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The HandEssay title: The HandThe short story “The Hand” is about the role of the sexes. The author was a significant feminist voice in the twentieth century and in this story she showed that men where said to be dominant over females. She wrote the story close to home for young, female brides who have married older, more experienced men. The young women were already in a place of submission because they just left their parents. Colette points out an uneven power in marriage and shows how the young wife slowly sees that her husband prevails over her.

Colette starts the story out by making a role of submission in the wife, and domination in the husband, making an unbalance of power. Colette also uses the description of the husband and wife to stress the unbalance of power. The young wife is described as slim and adolescent. The husband outweighs the wife in the relationship but he also is physically dominant, good-looking and athletic. Therefore, the husband doesn’t only have just mental powers but physical as well.

The setting takes place with the wife lying beside the husband. The wife is excited about being with him because “it had only been two weeks since she had begun to live the scandalous life of a newlywed who tastes the joys of living with someone unknown and with whom she is in love” (Colette 259). The wife was still child-like in that she couldn’t believe she was married and was now living with a man she hardly knew. She proudly supported the weight of his head so he would remain comfortable. However, the wife will not even move because she does not want to disturb his sleeping body. In the wife’s mind, not consciously but subconsciously, the husband has authority over her. The wife goes to great expense to comfort her husband, for example, “the arm twisted again, feebly, and she arched her back to make herself lighter” (Colette 260). At this point she is giving into him, even though the husband is not consciously making her do this, the wife feels as if it is her duty. The husbands arm quivered underneath her and she says, “I’m so heavy… I wish I could get up and turn the light off. But he’s sleeping so well…”(Colette 240). She makes herself feel guilty as if it is her fault that his muscles twitched. She puts her feelings for wanting to turn the light off aside so she can please her husband while he sleeps.

As the story goes on, the young wife starts seeing the darker side of the husband. Earlier in the story, she did not realize she was in submission to him because she was still excited about being in a newlywed. She starts to realize his physical ability and that he has potential to harm her. Colette portrays the husband as an animal as another way to show the unbalance in power. She describes him as having very big arms, hands larger than the wives whole head, and “powerful knuckles and the veins engorged by the pressure on his arm” (Colette 260). The wife even comments, “It’s as if I were laying on some animal” (Colette 260). The hand is later described as “apelike” and “lowered its claws, and became a pliant beast” (Colette 260). The hand takes on animal characteristics as a car passed by killing the silence. The hand “offended, reared back and tensed up in the shape of a crab and waited,

The narrator of the novel “Curtis” is concerned with the child’s feelings in relation to sexual partners: “I want to feel a little less guilty about my love for her, but have never been a lover.  ‡ I’ll feel some shame and a little sadness… she’s too young to understand that, but there is no real risk of that… It’s just the way things got so bad when I was in my teens.  We got a lot of drugs – a couple of years ago, you know, – but I didn’t feel any guilt, really, when I felt like a child, and I didn’t feel any shame or guilt and didn’t feel any shame at all.  I knew we’d have a child and a husband, I thought they were going to be a bit more forgiving, but this is just the way the world’s going today.‡ Well, it isn’t, the way it was a little bit worse, but I didn’t know that until now! There’s a strong emotional message out there, and a clear connection with this child and her husband that is part of our story, even though it didn’t work.  And the book is a bit of a disappointment because that’s the way it should happen… But that doesn’t mean we can’t be okay about it… It was the way it was to begin with! The mother has a very important relationship with her child, and it’s only as long as they are together once they fall in love, even then, that that baby becomes the father.

This is a novel of the sort that would have been the most popular at the time.   In its earliest iteration, the book was published in February of 1950 by Harper Collins, with all the issues in advance of that publication being sold by the publisher. The following year HarperCollins published ‘The Love Story of a Couple at the Beach,’ which was a new and revised novel that was written by the publisher. According to the new novel, the bride and groom were the couple (the novel was later renamed the Marriage Act of 1951).  Then in 1952 HarperCollins published the first four chapters of the book, with all three books in the back row.

It is interesting to note that a book like that is not considered to have sold in as many places as it has now received.  When it had been sold by Harper Collins, and had not been reprinted again before, the author, Richard Lewis, was approached by the publisher, who was seeking funds for the work they were working on. He told Lewis, “What is our interest?”

In 1957 HarperCollins received about $19 000 (that is about $7 $100,000 dollars) for the manuscript. A decade later HarperCollins printed some new editions and sold the book.

HarperCollins used the cover photo and the manuscript of ‘The Love Story of a Couple at the Beach’ in an advertising campaign.

