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Writing Question

You are working as an advanced practice nurse at a community health clinic. You
unintentionally make an error when prescribing a drug to a patient. You do not think the
patient knows that you made the error.
To prepare:
1. Consider the ethical implications of disclosure and nondisclosure.
2. Research federal and state laws for advanced practice nurses. Reflect on the legal
implications of disclosure and nondisclosure for you and the health clinic.
3. Consider what you would do as the advanced practice nurse in this scenario
including whether you would disclose your error.
4. Review the Institute for Safe Medication Practices website (Links to an external
site.). Consider the process of writing prescriptions, and think about strategies to
avoid medication errors.
To complete:
Write a minimum 4-page paper in APA format (excluding cover page and
references) that addresses the following:
1. Explain the ethical and legal implications of disclosure and nondisclosure. Be sure to
reference laws specific to your state.
2. Describe what you would do as the advanced practice nurse in this scenario
including whether you would disclose your error. Provide evidence for your rationale.
3. Explain the process of writing prescriptions and include strategies to minimize
medication errors.
4. Include four or more appropriate scholarly sources from the last five years
throughout the paper.

IDS-402-X3707 Wellness 22EW3 3-1 Discussion: Wellness in History

Over the past two weeks, our readings and discussions have been focused on establishing a baseline for understanding wellness. In this module, we’ll begin our tour through the four lenses, beginning with history. As we dive into the four lenses, keep in mind that each lens is framed as a way of seeing the issue and is not necessarily tied to the associated discipline. So, looking through the historical lens isn’t just about History Channel documentaries—it’s also about how you use the lens to understand the past and present. As you write your initial post, answer the following questions:
In what ways does looking through the history lens enhance your understanding of wellness?
Consider a current event in the news that has a historical counterpart. How does looking through the history lens influence how you perceive both the current and historical events? Please share a news link to your events.
How does analyzing the relationship between history, culture, and wellness have an influence on your discipline of study or chosen profession?

Learning activity #1

Complete, high-quality analysis, using 1-inch margins, double-spacing, 12-point font, and APA formatting. The paper must include a cover and a reference page. You should properly cite any material sourced from research. The cover page not included.
Learning Activity 1:
Explain (using practical examples) what would be on your list of two (2) top health determinants, and why do you see these as especially important in terms of impact?
In your opinion, should healthcare be based on allocative or regulatory policy? Why? Use examples to demonstrate your understanding of the different policy types.
Kohlberg’s theory dealt with developing moral judgment and used stages to describe this development. Why should level V be an appropriate development level for a health administrator?
Explain your perspectives about what autonomy as fidelity means and why it is important in healthcare. Provide a practical example of the principle based on your actual experience or creative thinking (healthcare or in general) to illustrate your understanding.

Introduction to Assistive Technology IRIS Module

Writing Assignment Help Introduction to Assistive Technology
IRIS Module: (Links to an external site.)
Please go through the module in the above link and read chapters 2

Ellen’s “True To Yourselves” Challenge

please review the assigned readings (including all of the supplemental materials posted in the session folder), and write about the following topics.

1) Ellen’s “True To Yourselves” Challenge: View this week’s Supplemental Material video of Ellen DeGeneres. For this week’s DB, share an experience of a conversation with a family member or friend where one of you chose to be “true to themselves” by sharing about sexual orientation. Be specific about not only what was shared, but what feelings were communicated in that conversation, how this interaction made you feel, and what if anything was learned. When possible, relate this individual’s story to content from either our PowerPoint lecture, the textbook chapter or the supplemental materials.

***Remember: please be as specific as possible, and cite concepts and issues to demonstrate that you have reviewed all of the required materials. Your statements and opinions must be informed by the assigned materials.****

** I am a female and straight please let be a story about a friend not myself***
Video links

PLease follow rubric
At least 150 words. This post must be free of spelling, punctuation, grammatical or other writing issues. For full credit
Posting was responsive to the discussion board prompt question and consisted of substantive comments that enhanced the discussion and helped move the conversation forward. These comments may have included follow up questions, examples, or new perspectives
Posting showed ample evidence of having completed the relevant readings or assignments
Posting was constructive and differences of opinion expressed in a collegial manner

Brief Descriiption: ASSIGNMENT #1 NURS 837 Winter 2022 The practice problem will be clearly described and a strong, evidence-based/data-driven

Brief Descriiption:
ASSIGNMENT #1 NURS 837 Winter 2022
The practice problem will be clearly described and a strong, evidence-based/data-driven case will be used to establish its importance to the practice setting. The paper will be well written, organized, succinct and in APA 7th edition format and style. There will be a cover page, pagination, and references. Anticipate that this paper will be approximately 2 – 4 pages in length, including the introduction, main body, and conclusion. The cover page and reference list will not count toward the page numbers. The title of this paper should respond to the guidance provided by the DNP Project Template. The paper will fully address:
The paper will include a PICO/T question. It will conclude with a carefully constructed plan for the databases and gray literature resources that will be searched for research and evidence. A required table will be completed and shared at the end of this paper to allow for the student to demonstrate familiarity with and a growing expertise in searching for evidence.
1. A single, narrowly defined, focused, real-world practice problem.
2. Succinct, organized, clearly developed descriiption of the selected practice problem.
3. Data-driven discussion that demonstrates the need for selecting this problem. Why is it important? What data
demonstrate that the problem exists? What is the impact of this problem? What are the variables that are
influencing this problem and that may be important to problem resolution or improvement?
4. PICOT/PICO question to guide the search for evidence.
5. Planned search:
a. Peer-reviewed sources: selected databases and rationale; key words with Boolean operators; limits; MeSH, if appropriate.
b. Gray literature search plan: professional organizations, reports, web-based resources, non-peer reviewed sources.
6. Planned search table. For each database: Planned key words, Boolean operators, MeSH terms; exploded/non- exploded, other search details specific to each selected database. See exemplar table.
1. APA 7th edition format and style. [Use resources and make certain to write in the style required of APA while also using correct formatting, including for the cover page, reference list, in-text citations, pagination, and other features].
2. Cover page is required.
3. Reference list is required.
4. Planned search table(s) is/are required.
5. Use headings and sub-headings.
6. Prefer no more than 4 pages of narrative—five pages is a hard stop—no exceptions. Keep content tightly written
The Problem
What is the problem addressed by
this report? that is addressed by this project. It is not a descriiption of a large,
ubiquitous issue in nursing or the healthcare system.
Be specific. This is a local problem
and succinct.

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