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Write A Two-page Paper Analyzing The Fact Pattern Presented Below Using Federal Scholarship Essay Help

Write a two-page paper analyzing the fact pattern presented below
using federal law. Your analysis should include application of the topics such
as: search and seizures, search warrants, execution of warrants,
exceptions to the warrant requirement, exclusionary rule, Miranda rights, and
the right against self-incrimination. Do not restate the facts in your
paper, but rather identify the issues, analyze, and provide legal reasoning. Ensure citations are in
is a police officer with the local Centerville Police Department. She is
in plain clothes and knocked on the front door of Steve’s house and asked
if she could enter to enforce a valid warrant. The warrant was a search
warrant issued by Judge Wells from the Centerville District Court. Judge
Wells is a retired state police trooper from the state police barracks in
Centerville. The warrant indicated that “the first floor of Steve’s
house will be searched for a gun used in connection with a robbery and jewelry,
which was stolen.” While searching the first floor of Steve’s house,
Officer Chris smelled what she thought was gun powder emanating from the second
floor. Officer Chris immediately walked upstairs and found a gun at the
tops of the stairs. She went to confiscate the gun and while doing so
noticed a note attached to the gun with an address on it. The address was
a known location for stolen jewelry to be pawned. During the search,
Steve told Officer Chris that, “I do not know what you are here for,
because I did not rob Grubb’s jewelry store.” Officer Chris asked
Steve to go to the police station and Steve agreed. As they walked into
the police station, Judge Wells yelled, “is that the person who robbed
Grubb’s jewelry store?” Steve replied, “I told Officer Chris
already, I did not rob Grubb’s jewelry store.”

Retention of new teachers continues to be a challenge for school districts acros custom essay helpRetention of new teachers continues to be a challenge for school districts across the nation. As the newly assigned assistant principal of Berkmar High School, you have been asked to create a new teacher academy. Produce a paper to discuss the following areas:
Address the growing needs of new teachers who are now entering the profession.
Discuss the three areas that would increase the success and retention rate of teachers.
Use three or more outside sources to develop your paper.
Q1 To what extent is your organization committed to pursuing sustainability? What is your evidence (with citations)?
Hilton is very committed to sustainability in every aspect of the drive. In fact, Hilton’s motto for sustainability is “Paving the Way to Net Zero.” Through environmental impact, Hilton is committed to reducing waste and driving towards a circular economy (Hilton, 2022). Waste prevention, recycling, food upcycling, and donation are all key components of creating a greener hospitality industry (Hilton, 2022). Hilton has pledged to reduce their waste, including food waste, by 50% by 2030. Hilton has pledged to reduce watts of carbon emission by 61% by 2030. Lastly, water intensity use Hilton has committed to reducing by 50% by 2030 (Hilton, 2022). They have made much progress toward what they have called their 2030 goal tracker for staying in line with sustainable development goals. Hilton leads the way in the hotel industry when it comes to sustainability as they were one of the first hospitality companies to sign on to the U.S. Department of Energy Better Climate Challenge (Hilton, 2022).
Q2 Which areas of sustainability are you finding: environmental, social, and/or economic? Within each of these areas, which specific approaches is your organization taking?
I am finding that Hilton is engaged in environmental and social. The environmental impact is that Hilton seeks to operate and grow sustainably, reducing our consumption of natural resources (Hilton, 2022). The environmental impact Hilton is having is that they recognize its critical responsibility to protect the planet and preserve the beautiful destinations which were for generations to come (Hilton, 2022). The social impact is that Hilton’s enduring role is to foster opportunity for people, both within Hilton for team members and for those in our communities all around the world (Hilton, 2022). Hilton is focused and committed to action in the pursuit of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and to the protection of human rights (Hilton, 2022).
Q3. What is a Sweet Spot? What Sweet Spot(s) is(are) your organization pursuing?
According to our text, a sweet spot is an area where business interests overlap with the interests of society (including both environmental and social benefits) (Savitz, 2013). The more an organization can identify Sweet Spots and center its activities in and around them, the more likely it is to achieve success according to the Triple Bottom Line (Savitz, 2013). Hilton is pursuing Sweet Spots within the organization through the business of people serving people and the primary focus is creating a culture that best serves the team members, business partners, and community members. Fostering Inclusive growth enables everyone to participate in and benefit from travel (Hilton, 2022). Hilton’s company website clearly lays out its mission statement around the social and environmental benefits which states: To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality by delivering exceptional experiences – every hotel, every guest, every time (Hilton, 2022) Hilton lived by mission statement allows it to employ the Healthymagination/Blended Sustainability Sweet Spots, which increases corporate profits while they help the environment and also produce social benefits, thereby benefiting all three parts of the Triple Bottom Line (Savitz, 2013).
Q4. What Sweet Spot is your organization not pursuing that it should consider? Why?
There is no organization that is perfect. Although Hilton is considered one of the best companies in the world they still strive to sustain and improve in this ever-changing high-tech world. A Sweet Spot is a business arena in which company self-interest and social or environmental concerns do not conflict but in fact amplify one another (Savitz, 2013). I think Hilton could seek better ways in which to make hotels stay within the chain more affordable. Even though more people would be able to stay at these luxury hotels which are meant for an upscale type of hotel service by more people having access to this level of service, it would become profitable for stakeholders and beneficial to customers thereby benefiting social and economic development.
Q5. How can HR support sustainability programs within your selected organization?
The HR department sometimes plays a supporting role in the movement toward sustainability, but in many cases, because of the attitudes, knowledge, and interests of the executive involved, a lagging role or none (Savitz, 2013). I think Hilton HR could support sustainability programs by creating teams that specialize simply in this. Additionally, if Hilton’s HR hired talent that specializes in maintaining sustainability within the organization the matter is solved. Often the lack of not knowing how to help comes down to not asking how I can help (Savitz, 2013). Hilton clearly has done something right to lead the way as one of the world’s best companies to work at.

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