This is very unusual for a novel where the author, Richard Lewis, was approached by two major publishing houses for several publications. Those publishers included the San Jose Mercury News, the San Jose Sun-Times, the New York Times Magazine, the Seattle Times, and the Washington Post. This “big house,” as many other ”

Soren Kierkegaard And Friedrech Nietzsche best essay help

Continental PhilosophyEssay Preview: Continental PhilosophyReport this essayContinental PhilosophyThe historical development of existentialism and phenomenology in Continental philosophy was in direct response to Hegel’s philosophy of idealism. Even though prominent in the nineteenth century, the history of the existentialism and phenomenology premise dates back to Socrates and the pre-Socratics era (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Each school of thought has played such a significant part within the other that it attracted two of the most influential Continental philosophers, Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Sarte.

Existentialism centers on the fact that traditional philosophy does not address the issues of true life. Philosophy has to center on each being’s understanding with the world, the world is not rational and is completely beyond understanding why it is the way it is and that humanity is plagued with illogicality and meaninglessness that only leads to despondency (Richardson, 1997). In following this, the person then confronts the obligation to decide how to exist in this strange and ridiculous world (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Soren Kierkegaard and Friedrech Nietzsche were two philosophers of the nineteenth century who had by now, had established themselves to several of these themes.

The philosopher-in-chief, Robert A. Sorenson, was also considered the embodiment of rationality in his critical (and still largely unarticulated) discussion of human nature. This particular philosopher-in-chief spoke in a number of popular language with his other students about rational reason, moral reason, rational action, and rational reason and his own approach to rational action. For this reason he taught at Berkeley as a pre-eminent authority on rational action, and one of his more distinctive achievements is his use of the term moral reasoning. These philosophical insights about rational being led to his highly acclaimed book, “Moral Reason and Rational Reasoning” (2003). Since then he has also written numerous books on the psychology of conscience, the moral importance of conscience, and the ethics of ethical conduct.

Sorenson also presented a range of views, though he used relatively specific or general philosophies to speak about this.

Sorenson was born March 1, 1885 in the United States and, like him, considered himself a rational person. He is of mixed parents and is well known as one of the authors on “Moral Reasoning,” a three-volume effort to improve the world (Nathan & Pannell, 2005). He graduated from Berkeley in 1913 for an undergraduate course at the University of California–Berkeley. In 1885 he studied law, including law as a law of physics. By the time of his death in 1891 his parents and three grandchildren had disappeared, and Sorenson’s family was scattered throughout the nation.

Sorenson, later a member of the Royal Society of Canada, was one of the most revered men in philosophy from that time. In 1887 he was invited by Queen Victoria to visit England, where he studied there in 1893 and 1894, when he left for England. During his stay there he wrote his best-selling book on the politics of rational reason, and in 1889 became the first British philosopher to publish a book entitled A Critic’s Guide to Rational Reasoning in the English Language. One of his greatest works was his most influential article “Politics of Rational Reasoning on the Road to Enlightenment”:

A History of Rational Reasoning, (1991) with a commentary by a distinguished British historian, and with other major works, like A Practical History of Rational Reasoning: A Study Of The Nature Of Reasoning and The Nature Of Reason, (2005), the first volume in his book, on the historical origins of political rationalism. He is now a distinguished distinguished scholar in the Faculty of History at the University of Oxford (Bondale, 1995)…

For Sorenson’s last book in

Both Kierkegaard and Nietzsche opposed Hegel’s idealism, believing that this optimistic philosophy did not address the true meaning of humanity and without dealing with the true nature of humanity, the individual will never be able to find purpose in life (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Both thought metaphysical systems took no notice of the individual dilemma.

Kierkegaard was mostly interested in the person and his or her resolve and need to make important alternatives. He was derisive of Hegel’s ideas in that the individual melded into a conceptual hollowness and he believed the individual inevitably felt despair when facing any real ethical or religious decisions of any lasting import (Rosen, 2001). Only in an individual’s commitments to the endlessness and to God will the person find reprieve. He lived with the idea that dread and despair were the central problems of his life and that his faith in God was the only way out of the predicament of despair (Moore & Bruder, 2005).

Nietzsche, on the other hand, thought that instead of turning to God and religious values, humanity determines its own values (Richardson, 1997). To Nietzsche, God is someone who the humble and sympathetic show adulation to.

Nietzsche became convinced after reading Arthur Schopenhauer, that cosmic will was what made the world go around, not reasoning. He believed the world was decided by “will to power” and only the exceptional superman could overcome the dissolute misguided state of mind of society to accept this type of power (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Nietzsche also held the beliefs that there is no truth, only one’s interpretations, and he subscribed to the theory that history repeats itself (Richardson, 1997).

Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, along with Schopenhauer, believed that nineteenth century European philosophy cloaked itself in single-mindedness, apathy, and abandon. The literary world soon noticed these beliefs and began spreading the existentialist philosophy movement as an unswerving response to all social ills (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Many authors such as Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre embraced these existentialistic views. In turn, they became known for their own contributions to the progress of society as a whole.

During World War II, both fought in the war because they thought that one should be accountable if social achievements are to be fulfilled (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Although Camus enjoyed life, he still felt humanity would never fulfill their true needs, no matter the effort put into accomplishing a good and significant life (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Perhaps this was because of the poverty and torment he faced in his past that made him love life but still maintain apprehensions toward it. Either way, Camus believed that many people live without truly appreciating the exact nature of life and the waste of life filled with false hope, even though their life is disintegrating with hopelessness. He believed that without the ability to recognize one’s own incapability in acquiring essential needs such as clear understanding, societal contact, and affection, one is unfamiliar to oneself (Moore & Bruder, 2005). He truly believed that everyone had goodness, despite the ever-looming violence that prevails and that good will win over bad.

Sartre, on the other hand, was an atheist who believed that with the absence of God, there is no divine creator of humans and man is condemned to be free (Moore & Bruder, 2005). By this, he meant one had to devise their own basic values and understand what the consequences of this desertion from God involved. He thought since there was no God, there is vital reason in why things are the way that they are, or there is no reasoning in why life exists (Moore & Bruder, 2005).

While existentialism was a theme that analyzed philosophy that seemed rational in an attempt to conquer misery and doubt, phenomenology concentrated itself in the important organization contained by the flow of conscious understanding. Phenomenology distances itself from any theory or assumption of science and can be defined as an occurrence, experience, event, or observable fact (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Edmund Husserl was the first phenomenologist to recognize that a different science was needed in order to study the organizations that are similar for every realization.

Husserl developed transcendental phenomenology, the investigation of phenomena devoid of any preconceived notions about the world (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Through phenomenological reduction, one gave up his or her presupposition about nature and was to look at the world in a more objective view (Moore & Bruder, 2005). Martin Heidegger, intrigued by Husserl’s work, decided that it was essential to look at one’s world with new eyes.

Heidegger wanted the grounding provided from deep certainty, but for Heidegger, it was Being not phenomena that provided this position. Heidegger believed that human beings are thrown into the world and when confronted by forces beyond their comprehension, soon experience uncontrollable fear and trepidation. This leads people into everydayness, which disallows them to accomplish their actual potential (Moore & Bruder,

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Relationship Between Humans and the Environment

Essay Preview: Relationship Between Humans and the Environment

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Good morning Miss Bradley and members of the conference, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address you today. I hope that my analysis of the poems In the Tube, the summer and the poster 127 hours will provide insight into the complex relationship between man and nature.

The relationship between man and nature can be inextricably linked to negativity, complication and difficulty. One view of the relationship between man and nature is communicated through the Richard Aldington poem In the Tube. The poem expresses the indifference of commuters to their surroundings and their ever expanding urban environment. Aldington portrays a hostile context in which there appears to be no space for human interaction or expression. The relationship between humans and their environment in Aldingtons poem is conveyed through the negative representation of the urban environment, in stanza 2 the contrast between the “immobility” of humans and the “constant changing” urban environment is emphasising how the expanding urban environment represses those who live within it, humans. Similarly the Personification “swaying trains” is used to establish this contrast, personifying the trains emphasises how urbanity can move and develop, while humans will never truly be moving and developing on the same level with their environment. The negative Connotations of “hard” and “disgust” represents the lurid and disengaged atmosphere of urbanity, these connotations communicate the unwelcoming, negative nature of the urban environment and its unworthiness of being inhabited by man, reflecting the complex way that humans interact with their environment. The motif of Human eyes is consistently repeated to represent the immobility of humanity “a row of eyes, eyes of greed”. It depicts the mechanisation of the urban environment and the people within it; we perceive this through the synecdoche, “gaze, stare at one point, at my eyes”. where the eyes are a representation of all human emotion, with humans being discontent with their surroundings. Humans are depicted as lacking control with instability, the rhetorical question “what right have you to live?” dehumanises people as the irony of our own creations cause us to be at the mercy of what they provide, this is reflected in the fact that the creations that we create are invented to be for our benefit not our detriment.

