiences were

Write a 2 page (double-spaced) response paper on the film clips provided. Personal opinions stated (i.e. what opinions/experiences were validated by these video clips, as well as what ideas/previously held opinions were challenged?
Commentary on every film clip below is required, as affirmation that you did indeed watch them all
(While these are opinion pieces, all students are required to still speak in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner of others.)The answer should discuss new things you learned or previous ideas challenged about the subjects discussed in our human sexual class. Relate these observations and reactions to your own experiences or those close to you. It shouldn’t be a rereading of the clip’s scriipt—information about my person. I’m a woman, 56 years old, and I have two children, boys. I’m divorced, and I’m not interested in another relationship. I belong to the old school.

Welcome to Sexplanations
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Why Teach Abstinence-Only Education?
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OK, so for your project you are going to look at the Data from both the national student satisfaction

OK, so for your project you are going to look at the Data from both the national student satisfaction survey from 2018 and 2020 that I have linked to below (and these reports are also uploaded into Canvas for you) AND you will be looking at data from the UC undergraduate experience survey from 2020. I have provided a link to this data, as it is extensive and has filters for UC wide or to look at each campus and to sort by demographics, so it is easier to read online. This data is available from the office of instructional research at UC. For the UC data set please remember to look both at the data for the UC system as a whole AND the data filtered by campus for UCI. ALL of these data sets will be updated again in 2022.

Remember that these data were collected BEFORE the pandemic really upended that status of higher education, so they do not represent current satisfaction levels….

Here’s the links to the sets of data that I want you to look at…..

2020 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report ( (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.))

And the 2018 version: 2018 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report (Links to an external site.)

( (Links to an external site.))

And here is the UC and UCI data from the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) Data Tables 2020. (Links to an external site.) ( (Links to an external site.))

For this first assignment/project I want you to read through the data from these reports and think about what the data is telling us in terms of levels of satisfaction for undergraduate students nationwide and at the UC’s and at UCI. In particular- for the UC data look at academic experience and academic engagement data (see the tabs at the top of the data set to find different types of data) and pay attention to the types of questions that are asked on the UCUES (some of you may have taken this last year)

NOW – what I want you to do is get a bit familiar with all of that data and write up a proposal that involves making a case for ADDING TO THE DATA SET that will be collected in the 2022 version of either survey (I would tend to suggest focusing on the UC survey since that is familiar to you already and is the most detailed info that you have). In addition, you will also write up a set of questions that you believe should be asked in the next survey to adequately assess the new/additional data that should be collected. I would suggest adding a section that looks at “student satisfaction with teaching modality during the 2020/2021 pandemic year” or something like that. But you could identify ANY area that you feel is not being addressed by these surveys. Just be sure that you are not suggesting collecting data that is ALREADY being collected and be sure to clearly identify which survey you are suggesting changes for.

Essentially, you are pretending that you are an I-O Psych consultant who has been asked for recommendations about updating this biannual survey for the 2022 data collection cycle to more accurately assess current educational and student issues. You will be focusing on just one area that you feel could be updated, but obviously there might be many areas that would be useful to know about that are not currently being assessed. The UC system survey does quite a good job of collecting very comprehensive data sets, but even that could significantly be improved given the changes in academia in the past year or two.

The FORMAT for your paper will be as follows:

Title page with your name and your partner’s name and student ID#’s
Generate an introductory paragraph that discusses the surveys that are currently being conducted and a very brief statement about the strengths and limitations of these.
Generate two or three paragraphs summarizes some of the main student satisfaction data results that were collected in 2018/2020 and the areas where 2022 data might be insufficient, given the changes over the past two years. You are basically summarizing the main data that was collected regarding student overall satisfaction nationwide and UCI specific – you can compare and contrast if you feel that the two data sets were similar enough or you can just summarize the data that was collected nationwide (focus on the data from four year public institutions) related to student satisfaction, retention, etc. AND then summarize the data collected at UCI that is similar. Basically you are taking the data that you looked at and writing up a more manageable and easy to understand summary of what it said. Please do NOT copy/plagiarize but instead put things in your own words. When you are referring to different data sets please CLEARLY IDENTIFY which data set you are referring to -you don’t have to provide citations or references, but you MUST be clear about what data you are discussing at any given point.
Write up another paragraph or two that makes a case for adding in a new data set for the 2022 survey (specify which survey you are wanting to update – again I suggest that you discuss the UC survey if at all possible). This paragraph might begin with something like “While the data collected for the 2020 __________ is extremely useful, it is clear that there have been substantial changes to the manner in which education has been delivered over the past two years and the experience of the undergraduate students as a result…..” and then launch into what data you think should be ADDED to make the results more meaningful and timely and why.
Then introduce the topic and provide between five and ten example new questions (and clearly identify a category that you believe these questions will be able to assess). Be sure that all questions relate directly to the data that you are wanting to collect and make sure that they are not redundant with each other or with the questions already on the survey. Use valid methods of writing questions – they need to be clear, distinct and able to meaningfully collect discrete data (overly broad questions are not useful) and they need to align with the format currently used for the questions (ie- most ask students to rank their level of…..on a scale from 1 to 5) and they need to clearly relate to the construct you are trying to measure.
Summarize why you believe that these questions should be added and why you think that this new category of data will be helpful for the 2022 survey – this is your “sell” – this is where you would make your money if you could make a good proposal that would convince the survey creators to “hire you” to help them update the survey!
That’s it – have fun!!!! Grades for this will be based on following all directions and writing well and in a professional manner as if you were writing a business proposal. It will be obvious to us if you did not read the student satisfaction surveys so please take the time to really look at them since it’s mandatory if you want to do well on this. Please stay on topic and use the writing center or meet with a TA if you feel that your writing is not going to be easy to read or grade. The more organized you are and the more closely you follow directions, the easier these are to grade which tends to result in a higher grade.

Complete the Topic 6 Short Answer Questions Worksheet. While APA style is not required for the body of this

Psychology Assignment Help Complete the Topic 6 Short Answer Questions Worksheet.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Ballard DQ2

Anxiety and depression are two of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders. Describe societal factors that may contribute to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Are there steps that can be taken to help reduce the occurrence of anxiety and depression in society?
at least 150 words; apa format; at least one in-text citation with reference page

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