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Writing Lab handout

The two articles I chose are attached below,You are required to submit an electronic copy of this completed worksheet to Canvas. Deadline for submission is posted with the link for submission.
There are 11 research articles posted in the Modules → Week 6

Lab Exercise #5 Questions 1-4

1. Describe the effects of lidocaine on neuron function. With which type of ion channel does lidocaine interact and what is the effect of that interaction on ion movements?
2. What is the effect of botulinum toxin on skeletal muscle function? What does the toxin do to neurons that leads to the effect on muscle?
3. What is the effect of myelination on action potentials in neurons? What is a disease where myelin is lost? What are the symptoms of people with this disease?
4. What are the symptoms of a person exposed to mamba snake venom? Based on your simulation, what effect does the venom have on ion channels in neurons?
Answer each question with 5-7 sentences
Cite all work!

Biology Question

Biology Assignment Help TYPE 1 DIABETES MELLITUS
you will submit a PDF or PowerPoint slide of your bibliography in current APA edition to include a total of 6 references. At least 3 references must be from current material less than 5 years old, and 1 must be from your textbook. Your other references may be older than 3 years in regard to the History of the Pathology.

based on the ‘target paper’. Write a scriipt that is presentable. The key here is to find the core Essay

based on the ‘target paper’. Write a scriipt that is presentable. The key here is to find the core message of the study (not the whole study), to get the hook and the background right, and then explain the results and the implications for an interested, undergraduate-level non-biological audience. Make it relevant, explain terms and avoid is the rubric: (total 15 marks):[ /5] – Introduction to the topic and relevance to listeners (this is critical);[ /5] – Overall explanation of findings;[ /5] – Presentation: flow, use of both parties, creativity, engagement.

I also attached an example of scriipt that is written based on the example of academic articles. PLZ let me know if you have any questions.

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