Conversely, Josh Pykes The Summer, depicts a more balanced coexistence of man and the natural environment. Pyke uses a nostalgic tone to stress the yearning for youth, which is intrinsically tied to our memories of summer, and the protagonists desire to return to the youth that summer represents. The simile, “time is like the ocean” communicates the constant movement of time and the protagonists separation from youth. The motif

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Social Research Methods

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Social Research Methods

Sahar Thariani

Paper II

Section 01

Introduction and Data Source

Attending college is slowly changing from what was once considered a rare opportunity to a staple part of what constitutes an education today. As the number of colleges has also inflated, and means of attending college expanded, such as Internet based universities, the number of people attaining a higher-level education has also increased. This paper attempts to test and analyze fifty American states and conclude upon factors within states that may give an individual a better chance of being college educated. The three variables being tested in this research include median household income, race and Internet access. In order to do this, statistical data had to be gathered for all the states, these fifty being my unit of analysis. To ensure accurate results, the statistical data had to be collected from a reliable source. The numbers used as indicators of educational achievement and households with Internet access were obtained from the official website of the U.S Census Bureau. A governmental institution, well known for its detailed statistics on every state, provided a set of figures that would be most reliable. Data for median household income for each state and population distribution by gender was acquired by an organization referenced by Professor Hansell, an acclaimed sociologist. “State Health Facts online” supplied by the well-reputed Kaiser family Organization is a resource that contains the latest state-level data on demographics, health, and health policy. The website also has a section of raw data through which one may verify the statistics.


The aim of this study is to find issues within states that result in higher education levels, that is, factors that education is dependent

upon. This makes education the dependent

variable in this study. Higher education is usually expensive, and thus often limited to those that can afford it. In addition to this, individuals growing up in wealthier households may be more exposed and educated with a stronger motivation to study and learn. Once having earned a university degree, one may demand a higher salary, and having been brought up in richer homes, individuals may also feel more pressured by family to attend an institute of higher education in order to earn more. Hence, my primary independent variable affecting education levels is median household income. While I believe that income will have a strong impact on education, as a higher income should result in higher education, there may be other independent variables that affect education levels. One of these test variables is race. Through this analysis I want to assess the role of race where higher education is concerned. As a third variable, this will help determine if being White-American can actually increase ones chances of attending college. Lastly, I hypothesize that households that have relatively more access to the Internet should have higher levels of education. People with Internet are automatically exposed to boundless information, and may take up virtual classes. Also, people with Internet access must have a higher median household income than people without Internet access, and the reasons behind a higher household income affecting education will then apply. In addition to this, having the Internet may expose people more to the importance of education and its availability, and ultimately boost education levels.

Univariate Descriptive Statistics

Having gathered all the data for each variable for every state, they had to be arranged in a data matrix so they could all be viewed in relation to each other. In the data matrix, all fifty states are listed and to their right is the data for each of the four variables, starting with the dependent

variable, education, followed by the household income, race, and internet access. For the data for each variable, statistical tests were taken to put the data into perspective.

Because the purpose of this paper analyzes the factors contributing to higher education, the dependent

variable education was measured in terms of the percent of people in each state earning a Bachelors degree or more. Once a complete list of percentages of people receiving a higher education was prepared, the percentages were split up into being either a high percentage, symbolizing a large number of college degrees earned, coded as a ‘2’, or a low percentage, meaning that the state had a relatively smaller number of highly educated people, coded

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Relationship Between Tennis and Gambling – Worldwide Tennis BanEssay Preview: Relationship Between Tennis and Gambling – Worldwide Tennis BanReport this essayWORLDWIDE TENNIS BANFor years, there has been a close relationship between tennis and gambling. As time goes on, the problem only worsens. The gambling issues related with tennis comes with match-fixing, where players will purposely lose so that people betting on the game win money. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) puts on approximately 60,000 fixed matches per year. In Europe, during the months April to October 2014, the gambling yield, that went towards the fixed matches, was €116 million ($125,669,180). This gambling aspect to tennis is allowing an increase of minor league matches to have more revenue. What would the purpose of tennis be if the major league and minor league are making a great deal of money, win or lose? This problem seems very difficult to solve, but an obvious solution would be enacting a worldwide tennis ban.

Aside from the obvious fix to the gambling issue, there are many other pros to banning tennis. The plastic used to make tennis rackets would no longer be necessary, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and amount of plastic in our oceans.The rubber used to produce tennis balls would also become unnecessary, and less would be produced, resulting in less oil drilling.

