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When you are working in the field of aviation safety it is important to understand the differences between the various governing agencies and know which agency provides oversight for the various components of aviation operations.
Research and explain the differences between OSHA and the EPA and their relevancy to aviation safety, and discuss the economic impact these organizations have on the aviation industry.
For your paper, please cite some examples. You must have a title page and at least two references.

follow instruction to write

Please respond to the following question here: What in terms of art, literature and popular culture, do you know about East Asia? no less than 100 words.
(Please engage in this discussion meaningfully by sharing your experiences, opinions and understandings and note that there should be no hate space here. Your assignments will be graded based on their clarity, coherence, organization and style)
Note: Assignment 1 will be counted as your participation in the first week of this course. As you may know, in compliance with Federal Title IV regulations, Ohio State must track whether a student begins attending or participating in class at the beginning of the term. If you do not participate, you will receive an email from the University Registrar’s office warning you about the potential to be dropped from the course. Besides, if you don’t do it, you will lose 10 points. Therefore, please reply to the question by the due date.

Feminist Media Discussion

Your discussion board assignment this week is to identify a feminist in the media (this could be a musician, actor, talk show host, news reporter, politician, icon, etc.). Discuss why you think he/she/they is a feminist- what about their work identifies them this way? Try to be original in your selection so that students select an array of people.
You must answer all the questions I have posted AND respond to at least one other student- you may do this all in one post or post multiple times. Your “original” posts must be 375-425 words in length and you must utilize EXPLICITLY engage with your course readings and videos in order to earn full credit. Be sure to cite the materials you use! Additionally, you must also post a minimum 150-word reply to one of your peers. A full credit “reply” post is more substantial than “I agree…”; the goal of reply posts is to add to the discussion. The reply post should also EXPLICITLY engage with course readings and videos. Edit thoroughly before you submit.
NOTE: Citations and direct quotes are not included in the overall word count. Properly formatted citations (e.g., APA) are required. Additionally, you must put the word count at the end of each post.
Course Readings And Videos
There are two lectures to review this module. In Lecture One you will be introduced to the basic concepts which underpin feminist Women and Gender Studies courses. In Lecture Two you will review a brief history of feminist activism and thinking in the United States. Both lectures have voice-over to accompany the PowerPoint slides so make sure that you have your sound turned up and/or some headphones plugged-in. Click on the links below to get started. “See Attached”

Social action Plan

Writing Assignment Help There are 4 steps of this essay.
What needs to be delivered, is a 400 words speech.
And for the step 4’s 400 words.
I attached my Finished 6 annotated bibliography as the other document.
Since the topic you choose should come from the challenges I wrote in the annotated bibliography.
Total of 800 words total. No plagiarism (Turnitin Rate under 5%).
Please view the organizer if you are confused about what is this task.

Life Cycle Analysis

Since actual production is taking place along with greater expenditures of time and money necessary to produce a physical product, the production phase is justifiably considered by many system safety professionals as “one of the more critical phases of the project life cycle” (Basic Guide to System Safety, Third Edition, 2014, p.38-39).
Read through articles or locate databases in the Hunt Library (Links to an external site.) and see what research exists pertaining to the “expenditure and the production phase.” What did you discover about managing hazards, dealing with risk, the inclusion of safety management objectives, and cost?
Write a minimum of a two (2) page analysis paper of approximately 300 – 400 words in current APA format, not including the cover, abstract, and reference page, on what you learned from these articles, such as; similarities, differences, and product, etc.
Provide at least two (2) sources from the Hunt Library and one (1) from the Web (optional). Review ERAU’s Virtual Communication Lab

1. What is the role of the public health nurse in society? 2. Who are the clients of the

1. What is the role of the public health nurse in society?
2. Who are the clients of the community/public health nurse?
3. What health concerns in your community have resulted in death, disease, or injury?
4. What public health programs (government and private) could be utilized for these health concerns?
5. How do these programs deliver and monitor public health services?
6. How could population-based community health nursing help prevent/bring awareness to these health concerns?

For this discussion, make sure that your response(s) are substantial. 2 pages double space. citations/references should be in APA format. Citations must be within 5 years from a credible source. (i.e., reputable website .gov; .org; edu or textbook or scholarly, peer-reviewed article these are located through GALILEO.

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