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Young Eliezer And Role Of Spirituality Research Essay Help

The Role of Spirituality and Religion in Night

Essay title: The Role of Spirituality and Religion in Night

Religion has always explained the unknown in knowable terms. It has created symbols for that which could not be known. This symbology is so deeply imbedded in our minds, cultures, and cosmology that it is rarely questioned from inside the religious paradigms. From outside that paradigm, the religious imagery loses its impact, its subliminal meaning. Religion functions to relieve the anxiety of the absolute fact for each of us that we will die, that our family will die, that our friends will die. Religion promises us that although we may die, we will continue. And, if we believe, then our afterlife will be glorious. Spirituality offers another perspective to this man-made solution. The spiritualistic belief is that of love for the fellow man instead of god; hospitals instead of churches; deeds done rather than prayers said. Spirituality, although bordering on atheism, seeks to understand and love, to find an ethical way of life rather than turning to a higher being for the easy way out. In “Night” by Elie Wiesel we see death of religion in a child because of absolute evil and consequently, the embrace of spirituality. Separated from man made institutions, the core of religion and spirituality– morality and goodness — must be preserved, if one is to survive in the midst of horror.

The Jewish religion was a key motivation to the citizens of Sighet. To Jews religion is not only a method to achieve immortality, but a way of life that must be holistically embraced. This all-consuming religion demands total obedience and is a key motivation in the Jewish deportation and personal surrender to Germany (German officers). Analyzing history, one sees the pattern of a Jewish nomad lifestyle — Jews escaping persecution by placing their life in Gods hands – so deep is their faith, and moving on. “Night” is the first episode where this blind faith could not save them. Spawning from this failure of God is the genocide of millions at the hands of the Nazis. As young Eliezer visits Auschwitz and witnesses this genocide first hand, his blind faith is quickly revoked and in its place remains doubt, question and bitterness.

Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed. Never shall I forget that smoke. Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into a wreath of smoke beneath a silent blue sky.

The continuance of the novel highlights the internal conflict Eliezer faces: the problem of religious conscience in all aspects of his life. The problem that grows out of the religious conscience is the division of our world. This is the inner division of our impulses, desires, and aggressions juxtaposed with the conditioned behavior of our religion. Out of religious conscience, we have produced rote behavior motivated by guilt. Eliezer struggles with this guilt as he sees the failings of his God in the midst of the horror. Torn between the indoctrinated perception of God — merciful and loving — and the punishing God he witnesses in the camps, Eliezer attempts to dissect his feelings and knowledge in order to determine whether God is indeed compassionate or chastising.

“What are you, my God” I thought angrily, “compared to this afflicted crowd, proclaiming to you their faith, their anger, their revolt? What does your greatness mean lord of the universe, in the face of all this weakness, this decomposition and this decay? Why do you still trouble their sick minds, their crippled bodies?”

As Eliezer — a young impressionable child – witnesses the slow agonizing death of the “young, sad angel”, we see the emergence of his growing existentialism. No longer does he feel kinship with the Almighty: instead feelings of loneliness and abandonment dominate the young childs psyche. As the man behind him asks where God is, the young soul responds with brutal truth: God is dead. The death of this innocent child at the hands of an unmerciful God reduces Eliezers faith further, causing him to lose sight of the Jewish faith that has been his foundation for so many years.

The child was still alive…For more than half an hour he stayed there, struggling between life and death, dying in slow agony under our eyes and we had to look him full in the face. He was still alive when I passed in front of him. His tongue was still red, his eyes were not glazed… Behind me I heard the same man asking: “Where is God now?” and I heard a voice within me answer him: “Where is He? Here He is, He is hanging on this gallows.”