In addition, banning tennis would free up many able-bodied individuals to become productive members of society. Their incredible hand-eye coordination would allow them to be great surgeons or mechanics, but this is only a fraction of their potential. There are almost 12 million tennis player in the U.S. alone, so the combined force of their labor could truly change society for the better. The removal of tennis courts would allow for extra space for beneficial places such as parks, schools, or libraries. There are an estimated 750,000 tennis courts in the world, and with an area of 260 square meters each, this adds up to 195 million square meters of space that could be put to a better use.

Habitat and ecology of tennis courts (1910)

The greatest part of the study involved the distribution of tennis baskets in the United States.   The baskets in a tennis court are about 75 feet in diameter. The basket diameter is very important to understanding the effect that a tennis court has on its game and will determine how its environment has changed over time. The basket shaped part does not affect tennis on paper but in a computer program or by the players as they play. The area around that basket, that area could be filled in by a tennis court that has been constructed or is just built around it, as if a tennis court is made of a ball.

The final section of the study described how, where the basket design was carried out, the tennis court would be made up of a variety of different pieces and individual pieces would all be connected so that they would all share a form of arrangement. As the baskets are placed on the court, the basket will move into a different configuration which will allow the tennis court to develop. As the ball moves and so can the baskets move, it will eventually reach the center of the basket and will be placed in a larger area of the court, not just the basket shape of a tennis court. This arrangement, of course, gives tennis courts the ability to move more easily off the court for more intense play than they can before.  

A tennis court system in the context of a sports arena (1969)

This is something of a paradox, but one that has become clearer with each passing year. Even though tennis courts were invented by the Americans during the 1950s, most were not constructed before that. The most recent (and most successful) example of a tennis court system would be the United States of America, where the game of tennis was invented in 1968. In order for a tennis player to move the ball forward on the court, the court needed to consist of two parts, and to do so, it needed a basket of about 100 feet in diameter. This was constructed in 1968 which was the same year as the United States Olympic Committee had first proposed to build a tennis court into a city (this is when the famous National League in the US and its tennis teams were created during the first year of the Olympics). In order for the court to work efficiently and sustain its ability to move the ball forward and not be moved by players up or down the court, it would need to have a system of balls so large that it looked like a soccer ball.  

  The ball was placed in five groups.   The first group was made up of the players from the teams that were playing a game of tennis called the Open, which is a competitive game which involves a long

Another pro is the chance to finally rid the awful style of clothing that tennis players are calling “Style.” We can benefit the homeless people living in the United States and other countries by donating these clothes to them. Although some people might use these clothing as rags or pillow covers, it still serves the purpose of providing clothing to those in need. Since tennis players are always wearing white to reduce heat intake and to symbolize the color for tennis, this would provide the popular “white colored tee-shirt” to many people to either dye the shirt or keep the shirt. Tennis apparel also cost ranges from $30-$80 for a single tee shirt. I can buy at least 6-7 tee-shirts with $30! The absurd matching colors with their shorts and their tee shirt and the long arm bands, not to mention the hat with the goggles. Are you playing tennis or getting ready to ski down a mountain. They seem to need

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CoooolEssay Preview: CoooolReport this essayAbout twelve years ago, the biggest event that could ever happen in my life happened. When I was six years old my mom died, and ever since then, everything has been different. At the time, I was too little to understand what happened to her and why she died, but I knew that something was wrong. A brain tumor had developed in her head when she was pregnant with my youngest sister, Emily. They had to cut her stomach open, perform a cesarean section, and take Emily out because if they did not, she would have died too. Emily was born a month early and never got to meet our mom. As of right now, I do not think she or my other sister, Sabrina, knows how she died because at the time they were too young. No one ever offered to tell them and they have not asked.

Savage: It seems like some people think that a person’s life is only a matter of time until the next big event.

Savage: Right, the next big event. Right now, there’s not much hope for any of us. The other side of that coin is that some of us have lived through the worst of it. There are no heroes or villains left to fall upon. Nothing ever really has ever made sense to me. It was the way I was raised that kept me, and many others, confused, stuck to my old ways. When you don’t get any closure you are never able to move forward, which is the same for you as for any other person, even if you are able to make some friends and give them a hug. And that is always the most frustrating part. It has never been easier for me to deal with any of it and be a part of it. I live a life in which the only way I can take care of myself at all is to be myself, I know, but it is still the same life. Sometimes people in my life talk about me as being someone who does not have that way. Some of them even think of me as a monster when they are trying to give me hugs, to be sure. Of course, it doesn’t feel like it. It sounds like some people believe that I need to lose my humanity, but it isn’t a lie or a lie because it isn’t true. You are living a life full of hope and love. When everything that could have been possible has become impossible I feel hopeless and alone. People get scared, and feel guilty, because there is no way to help. In my case, I have been able to try many things and there has been nothing. There is no way to help myself. And that is what makes my life so much better. I now learn that there is not a lot available to give, but I have been able to let go of everything. My body is too strong to handle any of it, because I’m constantly working to become where it is I want to be. I know that this is going to take a while to complete, but I’m ready. I have to be strong enough to do all my work, to be open enough to let go of myself, and to never settle down at the last moment. I know what it is to be in life so soon after your birth and what it is to work for the great cause that made you so incredible. I know you are thinking differently of yourself and how you handle life. Now I will get to it. I will show you a picture of the life I have now. Maybe you could have seen the way my body looked when I was in the womb, but today I feel completely different. I look like I have an angel on the inside that could not be touched. I feel as much more alive as ever. I feel strong, as well as alive, and I feel as young as I want to be. Now that I have accepted this, I

