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You should first find an exhibition to review. You may choose from the list of online exhibitions posted on Blackboard,

You should first find an exhibition to review. You may choose from the list of online exhibitions posted on Blackboard, or find an online or in-person exhibition on your own that is appropriate to the course material. If you search for something on your own, please speak to me for guidance before writing your review because it can be difficult to find a thematically organized exhibition rather than an entire museum collection.Then, you will need to analyze the exhibition you choose. As you explore the website or walk through the galleries, think about these questions:What is the theme or main focus of the exhibit? How is the theme introduced and explained?How is the site or space organized, or what is the layout? How do you move through the website or galleries? Do you think it is successful and easy to follow, or unsuccessful and difficult to navigate?How much written information is presented for each work of art? Is it enough for you to understand how the work relates to the theme? Do you want to know more?Are there other details or tools that were particularly helpful or distracting?  How did this exhibition experience help you think about your own exhibition? How might this exhibition influence your own presentation? Think about organization, amount of information, clarity of topic, etc.What do you want viewers to take away from your own exhibition, compared to the one you are reviewing?Finally, write a review, highlighting how it will be useful to you. You should describe the exhibition, critically review it, and clearly explain how your experience of it will help you develop your own ideas about your own project. Please also include the title and URL of the exhibition.

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