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write a literature review. and prepare a report (Strong knowledge of supply chain and Probability)

Paper and literature reviews.(Strong knowledge of Probability and stastics)
work on reviewing the literature or analyzing and criticizing a paperCover Page composed of the project title, author’s name, date and contact information inthis order. Be sure to compose a descriptive but pithy project title.Executive Summary that provides a summary of the problem studied, model findings andconclusions
Introduction that sets up the scene with background information on the system understudy, the objectives of the project and the problems to be solved.Problem Description that describes in detail the problem to be studied.Analytical Model and Methodology Description that describes the stochastic model forexample, as a Markov chain, or a queue and then the methodology used should beexplained and critiqued.Finally, the report needs to conclude with further recommendations and suggestions.Needless to say that each report may use more specific titles for problem andmethodology description sections.

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For this assignment, begin by reading Christina Caron’s article entitled “Worried About Your Teen on Social Media? Here’s How to Help.” Review the evidence that Caron provides and consider the following question: Do you believe that social media is appropriate for younger audiences? Why/why not?
The information from Christina Caron’s article can be used as evidence for or against your own opinions and prospectives. Throughout the unit, we will focus on appropriate ways to incorporate outside information into your own essays.
Requirements: In order to successfully complete this assignment, your essay should contain the following:
Appropriate background information
A strong thesis statement
Examples of opposing arguments
Quotes from the provided source

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Comparison between , Picasso vs. Ingres, Harem Paintings

Directions:First, watch the videos in the module covering the harem scenes painted by Ingres and Picasso. Then, using the comparison images, write a short essay comparing and contrasting the two works. Please consider the following questions as you craft your answer:
How is the viewer engaged differently in each work? Is there one that you feel is more “aggressive” than the other?
How do these two paintings present the concept of “femininity” differently in each painting? Do you feel like either painting trafficks in stereotypes of femininity?
How are the figures’ bodies portrayed differently in each painting, what effect does this have on your response to the painting?
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I need help to answer these questions “CD”

Writing Assignment Help Q1. Describe the value of play as a vehicle for developing skills, knowledge, dispositions, and for strengthening relationships among young children. List and discuss 5 major skills a teacher must have for planning a play based curriculum. (1-2 page)
Q2. Describe a variety of guidance strategies (3 or more) to increase a child’s social competence and promote a caring community.(1 page)
Q3. Discuss what early childhood education program you believe best develops the whole child. (1 page)

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COMM122 Analyzing a TED Talk

Write a summary of 2 pages each speech from two TED Talk videos containing the following information or questions
The speaker’s name, position, expertise, background, familiarity or knowledge of the topic, reason for giving the speech
The occasion for the speech; when and where the speech was delivered
The speech’s purpose, central or main idea, appropriateness for the occasion; did the speech and speaker succeed in accomplishing this purpose?
The audience present in the room and beyond (regionally, nationally, globally) – for whom was this speech aimed for?
The speaker’s credibility (competence, objectivity, trustworthiness, co-orientation, and dynamism)
The speaker’s delivery (eye contact, voice, gestures, posture, enthusiasm)

Here are the links for the two videos……

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[300 words] Facebook – leaked data – safe

Case Study
In April of 2021, Facebook announced that 533 million users’ phone numbers and personal date had been leaked. What obligations does Facebook have legally and ethically to safe-guard users’ personal information? What legal actions can be taken against Facebook to prevent this in the future?
Action Items1. Read the case study above.2. By the due date, submit your answers to the case study questions. Justify your answers. Please write references

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