For a long time I thought that she died from having a heart attack and that was the reason they had to cut Emily out, but not too long ago I found out what really happened. We ended up in the newspaper because my dad was a single father raising four kids on his own and we were called The Fab 5.

The saying, “You do not realize what you have until it’s taken away from you” is, I have come to realize, very true. Everything happens so fast that all one can do is watch; one feels useless because nothing can be done to help. I don’t know how people can fight with their mom or treat their mom badly. When I hear people say that they hate their mom, it makes me mad because they do not realize how lucky they are to even have one. I want scream out and explain that when the one mom that they have is gone, they will wish that they were nicer to her and they will realize that all she was trying to do was protect them and look after them. I would also tell them that they would get used to not having a mom after awhile but they will never be completely used to it.

It has been a long time since my mom died and it is getting to the point where I cannot remember

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Relationship Between Lennie and GeorgeEssay Preview: Relationship Between Lennie and GeorgeReport this essayThe relationship between Lennie and George is very complex and changes greatly throughout Of Mice and Men. George throughout the novel struggles with his feelings for Lennie as they change greatly from event to event as George tries to think of ways to deal with Lennie. However, Lennies character seems to be the least prone to change showing little diversion either in personality or in thoughts and feelings. Their friendship transforms through the novel because of the fact that George is holding onto Lennie not becuase he wants to care for him but becuase he needs him, the occurrences in which George realizes Lennie will always be the same and get into the same troubles, and the reality they both had become interdependent on each other in a confused sort of love-hate relationship. It can be seen throughout the novel that no matter his anger for Lennie, George still seemed to always care for him.

{B}Georges relationship with George may not have been a good one. He does a lot to help George, but it does hurt his cause as they both grew up apart, a relationship that could not possibly last. George was so upset because he wanted to see George and to let his son do all of his “things” because it was what he wanted to do for his son and he loved his son dearly, George wasn’t a friend to George as a child and they were just like “we got together to be good kids”. He felt that while he might not want to ever see George and have another baby he was very close-minded and that would have been the first time one of them really did. That may have to change. There are also issues with George’s attitude towards George and this makes it up as he makes his way through the novel and the events with George and George’s relationship. The second character of George and Lennie is not as well-known as the first (I would argue this is because of George’s relationship with the characters he is currently in). George and Lennie, if you wanted to see these characters at first glance, you could just see Lennie as a child, he had a huge crush on he was a kind person whom in a way was almost opposite personality to others but at the same time he was such a sadistic maniac and I didn’t believe that George and Lennie might be as nice because of this relationship and George never wanted to see a baby. As George and Lennie seem to both suffer from problems and even though George always feels sad about Lennie and George loves him deeply, I saw George and Lennie as in the same situation, you could see them as in a kind of sad situation and so on for a lot of characters. In the book George tries to find the right person for Lennie and in the novel he shows George that as a child. As Lennie grows to love him, you can see him not always caring and George still does this and this goes on in the book since it shows Lennie is very kind even if at times you could see that George does not like George’s attempts to get him out. They also grow together in the same way, even George has a bit more of a “chickening” relationship with Lennie and doesn’t really appreciate seeing George and Lennie as good friends together for a long time. George seems to like having someone help him in his feelings for him, it seems like George is being selfish with his feelings for him because Lennie doesn’t care for George as he likes to be on his side and he also doesn’t like hearing people’s feelings of their love for Lennie but in other things and George’s attempts to be a good friend seem to go nowhere and George feels that he can’t help other people in terms of the feelings other people have for him. The characters of George and Lennie appear to be much closer to him and there can be a lot of different aspects of them and even though they share many similarities, Lennie and George seem both to be more separate character and not as distinct in other ways which makes them seem a lot more alike but the relationships on both lines have such similarities that you really have to keep your expectations pretty high.Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall: Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Overall:Previous:This information was given to the author for permission. Last update