Orthodox Judaism And Faithful Jews cheap essay help: cheap essay help

The Role of Women Within Orthodox Judaism

The Role of Women Within Orthodox Judaism

The Role of Women within Orthodox Judaism

Since the beginning of the Jewish religion, women have had what seems to be a marginalized role that encompasses almost every facet of life. In many cases within the body of Jewish texts, clear misogynist statements and commentary are made dealing with every aspect of what it means to be female. Within the Orthodox movement, these restrictions appear to be the most prevalent. Through examination of the role of women within the key elements of the Orthodox Jewish life cycle: birth, adolescence, adulthood, and death, I hope to discover whether the female discriminatory point of view of Jewish Orthodoxy is founded or if the traditional ways of the Orthodox community are simply misunderstood.


It is difficult to understand the role of women within a religion without a basic understanding of the religion in question; especially if talking of Judaism. It is now important to recognize that for faithful Jews, everything, whether within religious or secular life, revolves around religious laws or mitzvot (singular mitzvah).(1) The Jewish way of life encompasses every aspect of human endeavor. There is a verse in the Book of Isaiah: God desired for his righteousness’ sake to make the Torah great and glorious.” (Isaiah 42:21) This verse was interpreted in rabbinic Judaism to mean that God provided many opportunities for people to acquire righteousness by giving them a multitude of commandments covering every situation in life. Orthodox Jews recognize 613 mitzvot. Whether a Jew is conducting business, preparing a meal, or doing any other thing a person might do, there is a mitzvah to give direction to that activity. In understanding this, it becomes clear why it is so difficult for women to question Orthodox Jewish beliefs.

Historically, Judaism began around 2000 B.C.E -1600 B.C.E. during what is commonly called the Age of the Patriarchs. It began in the Middle East around the present day state of Israel. Since then, it has spread to every corner of the globe. Today, there are about 18 million Jews world-wide. Jews believe in one God (often referred to as Adonai or Yahweh in Jewish texts). God chose the Jewish people to carry out his laws and beliefs and to share them with the rest of the world. God sought the Jews for an ongoing relationship of rewards in return for recognizing the sovereignty of God—a relationship known as a covenant. It is believed that the Jews were not chosen because they were perfect above other peoples, rather that they were chosen because they agreed to take on the burden of faithful service to God. This relationship has proven to be a source of strength and hope through the most turbulent times of Jewish history.

The Jewish Bible or Tanakh, is the sacred book that interprets history as the Jews have experienced it. Although it is proper to think of the Bible as a single book of scriptures, it is more accurate to describe it as a library of books assembled under three major headings. The most important is the Torah, which means “devine instruction and guidance.” Torah is also known as the Five Books of Moses; the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The second portion is the Nevi’im meaning writings of the Prophets. The third section of Tanakh is referred to as Kethuvim or “the Writings.”

By the late Middle Ages, there was a distinction between what is known as Written Torah, the Tanakh, and Oral Torah. Oral Torah consists of commentaries and instructions written by rabbis concerning how to follow Written Torah. Examples of Oral Torah include Talmud, Halakhah (the body of rabbinic law), and Mishna. Today, it is only the Orthodox Jewish movement that believes that both Written and Oral Torah are valid to the practice of Judaism.

Orthodox Judaism

Orthodox Judaism is on of four movements of Modern Judaism including Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist. All of these movements trace their origins to traditional Judaism as it was practiced in pre-Enlightenment Europe. They arose principally in Germany during the 19th century as part of the civil emancipation of the Jews in that country as well as a response to the process of modernization. Jewish immigrants brought these differing viewpoints with them to America and today, over half of Jews define themselves based on one of these movements.

Orthodox Judaism is the closest to traditional Judaism. Today, 2 million Jews consider themselves Orthodox; 1 million of those being in the U.S.

Health Care Industry And Biggest Change english essay help

Health Care Industry

Essay Preview: Health Care Industry

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In this paper I will be speaking on the Health Care Industry and how it has changed over the years. There are many aspects of the medical industry that have changed from how medical information is kept to how medication is given. I will be explaining how health care has changed over the last 10 years and what the biggest change is in the next 10 years. I will also speak about what my role will be in the health industry, especially when it comes to adapting my skills into the health care industry. Along with the information mentioned above I will be expressing my perception of how the health care has changed over the course of my program. Lastly, I will speak on the role of technology in healthcare organizations in the decades to come along with the financial and economic issues that will affect the health care industry within the next 10 years.

