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You should submit an individually written report (maximum 1,500 words) describing the plan for a QI intervention and accompanying

You should submit an individually written report (maximum 1,500 words) describing the plan for a QI intervention and accompanying evaluation set out in your group presentation in Part 2 (30% of module mark).

You should produce a written plan for the Quality Improvement (QI) intervention from your presentation, applying learning from the module. Although the focus is on the same content as the group presentation that you produced with your fellow students for Part 2, you must work on this written assignment independently from your group.

• The maximum word count is 1,500 words: excluding references and cover sheet.
You should submit your essay through Turnitin. Your mark and comments will be returned through Grademark.
• This part of the assessment will be marked by a member of academic staff (usually the Module Lead) and moderated by another member of academic staff.
• The marking rubric is shown below.
• Use sub-headings to help structure the report.
• Referencing key references (academic literature and also policy documents if relevant) is essential, except where providing one’s own critical reflections and arguments.


Part 2
Answer the following questions in your assignment:
What is the mission of the organization?
What is the organization’s strategy to successfully implement the mission?
Who is the main customer base? Who are the key competitors?
How is the firm organized? (Students may wish to research the organizational chart.)
Which decision-making processes would be most effective in the organization’s overall operations?
How does the organization manage change? Who is responsible for deciding what changes will be made and who is responsible for carrying out the change? What role does communication play in implementing the change process?
Describe the motivational environment within the organization.
Assess the effectiveness of the communication within the organization and with outside stakeholders.
What ethical dilemmas has the organization faced? What ethical dilemmas may they face in the future?
What sources of employee empowerment are utilized?
What role does technology play in overall operations?
Your paper should be about 1500 to 2200 words (6 to 8 pages) in length, not including the title page and reference page. It should follow APA formatting guidelines and include in-text citations from your literature review, with a minimum of 10 scholarly sources. Each of the sources should be properly cited within the paper, and at the end of the paper in the References section, they should follow APA format.


Religion and Theology Assignment Help Write an 8- to 10-page pager (2000 to 2750 words) in APA style, with at least six to eight professional or scholarly sources. Your paper should:
Include an executive summary.
Describe the healthcare organization you have selected.
Discuss the challenges and/or opportunities the healthcare organization faces.
Describe some of the healthcare organization’s current HR management practices in regard to its employees.
Include a table illustrating at least six key result areas for the organization.
Analyze whether these practices are effective and discuss why or why not.
Describe the major strategies you would recommend to improve the quality of selected HR management practices in this healthcare organization.
Discuss the impact you think these improvements will have in driving the organization’s success, patient care, safety, employee satisfaction, and so forth.
Describe how you will measure and report the success of the plan.


Reflect on the patient’s symptoms and aspects of the disorder presented in the interactive media piece.
Consider how you might assess and treat patients presenting with the symptoms of the patient case study you were assigned.
You will be asked to make three decisions concerning the diagnosis and treatment for this patient. Reflect on potential co-morbid physical as well as patient factors that might impact the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.
Write a 1- to 2-page summary paper that addresses the following:
Briefly summarize the patient case study you were assigned, including each of the three decisions you took for the patient presented.
Based on the decisions you recommended for the patient case study, explain whether you believe the decisions provided were supported by the evidence-based literature. Be specific and provide examples. Be sure to support your response with evidence and references from outside resources.
What were you hoping to achieve with the decisions you recommended for the patient case study you were assigned? Support your response with evidence and references from outside resources.
Explain any difference between what you expected to achieve with each of the decisions and the results of the decision in the exercise. Describe whether they were different. Be specific and provide examples.…PLEASE USE LINK TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT !!!!!!

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