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This assignment consists of two tasks. For Task 1, learners are asked to develop a ‘Socio-economic and legal assessment report’ by answering the questions given. For task 2, learners are required to make a presentation based on the scenario given for Task 2 (the details of which are provided along with Task 2 below). The presentations for Task 2 will be conducted during the final two sessions of the module, the time slots for Task 2 presentations will be informed during the sessions.
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By most accounts, the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund (“NSWF”) is one of the largest of its kind. At present,

By most accounts, the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund (“NSWF”) is one of the largest of its kind. At present, it has about $900 billion (not million) in total assets. Throughout most of its existence, the fund had a ZERO % allocation to real estate, meaning that it had absolutely no direct or indirect real estate assets in its investment portfolio. In 2010 NSWF changed its overall asset allocation by allowing real estate investments for the first time. The maximum real estate allocation was set at 5% of total assets. Market conditions permitting this target allocation was deemed to be reachable within 6 years (i.e. at the end of 2016).

The fund’s CIO (Chief Investment Officer) had considerable experience in fixed-income and equities investing but no real estate expertise whatsoever. Nonetheless, she was instructed to design and implement the new strategy. The CIO hired you, a recent graduate from GU SCS’s esteemed real estate program, to devise a strategy implementable within the time frame provided.

Put yourself into the year 2010 and outline the limiting factors for achieving the fund’s goals (of a 5% allocation by end of 2016).

In your response, consider the following:

1. What kind of staffing levels will the strategy you recommend require?
2. 5% of $900 billion equates to $45 billion. How many individual assets will $45 billion buy?
3. Will you recommend “direct” or “indirect” investing (or something in between)?
4. Is the Norwegian real estate market large enough to accommodate $5 billion, $10 billion, or even $45 billion in fresh new investment money?

Your Ethical Standard for Teaching

The OCT has developed four Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession; care, respect, integrity and trust.

For this assignment, you will develop one more ethical standard that guides your actions as a teacher. If you were given the task of developing the ethical standards, what is one additional standard you would suggest?

1) Name and describe your new ethical standard. Use the OCT descriptions found on the following site as a template:
a. My New Ethical Standard: Compassion

2) Describe a scenario where you or another teacher relied on your “new standard” (Compassion) in a classroom or school situation. What happened? Who was involved? How was this new ethical standard enacted? In what way(s) was it good for the teacher, the student, and the teaching profession?

3) Answer the three questions on the bottom of page 31 for all three scenarios. Ensure that you apply your new ethical standard to at least two of these scenarios.

Summarizing key information week 5

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In Africa, music is usually performed outdoors. There is spontaneous music making as well as performances by social and music groups at ceremonies and feasts. There is no written music or music notation. African music tradition, like folklore and history, is transmitted orally. Music is a social activity in which almost everyone participates. Clearly, African music has several interesting characteristicsOriginal Material
Question- 1. What does the paragraph say about music in Africa? 2..what makes African music unique?

Submit your final written strategic plan of 15-20 page (excluding title page and appendices), with the following minimum components:

Submit your final written strategic plan of 15-20 page (excluding title page and appendices), with the following minimum components:

Executive Summary
History and Characteristics of the Institution
Mission, Vision and Values
Goal and Objectives
Environmental Analysis/SWOT

Neuromuscular Impairments: Obesity is a systematic condition resulting from a high level of adiposity. Critically discuss and describe the patterns of muscle mass differences between young obese and non-obese, and old obese and non-obese.

For your answer use a range of examples from different muscles, include reference to the measurement of muscle size and location (knee extensor CSA, biceps thickness, lean muscle mass). Comment also on condition specific differences such as sex differences, variations with disease severity, BMI severity or advancing age, physically active vs sedentary.

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