Health Care Changes over the last 10 years

Over the last 10 years, healthcare has been moving toward a truly integrated concept of how we can help people with chronic disease find a pathway that deals with underlying causes rather than just symptoms. Integrative physicians are shifting out of a peripheral role to a more central one. There is the growing awareness within the broader medical community that what we have been saying for decades is true: that people with chronic illness need an integrated approach that includes nutrition, environmental management and mind-body therapies, and that sustainable health care must be based on lifestyle change, not drugs. The growth of scientific research on nutritional supplements, from vitamins to phytochemicals, now allows them to be used with the same level of precision that has been claimed for pharmaceuticals (Mazza, 2000)

The most significant development in this past decade is the emergence of a more informed consumer aided by high-speed Internet and Google. There has been a dramatic change, I believe, in just the past five years. Patients have become much more assertive about what they want and need. This is key, if we are to ever change the system. The biggest challenges are the power and money of those in power–the pharmaceutical, insurance, and biomedical device companies, and the hospital-clinic industry. They do not want to give up any power or money, so the changes are difficult to implement. But ultimately, we are headed toward a more collaborative system characterized by a new respect for other methods and healers beyond drugs and MDs, and better cooperation among all practitioners and patients. Also, the most noticeable change is the interest people now have in their health care. The Internet has enabled patients to educate themselves about their health much more than in the past. Instead of listening to the doctors orders, patients are now actively participating in their health care decisions. Also, as cost of care has risen, I see patients taking more responsibility in finding the most economical way of managing their health.

Biggest change in the next 10 years

The major issue today is making healthcare affordable. I hope that in the next ten years we can come up with a way to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone. I absolutely hope we can find a way to make sure everyone is able to get the health care they need regardless of the money they have.

Climate change will definitely affect the health of the population as well as the health of the environment (Confalonier, 2007). The release of certain chemicals into the

Uneven Friction And Time Graph college application essay help: college application essay help

Graphical Analysis of Motion

Essay Preview: Graphical Analysis of Motion

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The concept of the lab mainly focused on kinematics. Kinematics is the branch of mechanics dealing with motion of an object without discussing force and mass. A moving body always has displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Any one of these values can be determined from a graph that involves time, displacement, and velocity. The objective of the lab was to obtain the displacement and the acceleration of a moving body from its Velocity vs. Time graph. Displacement is how far an object travels or the total path an object moves on, including its direction. Velocity is how fast an object moves and in what direction it is moving. Lastly, acceleration is how fast the velocity is changing or rate at which velocity is changing. In order to create a Velocity vs. Time graph, the instantaneous velocity was determined at different distances. Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of an object at a given instant, especially when the object is accelerating. Given just a cart, a ramp with a ruler at the edge of it, “photogates,” string and a device to calculate the time, it was hypothesized that acceleration can be found by determining the slope of the Velocity-Time graph and the displacement can be found by determining the area under the line or curve of the graph.

A source of error from the experiment was that it was difficult to line up the card at the 20 centimeter mark. It could have been off by 1 millimeter or more and the starting point could have been different each trial. To resolve this situation, we can line up the cart at a certain mark to make the starting point of each trial consistent. Uneven friction was another source of error. The uneven friction caused by possible bumps on the track may result in un-uniform acceleration. Therefore, the points on the VT graph do not connect to form a straight line because at some points, the acceleration is different. This problem could be avoided if we smooth wheels were used.