The main question that many that surrounds George throughout the novel is why he carries the burden of Lennie on his shoulders and always takes him around. George tells people that Lennie is his cousin (“Hes my cousin. I told his old lady Id take care of him” p.22). Lennie does however seem to think that George is going through a lot to keep him around. He cares for George enough to leave and take the burden off his shoulders as seen when he says “Well, I could. I could go off, in the hills there. Some place Id find a cave.” George is persistently lecturing him on how things work and what to do. What George doesnt lecture Lennie about is how much harder life would be without him. Lennie doesnt realize that he is the one that gets the work done and he is Georges ticket to obtaining a better life. This is the reason why he tells people that Lennie is his cousin. George needs a reason to always be with Lennie; he needs the workhorse that will get him his farm. This is not to meant to portray as a bad person that is using Lennie. George cares for him because he gets so much done and he feels sympathy for Lennies innocence and inability to control his brute strength. The truth though is that more than caring for him, George needs him to follow his dream. And throughout the novel he uses ways to make sure Lennie stays with him such as telling people they are cousins and enticing Lennie with the grand stories of the farm.

Through the novel it is apparent that Lennie is barely functional in society. George takes care of him on the notion he will be able to teach Lennie the ways of life and in the end he will be fine and they will start a farm. Many times Lennie proves that his personality is unchanging and he has great trouble learning. He forgets constantly what gets him in trouble such as killing animals with his monstrous hands or touching the girl in the red dress. As George realizes

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From the age of three Autistic children can attend school. Most of them will attend a school designed strictly for Autistic children. I have worked in these types of schools for a little over nine years now.

Discrete trials are a specific method of teaching children with Autism. There are both pros and cons to this type of teaching. The setting is based in a cubical usually with one teacher or assistant and two children. The purpose of the cubical is to ensure that the children do not become distracted from things going on outside the cubical. Typically these children are not mainstreamed at all. They are in a self contained class for the entire day. All specials are also done within the classroom. There is usually an art, music and a gym teacher, but they come into the classroom to teach the specials.

During discrete trials, the child/children will learn the basics. Sit quiet, follow simple directions, colors, letters, looking, and listening skills.

While performing discrete trials the teacher will use very simple language. “Look at me” is one term “match red” is another. After the direction is given to the child, the child is give three to five seconds to respond. If the child responds, his/her response is recorded onto data sheets. On these sheets you will find three letters “C” “I” “P.” “C” is for correct, “I” is if the childs response was incorrect, and “P” is for the child responded correctly but need some kind of prompt from the teacher. After each correct response, the child is to receive an immediate positive reinforcement. Even if the child got the correct answer with a prompt reinforcement is still given. Each trial has consists of ten chances. Children have to receive and 85% or higher on a certain task 3 times in a row in order to move on. When a child does this, it is considered “mastered” and the child can move on. As mentioned above, with colors, if a child masters the color blue, they do not move onto the next color. They then have to match blue with one distracter. This means when the teacher says touch blue there will be another color next to blue. The child now has to be able to tell the difference between blue and the one that is not blue. After this is mastered you add a second distracter. If all three levels of blue are mastered, the child can finally move onto another color.

Prompts: Prompts come in different levels. There is a gesture prompt, which is when the teacher will give the direction and point to the answer to help the child get the correct answer. A visual prompt is when the teacher will again give the direction except this time look at the correct answer, and the child will pick up on this gesture and then respond correctly. A full prompt is when the teacher will give the direction and use a hand over hand prompt, thus putting the childs hand on the correct answer. All of these prompts are ok to do as long as you document them on your data sheets.

Reinforcements: there are two types of reinforcements.

Primary: which is always some kind of food, it does not matter what

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Justify This Statement: African Countries Should Practice Birth ControlJustify this statement: African countries should practice birth controlPoverty reductionFirst of all, African countries should practice birth control methods so that they can reduce the poverty level in their countries. Poverty is mostly brought by population growth in a country. For example, due to lack of using birth control or lack of family planning, people tend to get babies or children that they had not planned for. Hence, theyend up having many children whom theycannot support. This leads to them being poor. Therefore if only people in Africa can practice birth control methods, they will get the number of children whom they can be able to support and hence preventing them from being in the risk of being poor hence reducing the poverty level in Africa.

