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Describe O’Connell’s game that is helping scientists to map the human brain, and explain some of the things that mapping the brain could help people to understand (not just about the brain itself). Do you think that “inquiry-driven, project-based learning (driven by individual’s own interests) should be more encouraged in colleges? Justify your opinion by providing at least one specific example from your personal experience, your observation of others, and/or a text that you have read.
Write a short essay (350 words MINIMUM) on the following topic. NOTE: An essay has multiple paragraphs and a clear organization. NO QUOTING from the speech or other sources.
Link of the video

Internal Regulation and Sustainability

Any individual in a health care leadership role must understand the internal regulation of the organization. This begins with a commitment to self-regulation including keeping abreast of new knowledge and progresses to understanding how the governing board of the organization protects the safety of the public. Learners must understand these internal regulation mechanisms to assure quality of care for patients as high quality of care will have a positive effect on the sustainability of the organization. In this assignment, you will address the internal regulation of a health care organization.
General Requirements:Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:
This assignment requires that at least 4 additional scholarly peer review research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included. Each source must have a doi and must be between 2017-2022.
Directions:Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) in which you discuss the internal regulation of a health care organization. Include the following in your paper:
Intro with purpose of the paper and a strong thesis statement that provides the essence of the paper
A research-supported discussion of how personal ethics and self-regulation influence the quality of patient care.
A research-supported discussion of how the governing board of the organization protects the safety of the public.
A research-supported discussion of how self-regulation and the regulation imposed by the governing board interact to promote the sustainability of the organization.
Conclusion that ties the paper together, referring back to the thesis.


Assessments 1, 2, 3
Visual Benchmark 1
Add a chart to a worksheet
NOTE: In Assessments 1, 2, 3. When creating the formulas for the Discount and Sale Price formulas, you must use cell references. For example =K5*J5. If you do not, Excel will use table heading references that will lead to incorrect results after you sort the table. Submit the following files:
(1) 3-VRSeries-3.xlsx(2) 3-WPMCallList.xlsx(3) Improve one of the worksheets by adding a chart
Pick one of the homework assignments and add a chart to it. Be sure that the chart fits the kind of data being reported. Be sure your chart is complete with a title, a legend, and axis labels. Please remember that you can create a summary table based on the main table in order to create a more meaningful chart. This is something you will be doing for your Dashboard project.
NOTE: Remember that although you do not turn in all of the Skills Checks, you MUST complete all of the Skills Checks listed under To Do. To complete Assessment 3 properly, you must complete Assessments 1 and 2. The assignments build on each other, so I only need the files listed.

An essay with a thesis that chooses between Romeo either being or not being a tragic hero. Three points

Writing Assignment Help An essay with a thesis that chooses between Romeo either being or not being a tragic hero. Three points with direct quotes from the play and an explanation for each. ”
Through the examination of William Shakespeare’s Romeo

This is my final research paper that is worth 30% of my grade. I have uploaded my research outline

This is my final research paper that is worth 30% of my grade. I have uploaded my research outline for Othello. Please write about everything in my attached outline . The grading rubric, and instructions are also attached . If you have any questions feel free to email me . Thanks again for all of your help. I have five classes and chemotherapy to attend. Have a blessed new year .

paragraph about Real Estate Finance

Please help me write two paragraphs about venture capital in real estate finance, including:
assume you did something about investment in real estate finance
200 words for each paragraph
1. venture capital in real estate finance case
2. investment banking in real estate finance case
3. Each paragraph including role, did what job, what insights you gained
Following content can be looked as a reference :
To gain practical experience in the Chinese real estate market, I took an internship at the Northern International Trust, where I assisted in the due diligence processes of six property investments. For each project, I gauged risk and return levels by analysing the company’s financial ratios and comparing the results with the industrial average and with those of the company’s main competitors. Once, I identified an increase in a company’s efficiency as its receivables period decreased, despite its shrinking profit margin from previous years. These results made me question the reliability and profitability of the investment, and I investigated several industry reports and proposed in team meetings that we take more factors into consideration. My suggestions led us to confirm the final decision with confidence. This was a memorable experience for me because it not only deepened my understanding of real estate investment but also provided me with a chance to use my theoretical knowledge to create value in the real world. Through my working experiences and market researches, I found that in the Chinese market, little attention is paid to the sustainability of real estate projects. Also, the main financial tool for property investment is mortgage-backed security. Compared to more developed markets, there is much room for improvement. This realization further reaffirmed my determination to continue exploring real estate finance and pursue a career as a real estate investment manager. In the long term, I hope to commit myself to implementing sustainability education to raise awareness of sustainability issues in the general public, with the goal of sparking higher demand for ethically and ecologically responsible financial products. I hope that with my efforts, I can help point the industry in a more sustainable direction.

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