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Write a short, objective summary of 1300 words which summarizes the main ideas.

Materials for Paper 1
Mark Burkholder and Lyman Johnson, Colonial Latin America (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994), 200-208, 228-230
Bemberg,María Luisa and Antonio Larreta. I, the worst of all (Links to an external site.). Directed by Maria Luisa Bemberg. New York: First Run Features, 2003.
Additional Resources:
Writing a Great History Paper.pdf
History Paper Rubric.pdf
Have a thesis statement and be built around an argument. Your thesis statement will respond to the question you receive for that specific assignment and must go in the introductory paragraph.
Build your argument and provide examples in the following paragraphs.
Make sure each body paragraph has a topic sentence, evidence, and a concluding sentence.
Cite evidence. Either you quote or paraphrase the information from your sources, make sure you provide proper references, using Chicago style footnotes.
Reserve the last paragraph to strongly affirm, after showing evidence, your thesis statement.

Philos 3: Week 2 Discussion Prompts

Make three posts in the discussion forum: 1st post due by Thursday noon; 2 more posts due by Saturday noon. The post due on Thursday is a substantive response to one of the open-answer questions. The two posts due on Saturday are comments on posts of your peers.
Respond to one of these prompts and be clear about which one you are referring to:
PROMPT #1: NATURAL KINDS: What, if anything, makes a natural kind a kind as opposed to some other natural grouping? John Stuart Mill (1843: 122–3) noted that horses formed a natural kind but white things do not. Mill’s point is that, natural similarity among white things notwithstanding, leukocytes, chalks, white vans, clouds, comets, and degenerate (white) dwarf stars are too diverse a group to form a natural kind. Given this position, are there any genuine natural kinds? Explain your answer.
PROMPT #2: ONTOLOGY OF ARTIFACTS. Do you believe that human intentionality can bring new things into existence? Explain your answer.
PROMPT #3: PATENTING OF DNA. Do you think that human DNA should be patented? Explain your answer.
PROMPT #4: PARADOX OF CONSTITUTION. Consider the following argument: “The puzzles about ‘identity over time’ seem to be puzzles not about anything’s identity but about what principles of unity we do or should use to divide up the world into whole enduring individuals — about how we do use words or about how it would be best to use words. That these examples do not pose genuine problems about anything’s identity is apparent from the fact that we understand the situations described in these examples completely; we all agree on what happened according to each example; no one is left confused about anything except what to say. but genuine problems of identity leave one confused about what to think, not merely about what to say” (Ruth Millikan). Do you agree with the author’s point that the paradox of constitution is merely a verbal problem? Explain your answer.
PROMPT #5: IDENTITY OVER TIME. What, if anything, does the paradox of constitution tell us about the identity of things and persons over time? Is four-dimensionalism about identity over time a plausible view? Can you think of any ethical or legal consequences four-dimensionalism about identity over time might have?

Philosophy Question

Philosophy Assignment Help I need philosophy major tutor help me.
Make sure you read the syllabus and all course materials.
philosophy small quiz. total two small quiz( multiple choice)
first one has 8 questions. and second one has 9questions.
and each one has 90 mins and TWO attempts.

Philosophy of Design/Vernacular Architecture for Social Purpose In the article, American Architecture, Greenough advocates the development of vernacular architecture

Philosophy of Design/Vernacular Architecture for Social Purpose

In the article, American Architecture, Greenough advocates the development of vernacular architecture for higher social purposes (Bucsescu

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