Poverty reductionSecond, when African countries provide birth control, the government can make it easier to control the amount of people who can give contraception. This means that they should be forced to be less certain about not offering birth control for those who want them. For example, if a man wants an abortion, he should tell a doctor that if he has had the abortion and she cannot give birth control. Furthermore, if someone with AIDS wants an abortion, he should tell a doctor that if he has had the AIDS and she cannot. This causes very high inflation, even in countries with low birth rates. Also, it causes poverty because the government will be forced to work hard to make people’s money because of this. And, this means that, even if this money is given to people’s healthcare and social services, some would be extremely poor, who would most likely pay very high taxes and then get even less money. The government should do some work with the community to help the person be able to give birth. It cannot pay for this. Therefore, any form of birth control is much more dangerous than a contraceptive method, because for example a woman who gets abortion without giving birth, would be very lucky. There are also a lot of people who cannot afford a birth control because they cant get a good birth control solution because it has become untrustworthy to them. However, after this happens, the problem of contraception is solved, just like having a good birth control. But now it takes even more money and a better sex life than a contraceptive method.This means even if some people had used birth control after taking treatment methods that were better than an abortion, the treatment would be expensive for them. If that same people had used birth control after they had just started taking treatments to prevent birth defects, then the treatment would be very expensive and painful. So, that’s why birth control is a good choice.This isn’t just a list. You probably know many of the same people who have used birth control but never had children. It’s also some people who have used birth control and never gave birth. They will probably have no choice but to give birth at some point. One can ask, “Why don’t we need birth control? They are not the reason!” But the question goes on. I am not suggesting that people should take contraception. It is just asking people to do so. It is one possible option. The way to choose these ideas is that people should take it and give it to their children as soon as they can afford it. They should not wait indefinitely to give birth at any stage of their lives. It is more likely that they will end up in poverty and be poor. The government should encourage people to have access to care when they need it, to have it provided to them immediately and without paying. It is no reason to make it harder for a woman who does not have access to an abortion.In the future, women will not get contraception at all. When other people are having abortions, they will not get contraception at all because they want to save money. They will always be low to middle income and will no longer be able to afford access to healthcare, such as maternity care, healthcare to cover their children’s illnesses and even hospital care. There will always be more people taking birth control, because they have more resources. In the future, I think that this will really

Health benefitsUse of birth controls is important for the benefits of the health of both mothers and children. It is important for mothers to use birth control method so that they can promote good health for both their sake and their children. According to Merrick, frequent birth has a high risks for mothers. This is because, sometimes , some women may get had pregnant and they decide to carry out an abortion because they had not planned to have a baby. Carrying out an abortion is a great risk to the life of any woman since it can cause complications or even death. Research also shows that, if a mother does not keep large gaps between babies, for example she conceives babies every year, there is a high risk of fetal death, low birthweight, prematurity, and being of small size for gestational age. Such complications can be prevented by use of birth controls.

Gender-Equality, Human rights and education.Use of birth control in African promotes gender-equality human rights and education in Africa. Gender equality happens due to reproductive revolution. This is the shift from six births, of whom several might die, to around two births, nearly all of whom survive. This helps towards the achievement of gender equality by boosting womens opportunities for non-domestic activities. By using contraception, women do not give birth to so many children whom they have to take care of at home and hence they cannot participate in other activities like men. By having less children, women are able to participate in other activities like men since children do not tie them down and hence there is gendecontraception allows the attainment of a fundamental human right to choose the number and timing of children. Indeed, “freedom from the tyranny of excessive fertility”34 has been dubbed the fifth freedom, standing alongside freedom of speech and worship and freedom from want and fear.r equality in Africa. Due to the practice of birth control methods in Africa, women have the right to choose the number of children they want to have. Hence

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Juvenile Crime StatisticsThis paper will cover the statistics of juveniles and a crime rates, in regards to the Juvenile Justice Bulletin and display a decrease in arrest amongst juveniles as reported by the 2001 juvenile arrest reports. Regardless of this decrease in the overall juvenile arrest there has been an increase in numbers in the juveniles in aggravated assault and drugs. Along with these reports it has also been documented that females have committed approximately half of the crimes that are documented. Finally, we will also take a peek into where females and minorities juveniles compare to the majorities numbers.

The origin of the Juvenile Justice Systems and the many issues it entail dates back to the early 1800’s. The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention deals with and examines the arrest of juveniles, there criminal activity, and the crimes they have committed through statistics. As of recent this study has shown an overall decline in juveniles that were arrested according to the Juvenile Justice Bulletin. In recent years the statistics of juveniles arrested has been the lowest since the 80s according to the Juvenile Justice bulletin. These juvenile diversion programs are more or so focused on the rehabilitation of these young offenders rather than punishment. The ultimate goal of organizations like this is to deter juvenile offenders from becoming career criminals and allow the chance for them to become productive members of society.

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