The slope determined in part III for the Displacement vs. Time graph represents the instantaneous velocity of the cart at the time of 0.8 seconds. The second slope, for the Velocity versus Time graph, represents the acceleration of the cart as a result of the falling mass, essentially the change in velocity over that same amount of time. Based on the graphs obtained in Part III, it was shown that both slopes were positive. This means that as the cart increases displacement or velocity, the slope of the Displacement vs. Time graph should equal to the velocity of the object. Based on the results from the Velocity vs. Time graph, the motion of the cart was similar to the motion of a free falling object. Based on the Velocity vs. Time graph, the cart had a positive acceleration during the time from 0.0 seconds to 1.15 seconds. A positive acceleration meant that the car was accelerating or speeding up because the change in velocity over time was positive. When the velocity of the cart reached its maximum point a

Summer Night Sleep Addy And Next Job academic essay help

Essay title: Addy

Addy is a nine year old girl who lives with her

Momma, Pappa, Sam her 15 year old brother and her one year old sister Ester. Addy and her family are slaves who work for Master Stevens. One night on a summer night sleep Addy heard her parents talking about running away. Pappa wanted Addy to be free. He is sick and tired of seeing his children work so hard. They were talking about how they have to take a chance. Pappa did not want to wait till the war was over. He wanted to be free, and to be able to run free and feel freedom. They were talking about that day when Sam tried to run away. That was about Last year right near when Ester was born. He tried to escape to freedom. But Master Stevens caught him and he got wiped.

Mamma Pappa and Addy sat and watched him get wiped. Addy was crying and could not figure out why her parents were not crying. She was saying they don’t care about Sam. But Pappa stopped Addy from crying and told her that the do care about Sam they are hurting on the inside. When they wiped Sam his back was all covered in blood. Then his parents took care of his back. They were suppose to follow the train tracks and when the two train tracks cross that were they find a white women house her name was Mrs.Caroline, she will help them. That night Addy knew she just heard a very important secret and was to keep it to her self.

Date: 6/9/06

~Chapter 2~

It was early in the morning when Addy had to do her jobs and chores. Her job was to work in the tobacco field and pull all the worms off the leaf. For one thing the worms were big as her thumb finger. She had to ether kill them her bare feet or hands. She was thinking about what her family would do if they were free. She thought about her clothes being as beautiful dresses, Pappa being paid so much for work, him buying so much food that they wil never ever go hungry. Addy started her next job to go and bring some water to the people working I the fields. She brought some water to Sam, usually Sam will have a riddle for her. Then Addy went to the kitchen to help Aunt Lula cook and serve Master Stevens. When she went to give her Master his food there was this other guy there to.

They were talking about how he does not have enough money to feed and take care of these slaves . So he was going to sell Sam and Pappa. Addy was poring water into her Masters cup she got so stunned she for got to watch the cup and spill the water on the table. She ran into the kitchen to tell Aunt Lula. Than Aunty Lula told her to act like she is going to the fields again to give some water she Was going to warn Sam and Pappa. But then the man saw her and said you go back to your chores time for water is up. So she ran back and saw her momma talking to Aunt Lula. Addy wanted to beat Master Stevens to the barn were her Pappa and Sam where. When she got there they had Sam and her pappa chained up. Addy went to huge her dad then the master told her to get off. And they rolled away with Pappa and Sam.

Date: 6/9/06

~Chapter 3~

The next two weeks Addy was in the tobacco field doing her job. She was picking up big fat worms off the leaves. She was thinking about Pappa and Sam and how they use to play with her. She thought about the riddles that Sam said to her while she past. Adyy was so sad she missed some green worms off the leaves. The overseer wanted to see was she doing a good job. But he saw the leaves she missed picked them up and went towards Addy with a belt, But he dropped the whip and stuffed those worms down I her mouth. He told her to eat them or she had to eat more. So Addy ate the worms and started to move along and she started to cry. Then she went home. When Addy got home her mother had to tell her some thing.

She was telling Addy about she has a plan and they are going to run away. Addy knew what her Mamma was going to say next. She wanted to know how Addy knew she told her that she heard you and Pappa talking about it. So then Mamma told Addy that they were not bringing Ester with them . Then Addy started to cry and say you can not for get Ester. But her momma said that she will make to much nosie and get them caught. So she was going to give Ester to Aunt Lula and Uncle Solomon. So the next night they were going to run away.

Date 6/10/06

~Chapter 4~

In the next chapter Uncle Solomon and Aunt Lulu came over to get Ester from Addy and her Mother. They were about to leave off into the night

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